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[Map Application] Nationalist Republic of Ngoc Luat

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Nation on Eurth: Ngọc Luật (Ngoc Luat)

National Flag: 


Capital Name: Gia Định (Gia Dinh)

Capital Location: 


Blue: Gia Dinh (Capital)


Yellow: Quảng Đông (Quang Dong)


Green: Lâm Hồng (Lam Hong)


Red: Đại Bắc (Dai Bac)


Starter Stats: 

Population - High - 37.2 Million - 2 points

GDP (Per Capita) - Medium - $18,000 (Controversial numbers), the actual number is 10,000 - 1 point

Land area - Medium - To be decided - 1 point.

Culture: A very close resemblance to Vietnamese people (Kinh people only, only a minority of ethnic groups and foreign with Ngocluatian descent.)

Climate & Geography: According to the map and my neighbor

History: My VS (A proper colonizer is yet to be established, Fearannteth is my temporary placeholder)


Front Desk: https://www.europans.com/topic/6462-the-front-desk/page/6/#comment-40018831

Vision Statement: https://www.europans.com/topic/6656-vision-statement-nationalist-republic-of-ngoc-luat/#comment-40019552


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Hello and congratulations on joining Eurth! Time to finally get you on the map :).

Stats look good. We spoke in Discord that the $18,000 is what the government states it is but the actual real number is $10,000. Exact numbers fall into their point ranges.

I don't quite understand what you're asking here? Are you stating you want the climate/geography of your desired location or that you're take whatever climate and geography is on the map when placed? Your desired location has a climate similar to that of Eastern Europe (mild summers and cold winters).

Culture and Desired Location
So there is a bit of an issue. Currently our only Vietnamese nation (Rhava) is in eastern Alharu;
unknown.png     unknown.png
So explaining how your closely-related Vietnamese-like culture got to the exact opposite side of the globe would be difficult to say the least. Rhava is also in a very tropical environment which clashes with the cold temperate of your desired location. How vital your climate/geography from your desired location is to the image of your nation? Rivers exist near Rhava (south of Kharai) with similar topography in its lowlands, however it has a tropical savanna climate:
iu.png   iu.png

If you can answer my two questions (How vital your climate/geography from your desired location is to the image of your nation? / Did you specifically want a cold temperate climate?) I might be able to figure out some map locations which may be a good compromise for your nation.

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After speaking with Ngoc Luac on Discord, we came to a solution for their nation's placement:


All that is required is @Rhava's consent. They will be given a week else consent will be implied through apathy.
If consent is denied, I will return to the normal procedure for applications of providing numerous locations, though with similarities in topography and climate to this submission.
Total Area = ~157,700 km^2
Offshore Island Area = ~32,700 km^2

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Love to see another another Southeast Asian nation on Eurth <333 not to mention a new neighbor on the cursed island that is Indonadisi loll. I support the placement, and am looking forward to rp and joint history. Cảm ơn nhiều và tạm biệt!

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