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[Vision Statement] The Republic of Bulwick

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The Republic of Bulwick, also known as Bulwick, is a nation located on [Continent]. Bulwick borders. 11.5M people currently call Bulwick their home. It is economically stable. The President of Bulwick is jarry IV and he has been leading Bulwick since Nov. 2020.


Bulwick was started by people who left their old country, to start their own. The population of the land at the time was mainly filled with foxes and bulls. When they named the country, they named it after the bulls since the land was mostly filled with bulls. They later found the nearest source of water (River, Ocean, Sea), and started a village named Eurwick. Eurwick later turned into a town, and then a city.

After Bulwick's population rose to 10,000, they made more cities. They have made Gofwick and Asuwi. Asuwi is a port-city on the coast of [Sea/Ocean Name]. Bulwick doesn't have much history, since it is pretty new.


Bulwick has one big goal that I think every country should have; wurld peace. If Bulwick has peace, Bulwick will hopefully spread that idea to other countries. If there is peace between all countries, there wont be attacks on other countries. Bulwick is a neutral country. We don't like to have wars, but we like being here on this planet. We will not accept anything bad in our country. If someone does something bad, we will take them in jail for up to a year, and then let them free.


Head of State: jarry IV

Head of Government: jarry I


Population - Medium - 11.5M - 2 points

GDP per capita - Medium - $15k - 1 point

Land area - Low - Unknown - 1 point



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