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"In the interim"

Kapahu Henukan rested on an office chair with his feet up on his desk, the soles of his black leather boots caked in thin dry layers of dirt from outside. His suit was far cleaner, a simple black two-piece with a cyan tie. As deputy secretary of inorganic resources, he had been sent on a weeks-long venture to Velaheria to oversee the past several months of construction regarding the new iron and copper mines in the northern mountainous provinces. Biracial, his mother Xi and his father Velaherian, the Imperial Government made the crass and frankly racist decision that because of his heritage he was the best bureaucrat to be packed up and shipped off to the frigid continent of Argis. He let out a bored yawn, staring towards his desk and picking up his empty cup of coffee to inspect.

"Sir, your requested reports have arrived." A lady's voice appeared behind Kapahu, causing him to flinch and almost fall out of his chair, catching himself against the wall with his arms. Sheepishly he removed his feet from the desk and turned towards the source of the voice, an older brunette lady wearing a bog-standard Velaherian officer uniform. In her outstretched hand were seven paper sleeves each stuffed to the brim with paper and sticky notes, which he took from her using his other hand.

"Ah shi-- Uh, thank you Ayla. Are these all from the administrators or...?" Kapahu remarked, his face flushing a tint of red. His request was barely understood by the older lady that stood behind him, his Dolch a Frankenstein of Rhodellian Dolch, random words he picked up from his father, and pure guess work.

"They are all written by administrators." Ayla quickly answered, turning around quickly to exit his office before he could think about asking a second question. Sifting through them, Kapahu noted they were already in the order he had initially requested them, and each one with a sticky note on names, contacts, and the dates the papers were written. Such precise people, Kapahu thought before opening up the first sleeve: Site Fehu.

Site Fehu had been completed a month prior, the first to do so, with all administrator buildings, worker barracks, and homes for higher staff built. Mining had begun two weeks ago, bornite copper extracted from the Eurth and sent to Vertia for examination. From Vertia to Gotain the rough terrain had been thus far managed via trucks and lorries down to Gotain where it has been stockpiled, refined, smelted, and shipped down the Gotain-Bastaria railway in small quantities. Although very little profit had been made from Site Fehu, it served as a test run of the project to prove the northern copper deposits profitable for both nations, there are also traces of yet unidentified crystals that may supplement profit from the mines. Site Fehu is to continue mining bornite.

Kapahu rubbed his face, his office was barely illuminated by the orange glow of his desk lamp, the bare white walls splashed in a warm hue. Grunting, he lifted himself from his chair and stepped over to his window, pulling up the blinds and pushing out the window to let in a chill breeze from the moonless night. The cold will keep him awake for a little bit longer. Kapahu left his empty cup on the window sill as he returned to his desk, neatly returning the papers to their sleeve before plucking out a second: Site Uruz.

With the Velaherians already experts at mining haematite iron it was surprising to Kapahu that site Uruz was not completed at the same time as Fehu, though upon learning of the torrential downpour two days before the construction of the barracks and the subsequent mudslide, he wasn't as upset as he thought he'd be. Site Uruz was located directly on top the largest known deposit of haematite in the northern provinces of Velaheria at the time, whereas others had to be scouted out and prospected, Site Uruz was almost guaranteed to be a success. The flooding of the valleys half a mile out and continued spring rain had meant construction had halted, he knew he'd have to visit personally if anything was to be completed this spring. The next two sleeves, Site Thurisaz and Site Raido, was surprisingly small compared to the others. Pulling out the papers Kapahu quickly skimmed through. Prospecting of haematite had been completed and showed healthy concentrations for profit, though not as much as Site Uruz. Landscaping would need to be performed on the east side to ensure a stable ground for the long term stability of buildings, upping expenses. Quickly flipping to Site Raido, the situation was similar regarding landscaping. Though haematite prospects suggested greater quantities than both Uruz and Thurisaz, Site Raido had not yet completed all inspection and it would take another couple months to get a full analysis. The lack of tracks to both also meant the shipment of materials for buildings was slow, estimating a completion by Autumn for both Thurisaz and Raido.

