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[Academy RP] Sabotaggio


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Due to the process of the following case is still ongoing, we will avoid mentioning names, only pseudonyms.
Except for the main person in this case, as his identity is already a pseudonym.

steve051, is how this guy called himself on his forum profile. He worked in an administration office in downtown Ohara, largest city in northern territory. The day of the first message he received is July 30th, a Friday. This message was sent from a profile that was not on his friends list.

Apparently another normal fake, the problem is, this profile uploaded a picture of the front of one house, it was steve051's house. The conversation continued with steve asking several questions. And the other profile sending images of parts of the house. It was very clear, it was a stranger who had broken into his house and knew him, since this profile sent a message directly to his profile.

The first text message read:

'9pm at the shuri gate, don't take anyone'

The message was viewed but steve051 did not respond.

The shuri gate is one of the postcards of Ohara, it is not known exactly what happened at this meeting, but we do know that it happened. Since that the messages continued days later.

Security cameras showed steve051 heading towards the gate and forty minutes later coming back with a bag. This bag was never found but it is believed to have been important for subsequent events.

One week later, a blackout in Ohara left the city and surroundings in chaos, the technicians did not know what was happening and just managed to find the source of the problem almost 3 hours later. An attack on the region's energy sources.

Meanwhile, the entire banking system of the city was interrupted and two banks had several looted accounts. The government was called and investigations began. The messages were discovered 3 days later by the capital's intelligence system. Even so, they continued to be sent from a completely unknown ip. They began to be encrypted and this further delayed the investigation. All signals were fully tracked because a threat was evident.

And the worst part, at first, it was not known where this threat was coming from.

Until, in the early evening of August 13, all police officers received a false message saying that there was a shootout between gangs on an east county street. Another bank suffered an attack, this time the value was absurdly high.

Meanwhile a town located across the border at 120 km north of Ohara also suffered from cyber attacks on all institutions, The government was accused of participating in the attack, since the neighboring country's intelligence system detected an IP that came from a government headquarters located in the capital. This left the government more intrigued because a person from the intelligence service itself could be behind it.

This time, the southern intelligence command was called and they were finally able to intercept a signal coming from a house near the center of Ohara, in 15 minutes all the police were there. But they did not find anyone. The lights in the house were on as if someone had only been there for a short time, but one thing stood out, there was none piece of furniture. In one of the rooms was found a notebook and a dice facing the number 4.

On Monday the 16th, The federal police invaded the office where steve051 used to work. Everyone was wondering what was going on, but steve051 was not in the place, the office manager said that he didn't miss any days during the time he worked there, but on that specific day he did it and did not come back more.

Someone warned him, or he already knew all the steps of the police. In one of his living room drawers a small notebook was found, believed to be his diary. This diary contains information and strange drawings that could be used for the investigation, but it is probably just distractions.

The only text that has been recovered from the diary and released to the public by an unknown source is:

"It's amazing how times have changed so fast, I'm really impressed, 10 years ago people thought differently. I think I'm seeing an era change that I never thought I'd experience. I want to mark my name somehow, I don't know if I can, but i need to try. In a positive way, obviously.

ps: want a cappucino, but my payment doesn't come out until tomorrow, what the hell"

The truthfulness of this text is unknown.

It was discovered that he used a false identity and still managed to get hired, which may lead to believe that this plan comes from long ago, and that all the conversation found on his office computer and the notebook found at his house were forged.

Many elements of this story are confusing and still unresolved. The manager and all employees not only in the office but in the entire building were heard and investigated, but no relationship was found to this steve051.

Not even was any evidence found that would lead the person on the profile who sent the message on the july 30th, if that profile really exist. Still, another investigative process of corruption in the intelligence agency of the north and the capital was opened and is in progress.

It's rumored that steve051 lives in a village in the Northern Territory, but nothing has been confirmed.

The case became known on the internet as 'saboteur' or just as steve051.

His whereabouts are currently unknown. 


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