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Kertosono 10

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Another rainy week throughout Kertosono! Hope all of you are still healthy and well in these times of uncertain weather. It's time for that time of the week again, where we release this week's charts to accompany you, either while you're working, studying, or just relaxing. In a shock to most musical analysts, Sadewo's new album did not manage to breach the top 10, having to settle only at 12th place. Can't wait to see more surprises this week? Without further ado , we are proud to announce KERTOSONO 10: TOP 10 ALBUMS for WEEK 4 -PANEN 1928 KE.


No. 1 : SAWANG-SINAWANG (Dewiyati Sudono) 



Sawang-Sinawang, literally meaning "to view each other", is Dewiyati's second and possibly final album for the year 1928 KE. Released at the end of the month of Bênå, Sawang-Sinawang's slow-paced and melancholic songs are very soothing to listen to accompanied by the sound of the drizzling rain. Sawang-sinawang managed to climb to first place this week after an outpour in sales, both via online listening apps or traditional walk-in stores. 

No. 2 : SAMAR SENDU (Ardhito Prawironegoro)


Samar Sendu, literally meaning "worrying of sadness", is Ardhito Prawironegoro's second album for the year 1928 KE. Its combination of musical styles, combining traditional kertic music with foreign influences, has achieved universal acclaim. The songs within this album have been described as "mystical" and "healing" by some, and is a favorite among teenagers.  Released at the end of the month of Surya, it peaked charts for 5 weeks straight before succumbing to Yen Ing Tawang, settling for 2nd place for a few weeks now. 

No. 3 : YEN ING TAWANG (Wiyogo Nurrohman)


Yen Ing Tawang, meaning "when in the skies", is Wiyogo Nurrohmans only scheduled album for 1928 KE. It managed to snatch first place in the charts a few weeks ago before dropping to third. Yen Ing Tawang's main theme concerning nature has acquired the interest of all age groups throughout Kertosono for its very catchy songs.

No. 4 : AKU, DHEWEKE, LAN KOWE (Raihan Anton Sujarwo)


Aku, Dheweke, lan Kowe, meaning "Me, Her, and You", is Raihan Anton Sujarwo's first album and entry to Kertosono 10. Many of the songs relate to teenage romance and love in schools, and has seen strong approval and attention from school-age audiences. It has climbed from 7th place last week to 4th place this week, signalling a growing momentum and interest in Raihan Sujarwo's fledgeling career in the Kertic music industry.

No. 5 : SATRIA NUSANTARA (Budhi Sarwono)


Satria Nusantara, literally meaing "the heroes of the nation", chronicles about ancient Kertic tales and mythology, sung in a literary and archaic language. It is originally the soundtrack to the popular movie "Bentalakencanawira", which is set to be the highest-grossing film in Kertosono for 1928 KE. Many critics have praised its orchestral, majestic, and epic renditions of traditional Kertic hymns and mantras, and has been very popular with almost all age groups, but most notably audiences over 50 years old.


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Sultan's Younger Brother and Heir Presumptive to the Throne of Ngawi Currently Studying in Seylos All This Time??

2 Bena 1930KE

LEFT: The Young Prince in Seylos 
RIGHT: Armistead Hall, Norkolk University, Seylos

Bululawang, So that's where he went all this time! The young prince, known to us as Kangjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Arya (K.G.P.A.A.) Bimajendra Ardikasatya is currently studying at a Seylosian University after “disappearing” from public view over a year ago. We set out to investigate after Kertic social media blew up after user @jokokus11 uploaded a story of him in one server with Sultan Adityawarman III and his alleged younger brother, Prince Bimajendra. He said that he recognized the sultan's voice immediately when the sultan was talking into the mic addressing his younger brother, and decided to record the incident.

Yesterday, the palace made a statement regarding the issue, which while not confirming that the person meant in the post was the Sultan, also did not deny the possibility, leading to people to believe that it was indeed the sultan in the social media post. Not long after, the sultan himself confirmed that it was indeed himself that was in the game with his younger brother, though he defended his actions by saying that “everyone needs to play with their younger brother sometimes”. The sultan's post has left many laughing, including us!

