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Gotaish Airlines is the flagship airline of the Kingdom of Gotneska. It has been operation since the late 1920’s and has been serving passenger travel since 1935. We are proud to one of the oldest airlines in the wurld.

Our largest hub is located about 23 km northeast of Læniguëuíl. In a small village called Siobhansviði. All together we serve 75% of Gotneskan Airports. 

(Now for some OOC)

Below will be a google form that will allow you to stat if you like my airline to fly to your nation. Thank you!!


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Hello again, this is the current fleet that Gotaish Airlines will fly!! And yes these are there irl Numbers they are all Boeing. Sorry not sorry!! 

Narrow bodies 

737-800 & 737 Max 8


Wide bodies 


767-200 & 767-400


787-900 aka Plastic Princess


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