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Expansion Request: Seylos [North Adlantic Union]

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The nation of Uthington has managed to straddle the line of neutrality for a long time. Before the war the country the lived in relative safety as it bordered non-aggressive Seylosian aligned states to the east, and the fairly peace state of Secryae to the west. During the Sentist War, they again were protected by the borders of the fledgling North Adlantic Union (shown in blue on the map, also including Seylos) as well as the newly pro-Tagmatine Secryae. However post-war, the situation has changed, and despite a positive @Tagmatium Rules presence, Ceriser politics has been dominated by: NAU aligned nations (including the liberated Hodrea), Sentist Influence, and the West Ceris Federation. Now it has been put in a spot, stay independent, or join one of the growing spheres of influence in the island.


The goal of the roleplay will be to peacefully convince Uthington that joining the North Adlantic Union is the best course of action not only for the people of Uthington, but also all of Ceris. While Seylos has traditionally spearheaded diplomatic operations when it came to NAU members, it had decided to take a backseat to Ceriser nations in order to let them convince their brethren. Following the diplomatic confrontation with @Stedoria both Ostros and Egris have become more ardently pro-NAU and will take a primary role in the negotiations with Uthington. The primary goal of this RP will be to further flesh out the Ceriser NAU members as a core group that makes up the union. Egris and Ostros especially fought the Sentist the most during the war, and the desire for Ceriser unification is high with them in the form of the North Adlantic Union. On top of this they see this as the only peaceful method for Ceris as a whole to be lifted out of poverty and devastation.

Of course not everyone wants this happen. The Sentists are sure to try and sabotage anything that might suggest an expansion of the Union. Rewhain is still split heavily on whether or not it wants to be fully friendly with the Union, as the NAU's support for Hodrean reconstruction has been taken by some as an affront towards the hundreds of thousands who perished fighting for independence from it. Rushea continues its destabilizing efforts in the west, and while the West Ceris Federation does not view the NAU as an enemy it is unsure if they want the union to continue expanding.

Luckily for us this time, nobody will try to kill Aidan.

The Ending:

The ending of the RP will of course be the peaceful introduction of Uthington into the North Adlantic Union as a member. As always, I like to remind people that NAU membership isn't like a full annexation. While I have full RP control over them, Seylos doesn't mystically control all their taxes, industry, and military.


So I'd love to hear from y'all what you think.

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