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NationStates: Thank You for Visiting the Global Trade Fair

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It's over! And slightly earlier than you anticipated, if you believed this News Page!*

During the Fair, 21,616 nations stashed 164,746 goods in 1,913 regions. But especially @@Region::one_line_link("Suspicious")@@, which managed to accumulate the most of absolutely everything.

Global Trade Fair Region Stashes

A few more stats:

  • Nations performed 471,073 actions, including 226,021 inspections.

  • The most searched-for item was Kittens (36,961), followed by Inspector Uniforms (27,357), then Patriotic Flags (26,654).

  • The least searched-for item was Humanitarian Potatoes (9,611).

  • 16,138 inspections were thwarted, which is 7% of the total. The most common cause was patriotic celebration days (9,719).

  • 35,247 goods were shipped, with the most popular being Inspector Uniforms (4,087) and Sticky Labels (4,016).

  • The Fair ended with nations holding 236,616 goods, which is quite a lot more than were stashed in regions. The most goods held by a single nation at that point was 336.

  • 1,397 goods were destroyed. To be honest, destroying goods was originally intended to be a much more central part of the Fair, before we had the idea of stashing them. The most-destroyed item was Gas Centrifuges (288), followed by Uranium (148), which just goes to show, people really do want to make the wurld a safer place. The least-destroyed item was Gold Bullion (64).

Thanks again for participating!

(* Sincere apologies for the News page misinformation. Daylight savings struck again. We can just not work that out.)

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