Kapahu groaned, pushing the papers back into their sleeves before tossing them to the side. Holding his head in his hands he mumbled to himself in Xi.
"There's always bad news."
Eventually he lifted his head back up, moving onto the final site: Site Ansuz.

Though technically not the last site by estimated date of completion, expected to be finished by early summer, Ansuz was not to begin mining until the Gotain Metal Complex was built. A massive workers district dedicated to smelteries and refineries for the copper and iron from the open pit mines in partnership with Great Xio and the numerous other sites operated solely by the Velaherian government, it would help centralise the IOCG industry to further efficiency through specialised transport and local schooling. Combined with the newly expanded GB (Gotain-Bastaroa) railways, it would allow for Velaheria to export far more iron and copper with greater quality whilst giving Great Xio a lovely discount and ensure Xio need not worry about future materials for infrastructure projects. All whilst strengthening ties with a fellow leftist state. Though that this rate it would take until the end of the year for the project to come to full fruition, even if profits and discounts could begin to trickle in starting summer...

Kapahu stood up from his desk, stretching and groaning, before ending in a sigh. He was done for today, tomorrow he will speak with the representatives of Vertia tomorrow morning about possible ways to reduce the time for the project. With that thought he reached towards his desk lamp, and flicked off its switch.


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"Greedy hands never cease to exist in the People's Republic" 

The mining industry of Velaheria has been managed by the state ever since it got its independence, or rather, earned it. But with the liberation of the state, the government took hold of the mines and the refineries of the velaherian state, as the dolchordenstadt fell, and assigned it to the oversight of the Dresnar's, who saw it as nothing less than their personal property, and managed the state owned company like that. Chief among the dresnar's was the head of the family Mr.Andeik Dresnar, who was the first chairman of the Velaherian State Mining co. and Velaherian Ironworks, both of which are state owned and managed by the dresnars, who expanded the mining infrastructure to cover, the entirity of northern velaheria, though with mixed results. Most of the mining infrastructure and the refineries are decades old, and dont produce minerals at their maximum capacity.

Even though thats the case, the growth of the IOGC industry of velaheria since the 50's is undeniable, as the demands of reconstruction and heavy manufacturing helped the mining industry to actually boom in the 60's and 70's which made the dresnar's one of the richest and most influential families in velaheria, and among the close elites that hold actual power in velaherian politics, which let them be the first to gain real profits, when the velaherian government decided to open up its economy to the outside wurld for investments and joint operations. 

Now, moving on to present day, the dresnar's have been working with the xioan government to, revitalise the velaherian IOGC industry, with some youngsters, wanting to take their hands at such an huge deal. Chief among these, is Mrs.Anna Dresnar, who has served as the key negotiator with the secretariat of inorganic resources and has served to fulfil this agreement with Great xio. 

She has been trying to convince the xioan investors to further expand their operations and do more joint ventures with the velaherian state since they both started their official joint venture in the IOGC sector, and has also convinced the state industries to implement more labour to site fehu and Anzuz, as she visited them, last month, during their inauguration, and spent quite some time, figuring their productivity and profit margins, which seem to be slim, but decent enough to expand operations into, with the most promising being site Uruz, which was built on known hematite iron ore reserves, and had more reserves of unindentified crystals.

She has been keeping notes about the operations of the key mining facilities in nordom with her managing staff, whom are instructed to look after the mining sites along with the complex, and taking care for the worker's needs there, as well as to check for any sort of unrests in there, and to call the peasant guard if anything of that sort ever happenend, while also taking notes on the refineries in Vertia as well, which were like the one at gotain, though smaller in scale. Anna had been a selected by her family as a part of the Vertian representatives, that are set to meet with the xioan official tomorrow though, even when she didnt knew anything about being in that group, and was completely unprepared, inspite of that, she did had her hopes up, only time will tell, how the meeting goes for the twenty four year old. 

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