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New Lusuviyan TV show "Farmers" destroys expectations with first season

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(OOC: This will be from the perspective of Jan Solovitch, a Lusuviyan film critic living in Florjinka and his review, also this is my first time ever writing from the perspective of a critic or in this particular style at all so please be gentle if this post isn't the best, I am experimenting with this style.)


Today when I opened my laptop to watch the first episode of Farmers I expected a relaxing show of regular Lusuviyans going about the daily work in a farm, but what I did not expect was for the series to take such a dramatic turn. The show follows a small family an their struggles in small farm life in rural Sanjik. With the addition of the loan sharks into the second episode of farmers I felt the series really took off and I felt the shear shock and sorrow of the Lutsenko family after their harvest's failure. Its director Artim Zuk, who lived under my radar until now, has used an interesting technique casting only lesser known actors and actresses which while risky has really payed off in making the show feel more real. Another touch by Zuk that I felt really makes this series able to catch on outside of Lusuviya is its lack of expositional dialogue using scenes with sometimes no dialogue whatsoever working in a very visual way to have the audience pick out for themselves what is happening. I don't mean to spoil anything but Ролнікобі'd action scenes will really get you hooked into the series and I will be patiently waiting for the second season when it comes out.

I rate Farmers a solid 18.3/20

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