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[Academy RP] Guy in the Rambla


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Rayleigh Boulevard is a famous and always busy part of Montana city. Luxurious cars and rich people is common in that touristic region, and the nightlife is insane. There are some people that does not participate of these parties. But it is not because they do no want, it is because they cannot. Jimmy Bertone is a mechanic that lives in a dead end street in the suburbs. While he is driving his rusty car coming back from work, he hears the loud sound coming from one of the cars going through the street. It's a legendary Supra. They stop at the light and the man talk with him.

"Yo boy, how much this junkyard can reach?"

"I don't know, you wanna see?"

"God! You serious? I give my car if it reaches at least 60 kilometers!"

"So is it a deal? If I get the end of the rambla first, the car is mine"

The man laugh before say anything

"All right, let's see that, and when I win, you gonna be own me 1000 pesos"

"That's worth!"

The light finally open, and they go through the rambla.

The car Jimmy drives is called Venom, a rusty but fast derby car. It reaches a great speed anytime.

How is said before, the boulevard is full of people around, but they drive it well enough to not run over anyone.

The guy driving the Supra is surprised that Jimmy is in high speed, even the car does not have good looks.

When they get to almost the final of the rambla, the Supra man tries to take Jimmy out of the road.

He didn't expect Jimmy to be an experienced driver, and a derby champion of Northern Territory. The consequence of his attempt was catastrophic, he lost control and the car was straight to the coast and sunk on the sea.

Luckily, no one was hit.

Jimmy slowed down and saw that scene, with wind blowing weirdly calm on his face.

"Sad... I really wanted that car..." sighs with a low voice.

He goes by the rest of the rambla to finally get in the other road and disappear in dark streets in the chill night of the luxurious city.

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