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Office for Foreign Affairs of the State of Aurivizh

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Hollek Embannadur dre al Burev Evit Diplomatiezh (al Saozneg Aurivizh)

General Publication by the Office for Foreigh Affairs (of the State of Aurivizh)

Dated the Twenty-Third of March, 2022

With the annual visit between Aurivizh and Bouenezenn coming to a close, the Office for Defence of both countries have announced that, starting from the first of Ebrel (1-04-2022), the Armeoù Unanet a Aurivizh (AUA, United Armed Forces of Aurivizh) will increase its deployment from 400 soldiers up to 2,500 on the island. The increase from a Batallion to a Brigade has come in light of increased Ebrarian Agression on the border of Aurivizh, and near the demilitarised zone on the border between the Seperatist region of Insmerda and Bouenezenn. Together with the increase of troops stationed, the Offshore Patrol Vessel NMG Besamiral Karanteg Lagadec will be stationed at the naval port of Berined.



Sulien Mézec, Pennoù a Burev evit Diplomatiezh a Saozneg Aurivizh.


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Date: 24th of March, 2022

To: His Excellency, Sulien Mézec, Pennoù a Burev evit Diplomatiezh a Saozneg Aurivizh @Aurivizh

From: Eduard Blanco, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republica Christian de Ebraria

Ebrary views the increased Aurivizht troop build-up on the island of Insmerda as a provocation which goes against continued peace and cooperation in the region. We deny all allegations of provocation, as we are acting purely defensively in our actions in both Ebrary and in conjunction with our ally the Ebrarian State of Insmerda. This government feels the need to remind the government of Aurivizh of the agreements brokered after the deadly war between our two countries in 1977 and 1978. A repeat of such a conflict must be avoided, but the Ebrarian government will not sit idly by as we are accused of provocations and as our region becomes more militarized.

The Ebrarian government is prepared to take such actions as necessary, and in conjunction with our Insmerdan allies, to secure the territorial integrity of the Ebrarian State of Insmerda. We will begin by sincerely requesting the withdrawal of troops to former levels. We also declare that we are open to talks, mediated by a distinguished international third party, which may lead to the draw-down of troop deployments both on the isle of Insmerda as well as on the Ebraro-Aurivizht border. No such talks will be entered into by the Ebrarian government lightly. Otherwise, the Ebrarian government is in talks with our Insmerdan allies to respond in-kind to troop buildups in a purely defensive manner.

We wish peace and safety upon the Aurivizht people and all the people on the island of Insmerda. We endeavor for peaceful coexistence with all of our Christian brethren. It is a shame that ethnic division and irredentist propaganda is being promoted whilst pagan powers continue to threaten Christendom.

With Christian Love,

Eduard Blanco
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Republica Christian de Ebraria

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