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Vision Statement: Fubukinotochi

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I think by now it has been rather clear that I just could no longer move along with Oyussa enthusiastically and have been spinning my wheels for quite some time. The heart just hasn't been there. Oyussa was a failed experiment in which I attempted to take 'perfection' and make it fun and truthfully it just was too steep a hill for me and too far out of my comfort zone. As such, I decided to return to a cmmon theme I usually go with and I am sure will earn me some eyerolls. In every iteration of a nation like I will be putting forward I try my best to do something different than before - learn from previous mistakes made in order to make it more interesting.

My intent is to land myself in Europa. Why? Because Argis is pretty much full and only the northern hemisphere really has polar/tundra climate real estate. More on that in the map request, here.

And now for the vision statement. Note: This is an initial draft and imagining and as scrutiny is afforded revisions will be made in order to be in line with my vision and the regional lore.

Vision Statement

Past (Dates and other aspects Subject to Change)

Note: This is a very rough draft of the past history and will likely be more refined as I discuss with neighbors the lore of the region and meshing in with it.

Fubukino previously was more sparsely populated by the Kuzeyden and a sizeable portion of Volsci in the vast Kuzeyeri Federation, its capital then known as Kürkalesi, lost to time and ruin. In the late 18th century, an uptick in growth would begin with the resettlement of Ide Jimans that were not so tolerated for their more different culture, even if they were themselves Ide Jiman. The Kuzeyeri Federation had long been a nation stuck in the past and subjugated by the neighboring Volsci throughout history, which proved to be no exception when the Fubukino would eventually arrive. Though after some 50 years the settlements ceased, they were so abundant that by this time reproduction aided the Fubukino in being of equal in numbers as their indigenous neighbors. It is believed that were it not for the vocal minority of Volsci natvists in the Federation, history would have been far different. The Volsci nativists argued that the settlement of their lands by the Fubukino was an encroachment upon their territory and that the federation was failing to put a stop to.

Whilst the nativsts were always a minority, their warnings were a self fulfilled prophecy as tensions rose between the two groups and eventually conflict broke out in the First Fubukino Civil War which lasted for the duration of three years. In 1852, Momoka Kono, a prominent Fubukino, was assassinated by a politically well connected Volsci nativist extremist who proclaimed Kono to be the first of many victims. Leaders of Fubukino communities voiced their displeasure demanding action be taken only to be met with a cold shoulder and silence at first by Volsci elites. The Federation's eventual attempt to do something quickly stalled as Volsci nativists blocked the path to reprehension. The back and forth over time with several more assassinations proved too much as three months later from the inciting incident, a scuffle to suppress rioting in present day Akaiyama turned deadly and changed the future of Kuzeyeri. The low morale of the military due to under funding and lackluster training set back what could have been a brief conflict between the two sides since Fubukino communities were more divided by taking action. Historians believe that the strife could have been snuffed out in a couple months ended up protracted to nearly a decade. With the cessation of conflict, it was initially a victory for the future of both sides, despite the costly toll. Federation officials, many of whom were Kuzeyden, fought to return peace to the nation and equity. But in the long term the impact of the war only further stirred tensions between the two groups.

In the following years, Volsci looked down upon the Fubukino for causing such a ruckus and subjugated them with harsher taxes and scrutinizing Fubukino merchants and their commerce. Oppressive policies like frisking at random Fubukino and overlooked crime in which Fubukino were victims began to stir up tensions further many decades later. In 1932, in a poor call made by an officer in charge of an off duty garrison that went to see a Volsci pianist play, several Fubukino were fired upon. It came at the conclusion of the pianist's set, where he proclaimed his disdain for the disruptions made by the Fubukino and stood by his Volsci kind. As they jeered at him, the officer ordered that they be removed and arrested from the venue until spat upon. As it enraged him, he revised his orders to kill anyone who dared defied them in any manner. By this point, Fubukino armed groups had formed after the fallout of the first civil conflict. The conflict would be far more brief as they were in a stalemate from the beginning, with little movement. As the war crept towards a third year, Kuzeyden officials stepped in mediation between the two sides and brought the conflict to a ceasefire. 

In 1947, the script would be flipped on the entire Federation. As many veterans in support of the Volsci departed the military while many new Fubukino rose in the military, Major Yasu Kobayashi successfully carried out a coup of the government and deposed the Kuzeyden while imprisoning the Volsci. What was first meant to be a provisional military junta eventually evolved into the legalization of the military's authority as the governing entity of the rechristened nation of Fubukinotochi. Kobayashi took little time to subject the Volsci to their own tactics and piled upon them even more. Since 1947, Fubukino has been under the control of the Fubukino. Since gaining control of the nation, there were remakrable changes that were made. Many Volsci have disappeared over the decades and some believe that there was a quiet program to cleanse them given the stark decrease over time. It is unknown, if that program did exist, how long it lasted.


Fubukino, more formally known as the Fubukinotochi Stratocracy, is a purely military nation in which the military is the government and runs the entirety of the nation. Conscription is mandatory, most are enlisted as reserves while some are submitted to a lottery for active service. Volunteers, while rare, can step in for someone that draws the short stick.

The military is rather liberal in some respects and very conservative in others. Light recreational drugs are permitted as well as prostitution, however abortion is outlawed and the government has begun mandating couples, married or not, to bear two children. Fubukino lacks a fair trial system being run by military administrators, not true judges, which it has received criticism for. Speech is restricted if promoting sedition and press is purely state run. Torture is not unseen and public executions are accepted. Privacy is iffy, with CCTV cameras and public speakers posted everywhere. While privacy is recognized and a warrant is necessary to search premises, they are not necessarily difficult to obtain.

While officially speaking, slavery is illegal, it said that Volsci are often turned a blind eye to by the Stratocracy alongside the Kuzeyden minority group that were indigenous to Fubukino before the !Japonic migration. Discrimination while illegal is a major issue at hand especially with the Volsci who, once more, are often turned a blind eye to by the Stratocracy. It is lesser so with the Kuzeyden. Fubukino has been accused of “off hands ethnic cleansing” due to their lack of intervention and enforcement of anti-discrimination for the Volsci.

The Fubukino historically migrated from an area of/near Ide Jima. Many felt ostracized by the discrimination hurled at them.


I personally hope to establish Fubukino as a respectable regional power that could hold its own and pushes its borders to the south slightly. Most of what Fubukino will ever hold will be claimed from the get go. In addition, economic improvement will be a focus. Most of all, however, is the ability to be able to RP in a different way and write character focused stories as opposed to more broad higher level ones. I hope that this will be an opportunity to, thoughtfully, challenge the Wurld on its stance of Fubukino and its actions towards neighbors and its own whether the story crafted be a success or utter failure for my nation. Additionally, it would also focus on the harsh reality of living within a nation that rules by fist and might with ethnic strife issues.


  • Population: 1(28,736,211)
  • GDP: 2 ($18,687)
  • Land: 1 (250,000km2 ~)
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