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OOC: Dniesterian-Ahranaian War

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Hello all!! 👋

Okay so this is where the discussion for the conflict I will be calling the Dinesterian-Ahranaian War, which will be happening soon. Ivercia had asked on Discord when this conflict would be happening and I said soon, so this is the first step we will be taking. At the end of this I will be tagging all of the nations that I know so far that have asked to partake in this conflict.

ANYWAYS! let's talk about how we got here, the conflict stage at least. The basic story is the following:

After several months of terrorist attacks on border towns between Dniester and Ahrana the Ahranaian Government has decided that a full-scale invasion must happen to help the Southern Dniesterian People overthrow their corrupt government.

Okay, so how does this all fit together really?

The Provinces of South Dniester have requested help and aid from the United Kingdom of Ahrana in combating the terrorist groups inside the country as well as the government sponsoring these groups. The Terrorist groups are known as the following by the Ahranaian Directorate of Intelligence:

  • The Circle
  • Ahranaian Partisans
  • Socialist United Fighters
  • Free Dniester

These groups have all been labeled by the Ahranaian Defense and Foreign Ministry as Terrorist Organizations as well as the Current Dniesterian Government. The attacks carried out by Terrorists and Republican Military Personel have driven the decision the government has made. In addition to asking for help and aid the Southern Provinces have petitioned to join the Union of the United Kingdom of Ahrana as well in order to guarantee the safety and security of all Dniesterians living in the southern provinces. Naturally the Government has accepted their requests for aid and joining the Union.

Right, so how do other nations fit into this?

Well, any nation can choose who they want to support in this War but understand the following:

  1. The Government of Dniester has committed many crimes against Humanity in the eyes of the Ahranaian Government, some against Ahranaians others against the People of Dniester.
  2. The Government of Dniester supports Terrorism to fund its entire Government, which has led to huge amount of corruption.
  3. The Government of Dniester has no wish to change form of Government to help the people, even if it is still communism, they will not change due to the amount of corruption.
  4. The Country of Dniester will be divided in a similar way North and South Korea and North and South Vietnam were but in a healthier and more feasible way.
  5. The end result will be the split of the two regions of Dniester no matter what the outcome is preferred by either side.

Do we have an exact date of when this will happen?

Currently not yet, I will update the thread with a date before I start the Role-Play.


ANYWAYS!! Those who want to join in this RP just let me know either on this thread or on Discord. Also, this thread is for everyone involved to explain what their part will be in all of this and so forth.

So far those whom I know that want to be part of this RP are:

@Iverica @Fulgistan @Seylos??? and those whom I cannot think of please do forgive me my brain is filled a bunch of stuff just chime in as soon as you can!!



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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello all once again!! 👋😊

Okay so as time progresses and the Snap Election for Ahrana has taken place and is now over we shall start to see the events that will lead to the Dinesterian-Ahranaian War of 2022. 

Currently Ahrana is participating with the Peacekeeping Mission to the State of Kauni in the Baltican Civil War, as time progresses Ahrana will bring the Peacekeeping Troops from 650 to 200 Troops in total. The access equipment that was taken with these troops will be moved out and taken back to Ahrana for use in the conflict which should take no more than a week to get all equipment that is not being used back to Ahrana.

I will also admit that I do need to consult with a few other people that understand Military Warfare to help iron out some things.

The Attack(s) in the West of Tatani.

There will be three big attacks that will happen in Tatani. The following Cities will have these big attacks HärnÜsand, Sosüs, and Grímðir which are located on the border of the State of Tatani.

These attacks will be very devastating to the point that the cities infrastructure will be extremely damaged, these attacks would have been planned in advanced by the terrorist organizations and the Intelligence Agency in Ahrana will not be able to react fast enough to the attacks planned due to the government's attempts at Peace attempts.

It will be after the second attack that the government will start the motion to ratify the Articles of War and to set aside the attempts at peace. While the government prioritizes peace over all things the aggression shown by these groups will not be tolerated after a point has been made. When the third attack happens, it will be the final push the Parliament needs to ratify the Articles of War and to Declare the Articles of Peace inactive for the time being. 

Once the Articles of War have been drafted then the Ahranaian State will begin preparations for war in a more aggressive manner than what is currently being done by the Ministry of Defense. As it stands the MoD is drafting plans for a quick invasion that will strike at the heart of the Dniesterian Government.

