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OARC 2022 Meeting

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Each year, the Oriental Association for Regional Cooperation, otherwise known as the OARC, holds a meeting between all member states; Tamurin, Kotowari, Mahana and Mekabiri, to speak on diplomacy and relations between the states, looking to continue the regional cooperation and continued peace.

For 2022, the meeting is being held in the city of Ormath, Tamurin and is planned to be attended by the heads of each of the nations, barring any disruption. 2022 marks the 6th year that the meetings have been held since the OARC was rebranded from the previous Central Oriental Forum (COF). The following nations have held the conference in the past:

  • 2016: Piri, Mekabiri
  • 2017: Ghobari, Mahana
  • 2018: Kotowari City, Kotowari
  • 2019: Kotowari City, Kotowari
  • 2020: Alaghon, Tamurin
  • 2021: Kotowari City, Kotowari
  • 2022: Ormath, Tamurin

The conference will begin on the 12th April 2022, and end on the 15th April 2022. Other Oriental states have also been formally invited to attend, as well as observers from the Assembled Nations and the Entente of Oriental States.

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