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Great Xioan Secretariat of External Relations

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TO: Great Xioan Secretariat of External Relations

FROM: Defense Command, North Adlantic Union



As the people of Great Xio may well be aware the Anglian and Dolch threats have been defeated in Argis. With the surrender of the Anglian fleets in Galahinda and the surrender of Dolch ground armies in Iwenland this has left the North Adlantic Union in a position to protect and assist its other valued partners throughout the Eurth. While the war may have concluded close to ourselves, we understand that many threats still exist to the freedom of the people's of Eurth from the imperial tyranny of the Occidental Azanian Pact. Kaseka, being an integral part of the Kingdom of Seylos and as such a part of the North Adlantic Union, has requested that our defense forces assist the people of Xio in the liberation of Xioan lands from Sefesian occupiers. The NAUDC sees that any loss for the people of Xio is a loss for the Union and the people of Kaseka and have such decided to answer the governor's call in this regard.

As of now a reformed Seylosian 2nd Fleet is on course to arrive in Kaseka in the next week, and with the fleet is being brought hopefully enough supplies and armaments to reinvigorate the Xioan war effort. We were luckily able to obtain significant war materiel after the surrender of both the Dolch army in Iwenland and the Anglian fleet. Accompanying the fleet will be as much of the surrendered Dolch equipment that we are able to reasonably place on transport this includes: rifles, ammunition, light vehicles, some armored vehicles, and artillery pieces. While much of the heavier equipment is limited in its stocks, at the very least there is a large quantity of small arms to be had. On top of this Seylos has included a number of AP19 (NLAW) anti-tank systems and MARVS Extended Utility Vehicles as production had exceeded usage during the war.

Finally being towed with the fleet are two captured Anglian Crown-Prince Class air defense guided missile destroyers that will make port in Kaseka to be refitted with older Seylosian armaments that we can properly support and then give to the Xioan Navy.

It should also be mentioned, should the government of Great Xio desire so, that the second fleet has been authorized to coordinate directly with the Xioan military to provide direct fire support for military operations and our space based intelligence satellites are at your disposal. This includes both direct naval support fire and air support from HMS Thunderchild.

We hope that this gesture can help solidify continued positive relations with the people of Xio and show that the North Adlantic Union are not in fact colonizers, but willing partners in the continuing prosperity of Aurelia.

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Foriegn_scribe001.png?20230412065717The Seshej Per-Remet

To: Great @Xioan Secretariat of External Relations

From: Imy-r Remet Wer Meritites, and Imy-r Hemew Wer Ptahmose

Most Honorable Minister,

In response to EOS Expansion in our region, the Scribal Offices of the Foreigners and the Workers are interested in establishing a Trade agreement between several nations in Argis, Alharu, and Aurellia. It will be hosted in Akhetaten in the Guest wing of the Per-A. Please respond by official correspondence with the Seshej Per-Remet.

Under the Rays of the Aten

Imy-r Remet Wer Meritites, and Imy-r Hemew Wer Ptahmose

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