The Phases of the War

With this war I plan to have at least three phases that will be in play for the duration of the war. Phase one is the main invasion of course. In this Phase the plan so far is to use the Green and Brown Water Navy that dominates the Ahranaian Navy to help with bringing in Specialist Troops and other Troops as well. The Army and Air Force will also send in other Specialist Troops within the first 72 hours. This first Phase will mainly focus on the Capital of Minsk in the South of Dniester where the presence of the Resistance Fighters of Southern Dniester is mostly located. 

These Resistance Fighters are the people the Government of Ahrana approved to send weapons to in order to help bring the focus of attacks by both Terrorist and Military troops on the western border of Ahrana. The Frigates and Destroyers in the Mediargic Sea will position themselves in a position to be use the Naval Firepower to send missiles into the city with a guide system in place by the already stationed troops in the city. 

The casualties in regard to civilians would be great given it is a modern war in a capital city with modern war weapons. Ideally the attacks carried out by the Ahranaian Forces with heavy artillery, Naval Firepower, and Air Force Bombings would be in certain key areas and the avoiding of civilian areas would be a must. However, that is not always possible. The Ahranaian Forces would do what all is possible to minimize the civilian casualty rate.

The Forces in Minsk will then push out of the city in both North, East, and West directions to start the task of securing the South of Dniester with the resistance fighters to secure a Free and Democratic South Dniester.

Phase two would happen when Phase one starts given the need to Fight the terrorist and military on two fronts to weaken them greatly. (I am working creating some maps which I will remind everyone my map skills are absolute shit so don't expect much.) The goal of this phase is to start splitting Dniester into two section North and South Respectfully. Any Northern Troops and Government Officials as well as terrorists left in the South will be handled with appropriately. These two fronts will try to expel the Government and the Terrorists out of the south and into the north.

Now, of course we cannot just allow the corrupt Communists flee to the north to live and fight another day with their terrorist Friends, no. That is where Phase Three starts. This phase is the final phase to secure both North and South from the corrupt Socialists and Terrorists and allow both the North and South run their states as they seem fit. (Phases Three and Two are still being thought up).

Is that all?

Negative ghost rider! This is only the start of me detailing how I expect and would like the war to carryout. Of course, those who want to also have a part in this are welcomed to post how they will go about things and together we can make a great RP here! So, do continue to check here when new posts are made to figure out what will take place.

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It's me again! 👋😊 Two posts in the same week, pretty odd and irregular for me I must say myself. Anyways!

So, I just realized yesterday after talking with some people that I never explained the history or tension between Dniester and Ahrana. How horrible and silly of me to forget an important detail like that!

So here we go.... again Lol!

What's the Beef man?

Well, the big issue between Ahrana and Dniester starts back in the times of Empire and Domain Status before Independence of the land. In the early years of Ahrana which was then known as Stríðsmenn or in translation "Land of Warriors" and in modern times is Xara as we know it. This Imperial Government was centered in Vulga Supra, which is of the same name as today, and the system was based on War and Conquer in the name of the Empire and Emperor. These Ahranaians were good at doing just that. Where they went into they made sure when they left that the area was in firm Ahranaian Authority and none other. 

Now around 200AD in the land now called Dniester the Scandi and Slavic Tribes live in a somewhat fragile co-existence that had been in place for some time. However, when word started spreading about an Empire of Warries of Scandi and Slavic Peoples the two groups of tribes started to worry about their future and what it would mean if this Empire came knocking. Fast-forward to around 500AD and that empire, well it came knocking and knocking extremely hard and ruthlessly. The Slavic Tribes in Dniester understood that would be there chance to take control of all the land that was controlled So naturally the Slavic Tribes made an agreement with the Empire of Stríðsmenn to secure land for their tribes over the Scandi. This endeavor would take some time spanning the lifespan of not one Emperor but two. By the time of the death of the second Emperor the Scandi tribes in Dniester had fled to the area known to the Empire as Ógæfulandið of the Land of Misfortune. It was called this due to the quality of the soil and the plague that would ensue these tribes.

