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Trade Agreement

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(OOC: Sorry about the stunningly unorginal title)


As the civil war in Tagmatium draws to a close, the Holy Empire starts the re-building process in its economic infrastructure.

During the civil war, the Empire of Amnalos, new in Europa, sent Tagmatium aid in the form of oil after diplomatic relations between the two countries had gone well. The Holy Empire now wishes to build upon these relations and form a trade agreement with Amnalos, to give a kick-start to both economies. As Tagmatium is located in the far north of Europa, and Amanlos in the far south, we are sure that both Empires will have something to offer each other.


Tacitus Smith, Tagmatine Minister for Trade


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Spurred by Amnalos's unexpected and controversial donation of oil to aid Tagmatium's rightful government defeat the rebellion, the Holy Empire is eager to enter into a more permanent relationship with Amnalos. The Emperor of Amnalos has assented in principle to the wide-ranging trade agreement, which analysts hope will stimulate the economies of both nations. It remains only for a few details to be discussed by both parties before the Agreement is signed.


(OOC: I'm kinda new at this so you'll have to bear with me a bit. I've looked at the Tagmatium/Abyssio agreement and it looks pretty good.)



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(OOC: That was all Abyssio. I think something on those lines)


The opening up each others ecomonies to trade from each other will be a god start. The removal of duty and tariffs on each others trade is a begining of this, as is letting each others merchants have free passage in our lands and the availability of warehouses with little or no rent. This would increase insentives for trade between our two Empires. As our two nations or at opposite ends of Europa, these freedoms for our merchants will encorage them to take the long distance trip to and from. This agreement may attract attention from other nations, but it is risky, as Europa appears to be on the brink of war. Admittedly, Tagmatium hasn't helped matters by occupying the Cenapes. We would like to send a permenant diplomat to Amnalos, to conduct our affairs more easily. He or she will be sent over to you shortly. We will welcome any Amnalite diplomat, and give you a nice embassy.


Tacitus Smith, Minister for Trade

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(OOC: Shamelessly "inspired" by the Abyssio agreement smile.gif, but why not reproduce what works?)


After much deliberation the Amnalite Minister for Trade, Salvor Aldan Andros, has come up with an agreement that would be acceptable to the people of Amnalos.


I. The signatories to this Agreement acknowledge that all articles therein shall apply in all cases.


II. The purpose of this Agreement, as well as to facilitate trade, is to foster friendship and goodwill between Tagmatium and Amnalos. This spir


III. The Empire of Amnalos and the Holy Empire of Tagmatium agree to reserve portions of their Trade Quarters, docks and warehouses for the sole use of industries and merchants of the other nation.


IV. Both nations shall provide safe passage and protection to traders of the other nation.


V. A tariff of no more than 5% of the local price shall be imposed on good sold. A tariff of no more than 3% of the local fare shall be imposed on goods moving into or out of the nation. Both nations shall have unrestricted rights of trade.



[X]- Tacitus Smith, Minister of Trade for the Holy Empire of Tagmatium

[X]- Salvor Aldan Andros, Minister of Trade for the Empire of Amnalos


(OOC: See, told you I have no originality)

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