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Electoral Commission of Kertosono

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Welcome to the Electoral Commission of Kertosono!

The Electoral Commission of Kertosono welcomes you to our international landing page. All news regarding elections within Kertosono, its results, and conduct, would be posted here. The electoral commission vows to keep elections within the country free and fair to deliver the will of the people, as well as the servant of the emperor, who has bestowed his assent on our body to conduct elections to the very wishes of the Kertic people.

The current commissioner is R.Ay. Nyi Sulasmi Padmolukito of the Kingdom of Sragen


Dl. Mayjen Sutoyo, No. 14A, Kalurahan Sumberharjo, Kacamatan Kraton, Kutha Ngawi, Karajan Ngawi 10010
+38 182 000 

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Electoral Commission Announces Start of 1929 Election Cycle

26 Gugur 1928 KE

Ngawi, Electoral Commissioner R.Ay. Nyi Sulasmi Padmolukito early this Saturday announced the start of the 1929 election cycle scheduled for 28-29 Bumbu 1929. This election cycle would see the entirety of the Griya Rakyat's 260-seat chamber, the lower house of Kertosono, be up for grabs in the quadrennial legislative elections, as well as some subnational legislatures, such as the entirety of the Kingdom of Ngawi's legislature. The first day would be reserved for natioanl elections, and the second day would be reserved for local elections. As no census would be held until 1930, apportionment for the lower house would still use same map as the 1925 Kertic election cycle. The electoral commission once again releases the official electoral map:


All political parties are expected to register themselves and complete their papework before the 30th of Saddha 1929, including all independent candidates. Failure to do so would mean disqualification from running in the 1929 election cycle. The electoral commission also urges all citizens of Kertosono who are currently residing abroad to verify their credentials and registration at the Kertic embassy of their jurisdiction in order to be able to vote by mail.

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20 Parties to Compete in the 1929 Election Cycle

15 Ketigo 1929 KE
(29 May 2022 CE)

NGAWI, 20 parties have been certified to compete in the 1929 election cycle by the Electoral Comission of Kertosono. These political parties have successfully submitted all required documents, documentations, excerpts, and have been verified and factually checked by investigators from the electoral comission. After a month long verification process, the results were announced via a press conference held in the electoral commission's headquarters in Ngawi exactly at 8.00 local time. Parties which have been certified and have been marked as 'elligible' would then be instructed to hand over their candidates for the elections in order to ease logistical supply lines for the elections.

The parties which have been certified are as follows:

  1. Kertic People's Party
  2. United Kertosono Party
  3. The Revival of the Ulama Party
  4. Kertosono Islamic Union
  5. Democratic and Just Party
  6. Democratic Platform
  7. Great Kertosono Movement
  8. Green Party of Kertosono
  9. Economic Freedom Fighters
  10. Farmer's Party
  11. Communist Party of Kertosono
  12. Rebirth Party
  13. Party of the Revival of the Ummah
  14. Anarchist Party
  15. Law and Order Party
  16. Party of Socialists of the Empire of Kertosono
  17. Worker's Union
  18. People's Party
  19. Fair and Juut Party
  20. Culture Party

Registered parties and independents must submit candidates and all documents necessary before the 1st of Bumbu 1929 KE.

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Electoral Commission Announces Ballot Paper Designs for 1929 Election Cycle

18 Bumbu 1929 KE

Ngawi, Electoral Commissioner R.Ay. Nyi Sulasmi Padmolukito has announced the physical form and design of the ballot papers which would be used in the 1929 Election. While holding a sample with both her hands, R.Ay. Padmolukito proudly displayed the ballot paper to the journalists and media present in the conference room. The ballot paper measures 68,9 x 97,57 cm large, and is expected to be the largest ballot paper ever comissioned and issued by the electoral comission. R.Ay. Padmolukito has stated that the ballot paper was an extension of the high spirits and enthusiasm of the Kertic people towards the upcoming election, as 20 parties were eligible to run in 1929. R.Ay. Padmolukito also urges everyone eligible to vote to cast their vote when voting day arrives. She has also urged the public to get acquainted with the voting mechanism of the upcoming election.

The electoral comission has allocated approximately 40 million Mas (around 5.7 million Adaptan Solidus) towards the manufacture and printing of these ballot papers, as well as an additional 10 million mas towards its distribution and costs of folding the ballot papers. A total of 21 million ballot papers are expected to be printed or around 103% of the total eligible voting population in case faulty or defective ballot papers are found after distribution.


The design has also been unveiled digitally through the electoral commission's social media platforms. The design consists of a waving Kertic flag with the Kertic emblem on the top left and the logo for the elections on the top right. The constituency is clearly printed and legible beneath, as different constituencies would have different candidates running. On the bottom 2/3rds are the party lists as well as the candidates from each party, which will adjust to how many candidates are allocated for a constituency. A constituency that sends 7 representatives would have 7 slots for each party.

Voters vote by punching a hole with a nail on their preferred choice. As Kertosono adopts multiple non-transferable vote for constituencies with more than 1 representatives, voters are able to cast as many votes as there are alotted representatives. A constitutency with 8 representatives would mean 8 legal votes for each voter, while a constituency with only 2 representatives would mean that voters would only be able to choose 2. Voters are also able to vote for a party instead of a candidate.

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