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1st Legion Renor Vlos
11th Support-Logistics Taskforce
Flagship - HIN 016 Cenahc Gecc (Sirens Kiss) - Cfunt (Sword) class heavy frigate

Sengar'd Isto Aylith Vlos stepped within the confines of the bridge, wearing as per usual an Imperial Navy wool uniform consisting of a double-breasted tunic with a round collar and matching trousers, a pair of black boots, a belt, and a kepi cap. The trousers were flared in the hips and thighs, narrowing at the cuffs so they could be more easily tucked into her boots, of which she wore a pair of black, steel-toed knee boots with turn-down topside cuffs tucked within.

Languid pace taken towards a spot just behind one of the navigation station operators. A sigh of vexation slipping free from between lips as she watched the ocean waves lick at the metal hull of her command, an upward glance to see one of the monitors displaying the troop and cargo ships under her and the escorts care. 

A Dekan (Tiger) class cruiser and two 205 Ymekydun (Alligator) Class corvettes, alongst with two ships of the Sima (Mule) dry cargo hauler class. The Sima class ship's mission is to deliver provisions, stores, spare parts, potable water, ammunition, food, repair parts and limited quantities of fuel to land based forces.

Additionally was a Cyttma (Saddle class) RO-RO vehicle cargo ship, capable of carrying plenty of light armored vehicles, and so forth which is what it was currently doing. A small amount of legionnaires were also aboard, roughly four hundred. 

The rest of the troops and their combat vehicles, aerocraft, etc, were upon the daisy chain of four Rotny (Hydra) Heavy Lift RO-RO vehicle/troop ships. Two ships carried the full complement of the legion's heavy armor, mobile AA, and IFV's. The other four carried troops. Five-hundred-eighty legionnaires per, with all their gear, weapons, munitions, food, etc.

The aeroforce would be leaving North Korinon in two HIA HT-02 Ciban Ryiman (Super Hauler) Cargo Aerocraft, and four HIA HT-01 Vycd Muytan (Fast Mover) Cargo Aerocraft carrying the rest of the legion, technicians, engineers, equipment and so forth. The required and necessary allotment of supplies to both aid the @Ateenian's in building a facility with prefab housing and defensive structures and to keep the legionnaires well equipped.

A faint glance at her orders from the Naval Command, and others best left unnamed. Arrive at the Ateenian port, dock, unload, transfer command to the Legionnaire commander, and be at the use of the Ateenian military command. She flicked open her pocket watch, the transport aerocraft would be readying to taxi by now, as her flotilla would be entering the icy waters of the Argic Ocean, after passing the @SeylosNAU observational lighthouse and several Iverican bases no less a few hours prior.

The wilds of the continent to their left, and the ice to the right, a slow, methodical path towards the friendly dock of Osarvik, within the domain of Ateenia. The convoy taking a single file line approach, all while Aylith sighed some more as staring at the monitors. Her entire career of promotion was riding on the successful landing of supplies and troops, a slight twitch of muscles in her cheeks, she was sure to develop an old woman's face for this!

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North Korinon
Joint Defense Aerobase
11th Support-Logistics Aero Wing

The rain was coming down sideways, and as usual the weather on the island protectorate was a mild form of terrible. Senior pilot Trae glanced at his controls and computer screen, flipping through the checklist as making sure everything worked on his command. A brief nod of head to co-pilot Fre, and communication officer Ders. 

Raising headphones to proper position, microphone next to lips, he spoke towards the control tower and was slotted into the outbound schedule. Ahead of his aerocraft, were the smaller HIA HT-01 Vycd Muytan (Fast Mover) Cargo Aerocraft taxing one by one onto the airstrip. 

The whine of turbofans, and then one by one the sleek aerocraft thundered down the strip, raising into the sky soon after. After about ten minutes, he and the other HIA HT-02 Ciban Ryiman (Super Hauler) Cargo Aerocraft were soon given the blue light. Pushing forward on the wheel, the nose of the aerocraft bounced a little bit until the rather ugly super hauler was positioned. Unlike the HT-01 models, the HT-02's used a rocket assist to take off when fully loaded. 

Strapped into the seat, the heavy lifter burned down the airstrip and then heaved into the air, the four turbofan's, two on each wing stacked atop one another, howled to full thrust, bringing the heavy hauler closer and closer to the full aero-speed of 745 km/h. 

Levelling out eight-thousand meters, slowly catching up to the four HT-01's already ahead of them, in a two by two formation. Their escorts would continue with them, loaded down with drop tanks in order to make the journey. The NKPAS interceptors were on either side of Trae, the blinking lights of the HIA made 22b Lupny (Cobra) Interceptor Aerocraft did make him feel a little safer. There were two with each group of haulers, and with luck, they would join the naval landing group, meeting up with the rest of their forces.

1st Legion Renor Vlos
11th Support-Logistics Taskforce
Flagship - HIN 016 Cenahc Gecc (Sirens Kiss) - Cfunt (Sword) class heavy frigate
+12 hours

The convoy was nearing that of the Ateenian port, having passed by a few other container ships, some naval assets or another and other sorts of traffic. Aylith was made aware of communication with their aeroborne assets having begun their journey as well. A sigh slid from between lips again, delicately raising the teacup to her lips, the taste of Tagmatine made lemony goodness was quite the treat. 

