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Kertosono 10

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Another rainy week throughout Kertosono! Hope all of you are still healthy and well in these times of uncertain weather. It's time for that time of the week again, where we release this week's charts to accompany you, either while you're working, studying, or just relaxing. In a shock to most musical analysts, Sadewo's new album did not manage to breach the top 10, having to settle only at 12th place. Can't wait to see more surprises this week? Without further ado , we are proud to announce KERTOSONO 10: TOP 10 ALBUMS for WEEK 4 -PANEN 1928 KE.


No. 1 : SAWANG-SINAWANG (Dewiyati Sudono) 



Sawang-Sinawang, literally meaning "to view each other", is Dewiyati's second and possibly final album for the year 1928 KE. Released at the end of the month of Bênå, Sawang-Sinawang's slow-paced and melancholic songs are very soothing to listen to accompanied by the sound of the drizzling rain. Sawang-sinawang managed to climb to first place this week after an outpour in sales, both via online listening apps or traditional walk-in stores. 

No. 2 : SAMAR SENDU (Ardhito Prawironegoro)


Samar Sendu, literally meaning "worrying of sadness", is Ardhito Prawironegoro's second album for the year 1928 KE. Its combination of musical styles, combining traditional kertic music with foreign influences, has achieved universal acclaim. The songs within this album have been described as "mystical" and "healing" by some, and is a favorite among teenagers.  Released at the end of the month of Surya, it peaked charts for 5 weeks straight before succumbing to Yen Ing Tawang, settling for 2nd place for a few weeks now. 

No. 3 : YEN ING TAWANG (Wiyogo Nurrohman)


Yen Ing Tawang, meaning "when in the skies", is Wiyogo Nurrohmans only scheduled album for 1928 KE. It managed to snatch first place in the charts a few weeks ago before dropping to third. Yen Ing Tawang's main theme concerning nature has acquired the interest of all age groups throughout Kertosono for its very catchy songs.

No. 4 : AKU, DHEWEKE, LAN KOWE (Raihan Anton Sujarwo)


Aku, Dheweke, lan Kowe, meaning "Me, Her, and You", is Raihan Anton Sujarwo's first album and entry to Kertosono 10. Many of the songs relate to teenage romance and love in schools, and has seen strong approval and attention from school-age audiences. It has climbed from 7th place last week to 4th place this week, signalling a growing momentum and interest in Raihan Sujarwo's fledgeling career in the Kertic music industry.

No. 5 : SATRIA NUSANTARA (Budhi Sarwono)


Satria Nusantara, literally meaing "the heroes of the nation", chronicles about ancient Kertic tales and mythology, sung in a literary and archaic language. It is originally the soundtrack to the popular movie "Bentalakencanawira", which is set to be the highest-grossing film in Kertosono for 1928 KE. Many critics have praised its orchestral, majestic, and epic renditions of traditional Kertic hymns and mantras, and has been very popular with almost all age groups, but most notably audiences over 50 years old.


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