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[VISION STATEMENT] The Federation of Secorat

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Secorat or officialy The Federation of Secorat  (Secoratian: Federația Secorată) is a country located on the continent [Continent] and it's bordering the nations [Countries]. It is a Democratic-Socialist nation with a population of 19 Milion people. The president is Andrei Alexios who has been running since 2016 being re-elected. The Head of Goverment is Cezar Barbosu' , Barbosu' coming from his big beard. Corruption isn't really met that much in Secorat, but have been cases of it. In Secorat there are no internet censorship as Andrei Alexios publicly announced he wants freedom for his people.   National Force of Secorat (Forța Națională Secorată) is the national army of 200,000 men currently active and have been through medium training as Andrei Alexios stated he doesn't want the soldiers to be always tired and give them more relaxation period and also wants them to be always careful and to be on high alert. The GDP per capita is estimated to be 28,000. 


 The land where Secorat is located where the Sek people lived in the first century. The Sek people were once united when in 50 BCE a brave man called Buregigi has united all tribes and formed the first Kingdom of Sek. After his death, the Sek's didn't get along too well after many people debated on who to rule the kingdom, and so , they divided. But in 87 AD a even more brave man called Decegogus reunited most of the tribes to reform the Kingdom of Sek. He was so brave, he attacked the [Empire Nation] Province of Moesia to show how cool the Sek's are. The Sibians were a powerful nation who just became an empire. The Sek's later felt threatend by the [Empire Nation] and so they fortified all places and naming these fortifications "Dava". On 101 AD , the [Empire Nation] crossed the border into the Kingdom of Sek and headed north for the Carpați Mountains to steal all the riches. on 103 AD,  Decegogus signed the treaty of peace, he was mad and it ended with him breaking the treaty , making the [Empire Nation] advance. On 106 AD the capital, Sarmiha, fell. 
The Kingdom of Sek became an [Empire Nation] province.

When the [Empire Nation] fell, they divided in 3 nations, Valahia, Mioldioveni and Transilieni. Eventually in 1821 these united becoming the Sekorat, and in 1824 becoming Secorat, as sounding more nicely than Sekorat. "Orat" in the name means People in the old language used in the Kingdom of Sek.


The Federation of Secorat from the start of 2022 will try to have more alliances with other countries and befriend more nations. The economy will also be risen since the riches in Secorat will be sold for jewerly stores. 


Since the end of 2021 , Secorat has risen it's economy by 10% for selling the silver and Copper from the mountains and in February, Secorat started selling Gold and other minerals from the mountains , and it's estimated for the GDP to rise by 40%.

Point allocation

Population - Low - 0 points
GDP (Per capita) - High - 2 points
Land Area - High - 2 points

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