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Thịnh Vượng Của Quốc Dân Đảng Tuyên Bố Tham Gia Cuộc Tổng Tuyển Cử Để "Thay Đổi Bầu Không Khí Chính Trị"


The People's National Prosperity Party Announced Their Participation In The General Election To "Change The Political Atmosphere"


Party leader of the People's National Prosperity Party, Nguyễn Công Đình, recently announced publicly on television that he would be running for the President position, as for the Party as a whole, they would be participating in the legislative election as well. The Party launched multiple campaigns via television and social media, raising awareness of the current government and how the PNPP would solve the problems currently ridden in the country.


In a series of political ads on television, Nguyễn Công Đình stated the Party's intent and goals if they won the general election:

  • Wealth redistribution to revive the Ngocluatian economy and empower the middle class
  • Tax breaks for corporations willing to raise wages
  • Advance administrative reforms to facilitate digitalization
  • Massive investment in science and technology and funds for university research
  • Securing robust supply chains for critical materials, such as rare Eurth
  • Raising the minimum wages
  • Universal access to free education from preschool to university
  • Expanding public support for housing, education, health care, nurseries, and elderly care


The Party ads seem to be effective as opinion polls showed that more and more people support the Party due to its aims to improve the country and people's wellbeing. Nguyễn Công Đình is also experiencing a boost thanks to his massive presence in social media and his participation in his Party political ad. State-run television network, NLTV, initially praised the Party for its goals but criticized its way to promote their campaigns. But independent news outlets and politicians commend the Party and their political beliefs and views.


Several other parties also announced their endorsement for the PNPP. Lâm Bá Khải, leader of the Populist Conservative Party (Dân Túy Bảo Thủ Đảng), commented that the Party would "be a prominent opposition against the dominating Nationalist People's Party" and it might "win and transit Ngoc Luat into a new era." Nguyễn Khí Công, secretary of the Democratic Party for the People (Đảng Dân Chủ Cho Nhân Dân), remarked that the Party can "be the new face of Ngoc Luat."


On other news:


  • Bắc Hà Province experiencing mudflow, the governor said: "recovery will come soon and quick."
  • Ngocluatian e-newspaper eclipsing traditional newspapers.
  • Equality in education and the workplace, a problem yet to be solved!
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