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Okanogan desides to be seen

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The Armed Republic of Okanogan request to be recon with. We are union of tribes that are evoking, changing, Are Spirituality Beliefs are more varied on free choice. we are open to commerce, have update public transportation. we have a verygood economy and of course a strong military. We are one of the best Educated peopke and crime is very low. We are one of the safest Nations. The

Income Tax Rate is very high because the Government provides for the needs of there people. We are a very grow nation.

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Great to see you're involving your nation in Europa. So don't think I'm having a go at you, but you really should read the Rules concerning the Map. You need to have five posts before you can have a map spot. I think this is to stop nations taking a place and not being active in the community.


It's no big deal. Just ask Byzantium Nova which map spot you want in This Thread. That'll be your fifth post and all will be good.

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