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[Vision Statement] Confederacy of Capponia


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Capponia is a sovereign country, formerly a colony, that has passed through transitions between different powers and cultures. There are two main cultures in the country. This is reflected in the streets, architecture and in the daily life. The nation had 4 important periods in the history: Discovery, shogunate dominion, Europan dominion and finally independence. There were more transitions between internal powers and one of them and the most important to the country was the "unification" that happened in 1892. It made the nation have a unique culture and was responsible to create the Capponian identity.


Almost all Capponian landscape features mostly rolling plains and low hill ranges, with a fertile coastal lowland. Climate is mainly oceanic in almost all parts, temperatures in summer rarely reaches 30 °C (86 °F), and in winter the minimum can reach -5 °C (23 °F).


Its economy has been diversifying into manufacturing and service industries in the last decade, including software production, biotechnology, and finance. Now it mainly comprises the agriculture sector and the shipping industry drives most of the national economic output. The tourism industry in Capponia is also an important part of its economy. 


Capponia is a representative democratic republic with a presidential system. The members of government are elected for a four-year term by a universal suffrage system.

Each of the 4 states has their own laws and a great autonomy devolved from the national government.

The country adopted its constitution in 1918, and Capponian constitution also allows citizens to repeal laws or to change the constitution by popular initiative, which culminates in a nationwide referendum.

Point Allocation

  • Population - medium - 27 million - 1 point 
  • GDP - medium - 14,000-15,000 - 1 point
  • Land Area - high - 280,000- km² - 2 points
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