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V5 Map - Alharu Discussion

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Oh wow it's been a while, time to finally get this show on the road!
Pinging all relevant members: @Andalusia Francien, @Bahiristan, @Fulgistan, @Kahnikstan, @Kertosono, @Kharai, @Rhava, @San Castellino, @Hemahat, @Rhand, @Esonice, and @Cashar.
Even if you were not pinged, feel free to also join in the thread - especially if you have ideas for lore or solutions!

As part of the v5 Eurth Map Update, I am trying to reach out to all of the continents of Eurth (Aurelia/Thalassa/Alharu/Argis/Marenesia/Europa) in attempt to bring together the members of each continent to decide on any continent-wide changes.
As far as I am aware, these are the current discussions / issues with the continent that need to be confirmed / discussed:
1) Climate (primarily the Paran desert)
2) Discussion on who inhabits the Paran specifically
3) Ancient empires timeline and territories
4) Odd migration patterns within Alharu (how/why our East Asian nations are on both ends of the continent divided by desert)
5) New Culture Map
6) Incentives to joining Alharu

My opinions and ideas, just to get the ball rolling:-
1) Currently Alharu isn't all that enticing towards new members as it's predominantly desert and generic tropical savannah (left), thus I have come up with a more climatically interesting Alharu, maintaining the Paran desert to the west for our sand-loving nations of Cashar/Rhand/Hemahat, but expanding the tropical rainforest and tropical monsoon climates as well as expanding our Mediterranean climate region. This is just a draft as the climates from pre-existing members haven't been super-imposed onto the new version yet, but I feel as though it's a good starting point.

unknown.png         unknown.png

4) The odd placement of cultures could perhaps be explained by the Paran going through phases of being a desert and being a massive savannah plateau allowing for certain groups to inhabit the Savannah (such as the Japonic) in the past and other groups inhabiting the desert in the present.

6) Alharu is a big continent, and just this next update 2 members of Alharu are being removed and 1 becoming an NPC. Clearly Alharu is falling behind on activity compared to the other continents (the Detroit of Eurth one might say :P). A discussion on new incentives for members to come to Alharu, even with the member caps elsewhere, may be in order.

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Honestly, the climate going from desert to savanna-ish through phases sounds like a very interesting way to implement (I think that's the right word) the migration of cultures. It is historically sound to, considering how climate refugees from the Sahara in the OTL caused migrations to the Nile and such. I approve of it.

Otherwise, I have no problems with the current suggested changes. Though it is kinda sad to see the America-shaped Paran desert gone.

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Not entirely sure if this counts as grave digging, but since I am in the process of writing my nation's history, I wanted to bring up the Central Paranic nomads. 

Both me and @Rhand mention the existence of Central Paranic Nomads who migrated to the Southeast Alharu around 1900~ BCE. My original plan was actually not for them to be some form of Afro-Asiatic, but rather some other form of Nomadic culture (Turkic, Mongolian, maybe Navajo if we're feeling spicy), who integrated with local West Paranic People - who were either Afro-Asiatic already or became so through interactions with Ketek/other peoples.

Seeing how I was given a rather generous window of opportunity to mention this idea - I do not wish to impose upon my fellow Alharans. However, I still feel like this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

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Full approval from my end geographically and geometrically speaking.

When it comes to ethnicity, I am fully willing to adjust my (currently unfinished) history if need be, for the record. Here's to Alharu (hopefully) becoming more than the sand dumpster!

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Just putting this here in case it's needed (doubt it will be as the rework seems amazing) but if you ever need a generic/boring filler nation to help fill the player void which is currently Alharu, then I'd be more than happy to use my experience with !nativeamerican nations to manage an NPC in the continent. Obviously this would be totally unaffiliated with Zaxar (unless lore requires an Aurelian colonizer ;)) but I could make a basic wiki/lore with diplomatic rp posts as required to keep Alharuns engaged until they have more human neighbors.

Again this is just a spontaneous idea that came to me but if you (staff or alharuns) ever decide you'd like me there then you know how to reach me...

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