A slight lean back, taking a moment to read some mail on her private screen. A bit of a frown forming as noting that her engineers and so forth would have to build extensive facilities, slight brush of fingers against temples before falling into her bed. 

A faint touch of palm to the switch against a speaker. Prit, wake me when we've reached the tertiary border of Ateenia's territorial waters. Yes Ma'am, it will be done. Satisfied she'd alerted her second, she drifted off asleep.

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1st Legion Renor Vlos
11th Support-Logistics Taskforce
Flagship - HIN 016 Cenahc Gecc (Sirens Kiss) - Cfunt (Sword) class heavy frigate
+22 hours

M'lady we are just outside of Ateenian waters. Aylith clicked the communique device off and slowly slid off of the bed. A slight stretch of arms above head, before rebuttoning her tunic top. A brief brush of hair, slicking it back and tying it into a knot at the rear. Her kepi cap placed atop head before she left her quarters for the bridge. As she arrived, Prit spoke. Ma'am we've just had radio confirmation has been made with the port of Osarvik.

Very good. Send the haulers in first, alert our escort group to assume positions of over-watch. Yes Ma'am. Prit snapped a nod of head and then headed over to the communique station, transmitting orders to the cargo hauler captain-officers of various rank. A slight twitch of gloved hands behind her back as she returned to the main area of the bridge and observed in silence as activity festooned around her, and the convoy began to break formation in order to deliver their cargo.

The first ships to dock within the port would be the Sima (Mule) class dry cargo carriers. Followed eventually by the Cyttma (Saddle class) RO-RO vehicle cargo ship. The goal was to not overload the Ateenian docks however, they still had commercial traffic, so the three berths would rotate out HIN naval assets.

The four Rotny (Hydra) Heavy Lift RO-RO vehicle/troop ships would be the last to dock, as they were the largest of the haulers present. Prit eventually came to stand next to her superior, eyes upon the monitors and the nature of the sea. 

It's an impressive sight, I've heard talk that the Empress put the request to our Vice-Lord herself for this deployment. Soft tone, almost a whisper. Aylith smirked a little but allowed her favorite subordinate to dance with the gossip. She even participated briefly. Such is the word indeed. Our house will be sure to gain favor for this endeavor. 

A non-com glanced over. Ma'am, the aerocraft haulers have been confirmed giving their authorization codes to the military aerobase near the port! Aylith smiled, gave a nod of her head. Very well. Keep eyes upon the task at hand.

11th Support-Logistics Aero Wing
Osarvik Aerobase 

The interceptors were the first to land, being that they were fastest of course, and quickest to move once upon the ground. With authorization already received, the four HIA HT-01 Vycd Muytan (Fast Mover) Cargo Aerocraft had begun their descent soon after. Like ducks in a row, one would descend, land, and taxi away, followed by another, and another and so on. 

The two larger aerocraft, the HIA HT-02 Ciban Ryiman's, were slow and turned as if giant naval ships in rough seas. Their howling engines brought a storm of sound with them, thunder crackling as the turbofans whined under the immense bulk of the swing nose aerocraft. The many wheels made contact with the tarmac and there was a slight bounce of the crew in their seats as the haulers met the ground once more.

Senior pilot Trae glanced at his communique officer and gave a nod. The other man scurried into the depths of the plane, and eventually a different face emerged. A legionary officer of high rank put the radio headset on and made contact with the naval flagship.

This is Sengar'd Isto Yars. By order of the deployment, all ground forces will now be under my command. You have my thanks for safe transport Sengar'd Isto Aylith.

Confirmed. May your hunt be well. Aylith replied.

Yars nodded and gave a slight pat on Fre's right shoulder before disappearing once more into the depths of the plane. Outside, Haru legionary of the engineering corps had already disembarked. Some with red lighted cones in hands, making waving motions as the Ryiman's heads began to unlatch, opening up to expose the great innards of a multi-level beast. Ramps clanked down, and troop trucks began to drive out of them.

Following the trucks eventually came the steady rhythm of marching boots, as assorted legionary of various skillsets made their way into the open. Arms swinging left and right, cold weather gear in place as the mask wearing soldiery followed the trucks. 

The other transport planes doing the same, dispensing vehicles, crates, and other things to be hauled. Much the same as was at the port more then likely.

Osarvik Port

The first two ships were ungainly in appearance, built for the sole purpose of transport, which is essentially what all cargo haulers are for, yet these were mid-mast ships. Two funnels, one slightly taller then the second, slightly curved. Cranes were moving pallets of parts, food, munitions and more to the waiting arms of vehicles. Those that came with, and those they were borrowing for the time from the Kingdom. At the current rate, it would take six hours to unload each ship, with the RO-RO's being even faster. 

Prata-Khan Terine glanced out of the bridge window, to watch one of the RO-RO ships doing 'faster'. The front of the vessel had split apart somewhat, a ramp had come down and out and now Haru military vehicles were pouring out of it. Everything from light utility patrol vehicles to armored personnel carriers. Here and there, a troop truck would stagger out, laden with legionary.

By her estimate, the Aweoyn, a Cyttma (Saddle class) RO-RO would be done in perhaps two hours. Then after Her, the four larger sister ships would dock, and yet, by the second ship, would she herself aboard the Yoswyth, have her cargo successfully removed. A slight bit of irritation, just another day in the life of a ship class that would greatly benefit from the RO-RO method instead of the side and crane dispersal system.

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