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Hello fellow Eurth Citizens. This fourm is going to dedicated to the unique holidays that are celebrated by Gotneskan’s. My people are a proud and resilient people. This first post should be the only (OOC) post within this forum.

I will be posting a link to my nations National Holidays Wiki hear after I have completed it. And at the bottom of some post there maybe a like to that holidays wiki.

Just a fyi holidays like Christmas and Easter will not be covered in this forum as most people are already celebrated it or have knowledge about it in our own wurld.



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Hello My fellow Eurthans. My name is Sarah Andersdottír, I’m the Queen of the great nation of Gotneska. I’d like to personally explain what some of my nations more unique holidays are.

First off I’ll start with Éadjós.

This holiday/ festival is celebrated on the last Wednesday of March. It starts at sunset of that evening and last till the sunrise on the tenth day. Most historians believe this holiday was celebrated a week earlier back in ancient times as with the arrival of Christianity and the all important Christian holiday of Easter. That Éadjós was moved a week back to make the holiday/ festival more likely to fall on or near Easter Sunday. 

This holiday/ festival is known in Gotneska as the following; Celebration  of Light, Spring Festival, and finally Festival of Light.

The reason we call it the celebration of light is that around this time of year. Gotneska recvives 12 hours of daylight. This is important because during  the winter months most of the nation will get less then 6 hours of daylight. And it also just means the start of the colorful season and when Gotneskan’s are the happiest. We truly love spring here. No one knows how much they love seeing sunlight until they live in place that gets less then 6 hrs during the shortest day of the year.

Know how do we celebrate this holiday/ festival? 

Will the capital of Læniguëuíl, two hours  the first Sunset during the festival will have a fireworks show. It’s by far the biggest fireworks show of the year. Not even New Years celebration can compete with this show. But the most common thing are bonfires, every town will have at least one centrally located bonfire for its citizens.  During this time people will do spring cleaning. Got gardens ready for planning which starts  normally 3 weeks after the festival is over. We also eat and drink lots of local foods. So if you never been to Gotneska before, one thing you most try is our food. Yes some of it maybe weird but look at the bright side your trying something new.

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