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[ACADEMY RP] Beautiful landscapes, dangerous forests.

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A father opens TV to watch the news and gets an ad for a tour of miraculous Secorat

In Secorat, there are some special exotic animals which are very dangerous. There are special zones for tourism because of them. 

Secorat is a mountain nation and so the cities have fresh air and beautiful landscapes, 2 of them are:

This is a photo of the city Barșov which is a  city located in the gate from plains to the mountains, or how we like to call it "Heaven"


Now here is the real beauty, the heart of the carpați mountains! Moleciu Di Sus


We advise you come visit, here we have fresh air, and it's totally the best! Now, I am sure I've made up your mind, but you gotta stick more with people, because if you wander too much in the forests , you may get in big trouble.

We will show you 2 of them: 

This cute frog, but don't let it deceive you, it's an ruthless predator disguised in some sweet and adorable body.


And the other one is a scary, big brown bear, who lives most of the time at the top of the mountains, but will go hunting, so stay away.


These species are the most met,  and also will stay away if you go with groups of 3 persons or more. There are more scary ones, even some in deep lakes, but they are very rare so you will most probably avoid them most of the time.

So why are you waiting? Go get a ticket to Secorat and visit these places I showed you! Also, there is a big discount  of just 687 Secorars if you travel with the Secoratian national airline, TASEC! 


Father: Son! Do you wanna meet bears and see some beautiful landscapes in a beautiful country?
Son: Oh, of course I want to! Where is it?
Father: It's in Secorat, of course..
Son: Oh yeah let's go! How much is it?
Father: It's 687 Secorars! I will book the tickets right now!
Son: Finally, I will go  get some fresh air and see mountains!

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