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Map Application: Fubukinotochi

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This flag may be changed at a future date

  • Nation Name: Fubukinotochi, Fubukino for short.
  • Capital: Akaiyama
  • Stats: Pop 1 - GDP 2 - Land 1
  • Culture: Three notable cultures have influenced the nation: The Volsci, the Kuzeyden (Turkish, or some other Turkic if necessary), and the Fubukino (Japonic of Ide Jima), of which they are a plurality.
  • Climate and geography: Mountainous polar tundra
  • More Information:FubukinoClaim.png
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Hello totally new newcomer, it appears you haven't done the RP extract and front desk so I can't accept your map submission ;).

Joking aside, everything seems to be in order, and you've pre-measured your area and have spoken to @Tagmatium Rules about this placement already. All in all there's not much to say though your nation will be very wide and thin which may pose some issues of realism, however as someone who's been on Eurth for a while I have no doubts you will figure out a sensible reason for Fubukino's shape.

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