Unbeknown to the Slavic Tribes of Dniester the Empire had made a secret agreement with the Scandi Tribes that in due time of five years the Empire would add the land of Ógæfulandið to the Empire and make it part of Dniester and have the Scandi govern all land that would make up the new territory of Menntamenn. It was called Menntamenn due to the Scandi people being very intellectual as compared to the Slavic People which the Empire valued over brute force. By this time however the Empire of Stríðsmenn had been renamed to the Empire of Ahran, which was a land in the Empire that now held the seat of power. It soon became clear to the Scandi Peoples that the Empire was about to relaunch its troops into the land of Menntamenn to start the transition of power to a more levelheaded people in the eyes of the Ahran Emperor. As the empire progressed in Land and in terms of Subjects to the Emperor, the Scandi people became fewer and fewer in number to the Slavic People. Seeing this the Empire determined that the Slavic People would be the rulers of what was to be called the land of the Grand Duchy of Gdańsk which was all the land of Menntamenn.

It is unknown why this change happened and where the name Gdańsk came from, very little from this time period is known given to the rise of increased paranoia of the Emperors.

Under the Grand Duchy of Gdańsk, the Slavic people flourished and were treated as equals to the Scandi based Emperor who had Slavic origins. This age was good to both peoples, but soon it turned sour. The emperors that would come later on in the dynasty would be very distrusting of the Grand Duchy and started to persecute all peoples of that territory with laws that were made to strip them of their rank in society if they held any and for those who were already slaves were treated even worse. This period is known as the Dark Period and time of Ahranaian History, this is also the hatred many Dniesterian People have for Ahranaians come from.

The government of the Grand Duchy was strictly controlled by the emperors and all appointments to run the territory was decided by them as well. Through an estimation of how many people of the Grand Duchy died because of the harsh aggression the Ahran showed these people it is believed over millions died from hunger, extreme labour, mass murder and so much more.

Since the Ahranaian Government recognized the Independence of the Kingdom of Gdańsk in the 1890s, the Governments and Kings that ruled Ahrana has made many attempts to amend relations for the past wrongs the Ahranaians had inflicted upon these people. It wasn't until the 1920s that the relations between between Ahrana and Gdańsk started to improve greatly.

When the Ahranaian Nationalists came to power some of the Nobles of Ahrana fled to Gdańsk for safety and they were welcomed there, some even helped the society improve as well as boost the economy of the failing state. However it was not enough to keep the Socialists from coming to power.

Under the Socialists the People of the Northern Provinces of Dniester grew to despise the Ahranaians again out of the need to blame someone for the troubles the country was facing. Those in the Southern Provinces supported entering a union with Ahrana. This created the Civil War. The end of this war was a complete Socialist Victory. It would be many years before either nation would seek to form a relationship again. 

It was under the Second Kingdom when a dialoged was established again by a Labour Party Government for Ahrana between the Socialist Dniesterian Government. This was still highly opposed by the people in the north of Dniester, but the Government continued the dialogue.

Fast forward to present day, the current government of Dniester is of North Dniesterian People who believe Ahrana is the sole reason why the country has never been able to succeed at much. Since the fall of Socialism in Ahrana many of the exiled and banished Socialist and Communist Parties that were formed by or had association with Greggor Ivanoff have fled to Dniester for safe harbor. These people have turned to Terrorism and together with the Military of Dniester have started carrying out attacks on the Western Border of Ahrana. In essence these attacks have and are leaving cities crippled and the people if they have not died are left without a home and their history they have made.

Knowing its own history, Ahrana has sought peaceful ways to end these hostilities but to none avail they have not worked. Thanks to the Three Big Terrorist Attacks the Government will declare the Articles of War active and will meet Aggression with Aggression. No doubt that the aggression that will be seen in this War will remind the Dniesterian People of the might of the once Empire but also the might of the Ahrana of today. 

Wait isn't Ahrana giving weapons to the South?

Yes, and Yes and Yes. Yes we are! This is a way to engage the allies in the South, to give them a chance to fight for their country before the Ahranaians arrive and turn it into a full blood bath for the opposing forces and the Terrorists.

What will stop the Ahranaians from gaining the Empire once again?

Ahrana does not wish to re-establish the Empire of old with an Empire of New. Ahrana only seeks to create a peaceful and stable neighbor in North Dniester.

So even with all of the horrid History between the two peoples, the end result will be of a split Dniester, North and South? With a Northern Government set up and sponsored by the Government of Ahrana?

Yes, that is the plan. Well part of it. The main goal is to make the People of both North and South Dniester to see the corrupt "Socialist" Government that has stated they know what is best for their people. Ahrana is by no means suggesting it knows what is best, however what is being expressed is the will of the people over the few corrupt politicians. That is the main goal here! 


