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Advocatius (Known nationally and to Ahroman cultures as Avouélos), officially the Confederacy Of Advocatius, is a Socialist nation on [Continent] bordering [Countries] is inhabited by 37.4 million Advocatians (Avouénar) divided into the native Tengrols, the descendants of Anglian settlers called Anglers, and Lysians.

The Nation’s capital based on the mouth of a river is called Victoires and is home to about 6.2 Million making it the largest city by far, the second city of Port-Louis is only home to 2.2 million but stands as the financial capital of the nation and is by far the richest city, moving north is the city of New Worthing, a city of 720K is mostly Angler and is the only city that isn’t based on water.
The Nation is divided into 12 Provinces further divided into numerous Provincial districts, whilst the Capital and Port-Louis are special Federal Districts. The landscape is quite hilly, only split up by the rare flat land of which is mostly taken up by urban areas and the higher terrain to which mostly takes up the special Tengrol Autonomous Province.

Advocatius and the land that would become it every major event in history:
-Formation of a Tengrol Empire and it’s existence 700 BC – 200 AD
-Fall of the Tengrol Empire 200 BC – 218 AD
-Tengrol Waring States Period 218  – 1782
-First Anglian Colony at Jamestown ( Modern Day Victoires ) 1782 – 1831
-Sold off to Lysia 1831
-First Angler War 1832, Lysian Victory and Jamestown renamed to Victoires after the man who defeated the Anglers, Victoire Allard
-Great Trout Famine 1903-1905 (Darkest Period in Nations History)
-Second Angler War , November 1925 – February 1926, Lysian Victory
-End of Angler Oppression and beginning of the road to Independence 1926-1957
-1957 Independence and the beginning of Confederacy
-Socialist Economic System established 1984
-Population Boom, 1996-2007
-2012 Financial Crisis
-2020 current Premier Louis Monet elected

In the country there is a Parliament that is elected via proportional representation which means that 1% of the vote translates to 1 Seat in Parliament. Largest parties as of 2020 Election there is:
-Democratic Socialist Party, 32 Seats (32% of the vote), and party of the current Premier
-Conservative People’s Party, 28 Seats (28% of the vote) and opposition party
-Liberal Progressive Party. 17 Seats (17% of the vote)
-Union of Worker’s and Farmer’s, 11 Seats (11% of the vote)
-Unionist Party, 8 Seats (8% of the vote)
-Other Parties, 4 Seats (4% of the vote)
An election is held every 3 years to decide the next Premier and the Parliaments diversity.
The Provinces have their own election every 3 years to decide their Minister (Provincial version of the Premier) and their state Parliament, further dividing into the districts of their own Representatives and committee.

Advocatius is a Socialist nation with the government holding 75% of control over all industries, there is still Free Market aspects but most of them come from small markets run by people. The largest food market is the Trout fish, this is the nation’s largest food supply and makes up half of all food resources, most fish come from the Angler community (There name literally meaning Fishers). The nation’s largest exports are raw materials such as Diamond, Gold and particularly Silver (The original name for the Colony was the Silver Coast, and current name of the second most populous Province). The currency is the Valorium, stemming form the Anglian word Valor for reasons unknown with many theories regarding its origin.

Demographics and Language:
The nation is very diverse which is also the reason for its name stemming from the word ‘Advocate’ for their advocation of civil rights due to the oppression those not Lysian faced and it’s attempted to redeem itself. In order of largest to smallest ethnic group it is:
Lysian – 43% of the population
Angler – 37% of the population
Lyslers (Those from both Angler and Lysian Heritage) – 11%
Various ethnic groups – 7.4%
Native Tengrols – 1.6%
This can fluctuate with Lyslers as many are recognising there dual heritage and deciding this as their group, now in terms of language the order is:
Lysian – 51% of Language
Anglish – 43% of language
Various other languages: 4.3%
Native Tengrol – 1.7% Of language

Education is mandatory for all and there is no exit until the start of Sixth Form but 87% of people continue to move to Sixth Form and then University, at least 64% of people hold a bachelor’s degree. Education is also state funded with no private schooling and there is no pay required as the Government and people see Education as a commodity that should be free for all to use.

Healthcare, like education, is state funded and free for all to use. The leading causes of death is Old Age and car accidents. Generally, the people often arrive to hospitals to treat illnesses because of the dense population resulting in diseases spreading easily, resulting in Advocatius having one of the highest numbers of Hospitals per capita on Eurth.

Officially, Advocatius is a secular state however atheists make up only around 10% of the population, the largest being Orthodox Christianity, then there is Atheism with the Tengrol mostly following Folk Beliefs.

Point Allocation:
Population – 37.4 million – High 2 Points
GDP Per Capita – 11K-12K – Medium 1 Point
Size – 250,000 square miles – Medium 1 point

Edited by Advocatius
needed to fix the religions (see edit history)
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