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[ ACADEMY RP ] Independence Day

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On the hillside overlooking the capital city of Victoires of 6.1 million Avouénar, people would parade in an around the city as celebratory fireworks lit up the moon sky, it was a historical day for the country as it was celebrating 65 years of independence from its parent nation Lysia, national flags would be marched along the streets displays of cultural backgrounds could be seen in language on signs, the wide arrange of food from Tengrol, Anglian and Lysian.
Now in city centre, the statue of Victoire Allard, the man who defeated the First Angler Rebellion and saved the colony's status under Lysia, to which the capital was named after him, flags of the nation would cover his statue as drinks galore were raised to the man whilst the capital cruiser of the Avouénar Navy would fire 3 shots into the sky in honour of his 3 battle victories during the conflict.

The day would not be restrained to the capital however, more than 200,000 miles of flags, fireworks and shouts would be seen and heared across the countryside, just a skip from the capital, the second city of 2.2 million, Port-Louis stands as a monument to the nations development with it’s status as the financial capital of the country where nearly half of all sea trade comes from, the military base on Louis Island would raise its national flag and sing the national anthem ‘Free be Avouélos’ for all the city to hear

As the clock ran fast further north New Worthing stood proud, a deeply Angler city would yet still hold the flag alongside the Lysian and Tengrol minority’s would parade through the city as confetti glazed the road in colour passing historical landmarks of the city until reaching city centre would stand for a moment of silence to honour those who fought in the Second Angler War on both sides the Angler community sought to make amends for this conflict which still hold their heritage accountable and seek to help all that suffered and become redeemed.

In the mountains there was the city of 90 thousand and capital of the Tengrol Autonomous province there was Neislel, where the Tengrol's celebrated their nomadic ways as horses would gallop in the stadiums of the city, as the Lysian and Angler community gifted handmade swords to the Tengrol Leaders as an apology for the oppression they had to endure whilst a colony.

All around the nation these festivities and traditions would run wild as the streets would close into the night as the shouts of glee would turn to the distant mumbling of goodbye and farewell in all languages and tones the day had come to a close.

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10:00 AM, Thursday 28th April 2022

As celebratory fireworks light up the sky, Temujin would take his time walking through the cluttered streets of thousands marching, just trying to get his way to his work as he would snare at the parades seeing them as loud and noisy as he would enter his office block.

“Bonjour, Mr Khan how’s the wife?” – As his boss would move to high five him

“Fine thanks for asking.” – Temujin would grimly reply as he would ignore his boss’s motion to high five him

“Oh come on you could be a bit cheerier than that, not only Independence, but it’s also your Birthday.” – Just in time for the cheer of the local pub opening

“I wouldn’t mind either if it didn’t obliterate my ears anytime I reach for a pen.” – He hated his Birthday coinciding with Independence, he always hated loud noises because whenever he was a child trying to open his presents the sound of a firework would bring down his moment.

His boss would lead him to his desk – “If you want, we can give you earmuffs” – He jokingly suggested

“I’m okay thank you, now if you mind-“ – Just after saying that his boss would move to high five the next co-worker walking in

6:00 PM, Thursday 28th April 2022

As the day had gone by Temujin had continuously been drowned in “happy birthday’s” and “Merry Independence!”, so by the end of work, shortened because of Independence, he immediately jetted to the nearest pub that wasn’t packed to the bring with seats reserved for flags, this took 30 minutes, until finally he found a pub called “The Trout’s Tavern” as he sarcastically remarked their lack of fish on the menu, he was joined the next seat over by his mate John, who again like his work, tried to make him feel happy.

“Oh you can’t be so negative, you got off work early, its ya birthday, and 20% of drinks for Independence is a miracle.” – He said sipping his gin & tonic

“It’s not like I see a point in celebrating a nation that oppressed my people for hundreds of years.” – He stonily said whilst looking at the menu

“Oh this again? You can’t hold the past accountable, besides those were the days under Lysia, the nation you’re talking about just passed a law enforcing the teaching of Tengrol oppression, which didn’t you vote for?” – As the waiter delivered their food

“I don’t know maybe your right, but then again, 1.6% of the Population makes up 60% of hate crime victims, it’s not the institution, it’s the people.” – Just finishing his food

“Welp, only time will tell.” – Standing up and paying the bill

“It is always that, the ‘only time will tell’, what time?” – He would mumble to himself walking out.”

7:00 PM, Thursday 28th April 2022

As he would walk to his home passing the streets seeing all celebrating a nation that had long oppressed his people, he would walk stonily looking at the ground, as despite the fireworks lighting his every step, all he could hear was his own breathing as he finally looked up, he saw a crowd of people on his right, holding protest signs against his peoples hate, all of which had the old, the young, the Lysians, the Anglers as they gathered donations, which reminded him of what this nation had become after his people’s suppression, as he finally got to his house, opening the door and seeing his wife in the kitchen.

“Oh Honey you’re home! I’m just making dinner you should see what the kids did for you, they’ve been asking for hours when you’ll get back.” – Pouring drinks

“What did they make? I’m excited to see.” – Questioning the sound of whispers coming from the living room

As he entered the room he saw his kids, his nephews, his nieces, sisters, brothers and friends cheer to him, he saw them all together for the first in ages, for the first time in years, on that day he was smiling, genuinely, reminding him of his childhood, never seeing something like this, he was handed a letter, seeing who it was from nearly brought him to tears, seeing his family crest and his parents signature.


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