Well, this was fun, join me in a few days or so for my next explanation. Also! If there are some things that are unclear or you just want to know more, please ask me on Discord I will gladly talk with you!!!!!


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Hello all and sorry it has been a while since I have posted anything here, also this will be the last OOC Post for the Dniester-Ahranaian Conflict before I start the actual IC Thread on the forum.

The Ahranaian Government has already started to take steps towards activating the Articles of War which will be activated soon. Once that has happened the War will begin. Those who wanted to join in this RP well that will be your time to reach out to the Ahranaian Government and state you wish to help in the War or that you condemn the War or whatever. 

I plan for the War to last in RP time frame several months.

The War will start with precision missile attacks by the Southern Naval Fleet on the Capital City of Minsk in the South with the main goal being to capture the Capital and to begin pushing out from the Capital along with a Southeastern Push from another front to push the Dniester Government Forces North. The northern City which acts as the Second Capital from the former Divided Country of Dniester named, Tiraspol, will also be bombed by Precision Missiles by the Northern Naval Fleet (Main Naval Fleet). The Northern Fleet will perform this action at the same time the Southern Fleet Bombs the Main Capital of Minsk. The main goal of the bombing of the two large cities is to ware down and to kill as many Government Forces as possible. The risk of Civilian Casualties will be attempted to kept on the low, but it is a modern war and things do happen.

Once the Bombing has stopped in the Capital of Minsk troops will be sent in via the river that leads into the Capital and the battle to capture the capital will begin. the Southern Dniester Forces will be joining with the Ahranaian Forces to fight against the Republican Forces. In my mind the Republican Forces along with the Ahranaian Terrorist and the other Terrorist group, "The Circle", will do anything they can to stop the invading forces and the rebel forces. They will use whatever tactics they deem necessary including using children and women to make their points.

Once the Capital is secured the Forces will begin the push out of the Capital and will lock up with the Forces in the Southeast and push the Republican Forces North. The Ahranaian Airforce will conduct Bombing Campaigns on hostile Areas that are deemed low risk of civilian casualties. These Air Campaigns will continue till the end of the War. To those nations who are going to join the War I will need help with establishing a No-Fly Zone of the entire Airspace of Dniester which should give the Ahranaian forces control of the Airspace. Laser Guided Missiles of a series low quality will be in use by the Republican Forces against any Airplane that is in their range.

When the Republican Forces have been pushed into the Areial Bombardment Zone of the Northern Fleet, another set of Naval Bombardments will be started to bomb the Republican troops into submission and for an unconditional surrender. Ahrana will set the terms for the Republican Guard and will be responsible for rounding up anyone accused of War Crimes in this War and prosecuting them in the name of the Law. Plus, Ahrana will be setting up the Northern Dniesterian Government which will allow the continuation of the Communist Ideas that Dniester once held dear. 

During the entire duration of the War the Ahranaian Troops will be under the Control of the General of the Army, General Viktor Stebbins, with the Northern Naval Fleet reporting to the Admiral of the Northern Fleet, Admiral Victoria Stephenson, and the Southern Naval Fleet reporting to the Admiral of the Fleet, Admiral Sverre Thorsson. Both Admirals report to the First Sea Lord, Admiral Michael Thorvin of Moskiv. The Royal Airforce will report to the General-Colonel, Ivan Greggorivich. 

Once the War is over Ahrana will give a huge thank you to all of those who helped in the War, there will also be a Victory Parade in the Capital for all Armed Forces that Served.

If there are any questions now is the time to ask them before next Tuesday when the Main Thread is created.

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Good morning everyone, especially staff cause you guys will probably hate me, but I don't know. So, this RP has not been going to plan and I am struggling to get anything written for this War. I thought doing a War RP would help me branch out a little bit and give me some more RP Skill in that area, well that is not entirely happening.

I am not able to really get anything written for this RP beyond what I already have and it's not looking like it's going to progress anytime soon unfortunately. After long consideration and though I have landed here to see if it is possible to do the following:

Wipe the current RP Canon regarding Ahrana and Dniester mainly the war stuff and allow the RP to switch from a War RP to a Political RP instead.

I am much more able to do a Political RP or any other RP but a War RP, like I said War RPs are not the strong suite here for me.

Have I thought how this would work? Yes I have, but I do not want to procced unless Staff gives the approval to redo the RP and start from Scratch. I will not tag everyone from Staff just so the notifications are not crazy, so I await yalls opinion.

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