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Three weeks ago, the 77th Vosō Ne began what has been dubbed the ‘Imperial Purge’, with over 23 Syndics and high government officials having been arrested since March 17th on the grounds of corrupt.

Today marks the 21st day of the Imperial Purge. Thus far 23 government officials have been arrested, 14 of the arrested officials are Guild Syndics primarily from northern Leho and Hōq’nuka.

Last night near midnight the first trial came to an end with Lodhāa Heevo Xakasono, the Secretary of Agriculture within the Leho Kingdom, being found guilty of corruption. According to the Leho National Court, Lodhāa Heevo was found guilty of embezzlement of foreign aid for the last 7 years and university grants since the start of the Rhodellian Sentinel Program. Lodhāa Heevo’s sentencing involves paying the government $32M and with all companies under the Xakasono family to be forcefully bought by the government for below-market value. Lodhāa Heevo will also be sentenced for nine years in prison under sýmvasi exóryxis and banned from holding any government secretariat positions for 18 years.

Other secretariats thus far detained are expected to reach similar verdicts and punishments over the coming months.

Lehoan National Courthouse in Imperial Session.

Although many in the public, especially along the river, have championed this as an excellent decision to curb corruption within the nation, others who live in the kingdoms of Leho and Hōq’nuka have accused the government and the 77th Vosō Ne of destabilising the peace between local Syndics and the Guildlords whom herders fear may raid border settlements in retaliation to the government’s purge of bribed officials.

There have also been four separately approved protests within Nanhong City, Pashae, and Soq’aska especially where both urban and rural guilds have financed the licenses for day long protests for Saturday and Sunday. For Nanhong City and Pashae, the protests have been scheduled this coming Monday after noon.

Numerous ambassadors, children of charged and imprisoned secretariats, have already been recalled as part of the ‘Imperial Purge’ including the ambassadors to Seylos and Rhodellia. Khevhēwe-diē Xakasono and Doho-khao Hokiho are the most recently recalled ambassadors by the remaining Imperial Government on charges of corruption and disruptive behaviour.

Khevhēwe-diē was the head ambassador for Seylos, but according to correspondences within the Imperial Government she has been recalled back to the Kingdom of Leho with backing from the I.G. due to disruptive actions in preventing dialogue for logistic support for Seylosi peacekeepers in the recent Baltica civil war.

Such disruptive activity only adds to the controversies to the bill on supporting Seylos, with several Guild Syndics rescinding their approval since the initial vote and the start of the ‘Imperial Purge’. It is likely that this behaviour rose out of Lodhāa Heevo Xakasono’s, Secretariat of Agriculture and the father of Khevhēwe-diē, dismissal from government office and subsequent imprisonment on account of corruption. Spokesmen of the Imperial Government have also confirmed that the embassy in Selbourne will be temporarily closed for the 'near term', however the dedicated Kasekan embassy will remain operational.

Doho-khao Hokiho has similarly been recalled back as his father, Xakhīosha-Lao Hokiho the Defence Secretariat, was recently recorded in Kaseka after missing his court date. All high profile members of the Hokiho family have also been called to return to the Kingdom of Xio as part of the investigation, thus its unlikely for Doho-khao to be suspended unlike other government officials and Guild Syndics.

Interior main commons room of the Great Xioan Embassy in Friedrichstadt, Rhodellia

Doho-khao is the head ambassador for the Kingdom of Rhodellia and helped develop what would eventually become the Rhodellian Sentinel Program in Leho and Hōq’nuka, it is unlikely for the RSP to be disrupted whilst Doho-khao returns to Xio. The embassy in Friedrichstadt will continue to remain open with the deputy head ambassador Wohā-lidhe Pekemana temporarily promoted to head ambassador for Rhodellia.

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After 90 days, the 77th Vosō Ne has declared the 'Imperial Purge' to be over. With 236 Syndics and 120 Imperial Council Members arrested on the charges of corruption and treason, what will come from the new Imperial Government?

With 236 of the 2523 of the Syndics imprisoned, last night the 77th Vosō Ne released a statement to the press that the '90 day cleansing' of the Syndic Council and Imperial Council to have been completed.

Of the 236 Syndics arrested, only 27 have thus far been found guilty and sentenced, with 4 already in the process of being acquitted after being found to not have broken any laws related to any forms of corruption. Alongside the 236 Syndics were 120 Imperial Council Members, most concentrated in the kingdoms of Leho, Hōq'nuka, and Nagaxō which were charged with treason alongside corruption.

236 of the 2523 Syndic council members purged, visualised.

The arrests of Nagaxō Council Members have been the most controversial, with many citing this as an attempt to subvert home rule of the island and an attempt to bring Nagaxō closer politically with the other states. "The arrests [of Nagaxōn Council Members] is not part of any hostile takeover of the island. We have no desire to remove the islanders from their positions of power. Shouldn't the Nagaxōn be allowed to choose who represents them locally without the fear of corrupt authority?" Phaa-voko, the personal speaker and partner of the current Mountain Lord,  said at this morning's press conference.

The Imperial Purge, also now known as the 90 Day Cleansing, was a 90 day long project of outing government officials who had been accused of corruption throughout their political career under the last Mountain Lord. Many political commentators have made links from the 90 Day Cleansing to a similar purge of the military under the 77th Vosō Ne five years before his coronation last year.

Although not much is known publicly of the current Mountain Lord's time in the military, it is known by the last four years of his tenure that he had gained much respect and authority over the military across Xiohane and especially over the Leho regional militias after wedding his second partner, Phaa-voko, in 2019. This power, commentators have noted, is what allowed for the sweeping reforms to Xiohane military doctrine and logistics in the last years of the 76th Vosō Ne and ultimately the electoral victory of the current Mountain Lord.

The end of the Imperial Purge only four days before the start of the Festival of the Horn has been no coincidence, according to Phaa-voko and other government officials close to the Mountain Lord. The Mountain Lord is expected to make his second public appearance since the start of the Imperial Purge next week.

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Limixane-ledhai and Phaa-voko to leave the country to Kertosono for Emperor Adityawarman III's coronation ceremony next week.

Yesterday evening the two partners of the Mountain Lord, Limixane-ledhai and Phaa-voko confirmed the rumours that they were personally flying north this weekend for the coronation of emperor Adityawarman the Third of the Empire of Kertosono.

This will be the first coronation that members of the Vosō Ne's direct family will have left Aurelia since the coronation of Stuart Redmond in 1999, notably missing the coronation of Aidan Redmond of Seylos in 2018. The pair will be staying in Kertosono for a week as part of a diplomatic mission beyond the coronation.

saDeyakho-Xae family private jet landing at the Dhiikala National Airport

This will also be the first time in 76 years that a partner of the Mountain Lord will be missing from the Festival of the Horn, which is scheduled for next week. Many have speculated whether or not this was an intentional move by Kertosono, to have the coronation the same week of the important festival, however there is no tangible evidence that has yet been uncovered that this is the case.

Emperor Adityawarman the Third ascended to the throne of Kertosono earlier this year after the sudden death of his father, Mulawarman the Seventh.

It is unknown if other Xiohane nobility will be travelling to Kertosono for the coronation, or if any of the Mountain Lord's children will be accompanying his partners.

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