With the knowledge of Prince Bimajendra existence out in the open, we decided to have a deeper look. Our sources have indicated that Prince Bimajendra has been enrolled at Norkolk University since at least last year, and is currently studying shipbuilding and engineering at their Department of Maritime Design and Planning, touted by some as one of the best faculties on Eurth in their field. He is currently in his second year, and is involved in a variety of student organizations around campus. He has a social media presence, but nothing that would indicate royalty or coming from a privileged background. The number of friends and followers on all his social media platforms also seem ordinary until Sultan Adityawarman III's proclamation. That is all great to hear, but why conceal him in the first place? 

A short search on the palace website may yield us some answers. It has been common practice for the royal family, especially the royal family of the Singhasari throne which currently holds power in Ngawi and a few smaller states surrounding it, to not highly publicize its members in fears of potentially drawing too much attention to the family. This has been the case since at least the 17th century, when widespread wars between Ngawi and Kertonyono took place. Although so, such rules and traditions became much more relaxed after the two states found themselves united under the banner of Kertosono. In fact, the late Sultan Mulawarman VII and his father Sultan Purnawarman V publicly revealed their families to the wider public.

We asked palace historian and curator D.J. Kusmaryani for possible answers. The young prince is the only one out of the three siblings which were not commonly seen in the public sphere, especially when one considers that the prince is a legitimate heir presumptive of Ngawi.

“Well, one could only guess, but a lot of royal family members actually exclude themselves from public life in order to lead humble, down-to-Eurth lives. They do not want to be treated like royalty, and therefore have signed an oath with the Sultan regarding their wish to remain out of royal duties. That also means forfeiting all benefits and privileges gained by being a member of the royal family.”

“Prince Bimajendra is indeed an heir presumptive, meaning that if Sultan Adityawarman III produces a male heir, his son would then immediately become heir apparent. After the 1929 KE compromise, the proposal and bill to switch to absolute primogeniture failed to pass, and therefore Ngawi still operates under agnatic primogeniture. Even if Prince Bimajendra has chosen to opt out of public life, that is still not enough to remove him from the line of succession.”

Student Reactions?

After the news broke out, we were curious at how the prince managed to conceal his identity for so long. We asked our Seylosian media friends to help interview several of his friends and classmates from Norkolk university regarding their views and interactions with the Prince Bimajendra. One student in particular, Kevin, was in utter shock when he was told the prince's identity:


Me and my friends treat him like one of us, and to think that I farted on him once when he went over to my dorm makes me feel very uncomfortable. Well, he did say that he was from an Alharun country, but we never cared to ask further as we felt that it wasn't important. He speaks very good Anglic, and... come to think of it, I've never heard him speak any other language than Anglic. I really thought he was born in Seylos to Alharun immigrants. If I had known that he was the literal heir to a sovereign nation, I would've acted differently!

-Kevin, 20

We also found several of his professors and tried approaching them. Only one returned our requests for an interview, Mrs. Turnhill.


Oh, he has been a very wonderful student to teach. He has never skipped class and has always submitted all his assignments in time. From what I have observed, he has really mingled with all his peers, and I don't see him any different than all my other students. To say I was shocked is an understatement. I just hope he can achieve whatever he wants to become in his life.

- Mrs. Turnhill, 62

When we were wrapping up production, we were actually approached by someone claiming to be the prince's amour.


I feel that my wurld has been turned upside down. I've known him for almost two years, and he never disclosed any of this inforrmation to me. On one hand I feel betrayed, but on the other, I don't know if what he's doing is to protect himself and the people close to him from danger. I really looked forward to having our lives bound together forever, but now I don't even know if I'm allowed to be close to him, let alone marry him, as I'm clearly a commoner... a foreign one for that matter!

Sarah, 19

Exiting the Public Image

From our sources and interviews above, it seems that the young prince has really opted to remain anonymous and keep a low profile for himself. Judging by his close relationship with the sultan and older brother, the chances of him falling out of favor or being exiled is very low. We may never know.

However, one side effect of this whole drama is probably that the Prince's social media has been flooded with curious and interested netizens. It would not be strange if the prince and or the Sultan comes forth within the next few days to clarify things, as questions have started piling on Kertic social media, aside from the number of new people drooling over his looks. Nevertheless, we are glad to find out that Prince Bimajendra is safe and healthy.



On this day: 2 BENA 1893KE that women were first given the right to vote?

Suffragettes and women's rights activists addressing the nation after the historic vote by parliament, 2 Bena 1893 KE
That was only 37 years ago!

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