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[Academy RP] Seshej Sesh recording, 0230 August 8th, 2021 number 186.01

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Atenhotep, a Seshen-Mesha (Scribe to Warriors [army administrator]) is sitting at his desk, finishing his intelligence report to the local Khatey-a (the local governor), when Colonel Sanefer, one of the senior Mesha commanders entered his office angrily.

“What is the meaning of this!” 

He holds a sheet of jade paper and starts to read it:

“By the command of the Seshej Ma’at, in the name of Ankenaten XXVII Sa-Aten, the Grenadier Battalion of the 18th Infantry Regiment is activated to support Operation Arakh. The Battalion is to proceed with all reasonable haste to the Destroyer Kha-Aten for transport to Ankhet-H'pi, and further deployment into the the province of Deshmet. Ignore this order at your peril.”

Atenhotep sighed as the Colonel bulled his way through the formal activation order, he couldn’t be stupid enough to think it wasn’t coming. The rest of the Regiment was already assigned on to other duties, and Operation Arakh was the Faithful’s best hope of re-establishing the primacy of the Atenist state over the apostate Ketek states?

“Based on your incredulous tone, this order is unexpected?”

He allowed his sentence to trail off, questioningly.

“Of course it is expected! Although I was under the impression that the Neswet-Bejtew issued orders to the Mesha, not the Seshej Ma’at.”

Atenhotep sighed inwardly. For a group so focused on new technology, the Mesha Caste is surprisingly regressive and stiff-necked. 

“The Neswet-Bejtew can’t be asked to sign off on the movement of every individual Battalion in his Army. In addition, it is the prerogative of the Seshej Ma’at to make those decisions,  as you well kno-”

"That interpretation of the law isn't accepted by the Per-Mesha, and you know it!"

"I thought that the Mesha served the Per-A, not the Per-Mesha?"

Edited by Caliph Tariq al Hejaz
completing (not finished) (see edit history)
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