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In Dai Bac, one of the biggest hubs for immigrants in Ngoc Luat ever since the 1800s, the city underwent some of the biggest changes apart from the capital city of Gia Dinh itself. From a major port city up north to the bastion of foreign minorities in Ngoc Luat, none can ignore its massive presence on a nation, regional, and perhaps international scale.

Many immigrants have their stories of how they entered Ngoc Luat, Fulgistani migrating as The Yellow Empire collapsed or running away from The Great Alharun War, settlers in search of new lands, but no tales can top the stories of the @Rhavan in Ngoc Luat. Bordering and having one of the longest-lasting histories in the country, the presence of the Rhavan is something that all Ngocluatians can't overlook.

The Hồ's is one of those tales about immigrants in Ngoc Luat, but their tales are one of adventure, history, and the most important key element of all, family. Our tale begins in modern Dai Bac back when it was called "Thủ Bắc," which meant "The Northern Fortress."

A Nalinese family with the surname Chue migrated to Đại Ngọc (Great Ngoc) during the 15th Century while under the Huỳnh Dynasty. Their journey was not easy as they were traveling during the reign of Emperor Phi Long (Reign Name: Flying Dragon, Real Name: Huỳnh Phúc Hữu Đạo), who notorious for restricting migrations from Rhava and Kharai. The head of the Chue, Xob was forced by the government to change his surname to one of Ngocluatians. Xob changed his name to Hồ Thành Bạch, and his wife's name changed from Sawv Chue to Hồ Thị Tuyết, cementing their decision to stay in Ngoc Luat.

Coming into Ngoc Luat under the migrant status, they were not very welcomed, despite the fact they are fluent in Lamian. Even with this fact, Bạch worked on landlord-owned farmlands while Tuyết sold their harvest in the local market, life was hard, but it had to be done.

Around night time, in a straw house, brightened only by a couple of candles...

"I am so tired, Sawv..." said Bạch as he hung his straw hat and sat down on the simple, barely standing bed.

"Bạch, you know what the neighbors will think if you keep using our old names! Now rest, and I will bring dinner out," said Tuyết in the outside kitchen, next to a clay cooker.

"You worry too much. Who even cares what we call ourselves!" said Bạch in a slightly annoyed voice, "It's our name, and we have the choice to use it or not!"

"SHUT UP!" yelled Tuyết as threw the bowl of porridge down on the bamboo table, "Even if it is our choice, we still have to use our new name!" Tuyết angrily said as she sat down and began eating dinner.

The candlelit room stayed silent for the rest of the night as only the sounds of crickets, night birds chirping, and unknown rattling sounds can be heard. 

The gust of winds kept flying through the small cracks of the weak house. The candlelight has now dimmed, leaving the house as dark as the night sky. Tuyết is laying on the bed, fapping a paper fan made from bamboo barks.

"Do you think that moving here was a good thing?" Asked Tuyết

"I don't know... Out of any times that we can move, we chose to move during Phi Long's reign." Answered Bạch as he lay on the bed with Tuyết. "It would have been better if we moved after his reign, but I guess it can't be helped..."

Hearing that, Tuyết sobs quietly, "What about the child? I am scared that it will forget about its heritage."

"No, it won't! I will teach it everything I know, so it won't forget its roots!" exclaimed Bạch. They embraced as the night sky grow darker...

A few years later, Emperor Phi Long is now a frailed, old man, the Imperial Court, and his heir, Prince Huỳnh Phú, are in control of the Empire. The heavy restriction is now being lifted slowly as migrants from bordering Rhava and outside settlers are creating a small minority in the Empire.

"Puam! Time for lunch! Stop playing and get prepared to eat!" shouted Tuyết.

"Yes, má (mom)! I comin!" said Puam as he dusted himself his dirty shirt full of holes, "Bye-bye Lu Lu! See you later!" he called to a @Fulgistani girl by the name of Liu Qinkang...

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