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Lusuviyan Government Explanation on themselves.

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Broadcast from Federal Diet research and education department - Вісілатью з федеральні сїемю відділ освіті та наук

Attention all citizens of Lusuviya, the Federal government of Lusuviya has always had education of our population as one of the most important goals and tasks of the Lusuviyi government. For this reason we find it necessary to publish this new chart describing the function of our electoral system to help our citizens be more informed. 


As the first part of this educational look on our government we shall start with the most important part of our government, you! According to the Lusuviyi constitution the Population of Lusuviya is legally considered a branch of the government and hence has the right to veto laws passed by the national government or propose amendments by national referendum and any citizen of voting age (above 18 years of age) has the write to propose legislation to his or her government from the local to federal level. While various Sichs operate slightly differently and with varying degrees of regional devolution we will focus on the Federal government and encourage the individual Sichs and Krais to post their own similar educational looks at their electoral processes.


The Rada of Lusuviya

The Budyonok

The Budyonok is the first level of the Rada of Lusuviya where 201 delegates with each seat dedicated to .5% of the population being granted to the political parties in Lusuviya in elections that occur every 4 years with the final seat being granted to nonpartisan candidate expected to represent the wishes of Lusuviyans living abroad and those unable to vote for whatever reason.

The Sich Assembly 

In the same election there are local Sich elections where each Sich and Krai send 3 delegates except for traditional "3rd Sichs" which only send one delegate. After bills are passed in the Budyonok they must also go through the Sich Assembly to be approved by the Federal Diet. The Sich Assembly is an important part to recognize the importance of regional representation in our government.

The Prime Minister

Following the Rada elections both parties conduct a Rada wide vote to elect the Prime Minister of Lusuviya typically the leader of whatever party is decided to lead the Rada coalition. The Prime MInister has many responsibilities representing the head of the legislative wing of the Lusuviyan government and the PM also acts as the 9th tiebreaking vote in the Federal Diet. The Prime Minister is also the one who officially passes laws from the Rada to the Diet and approves Federal Judges along with the Federal Diet head of Justice and Police. The Prime Minister also technically acts as the secondary diet member.

The Federal Diet of Lusuviya

Where many other countries would just have the executive body rest in the hands of one man or woman Lusuviya has it in the hands of a council made up of 8 members + the Prime Minister. Members of the Federal Diet serve for 4 years and each year 1 or 2 of them are up for election with Federal Diet elections taking place in January. The Diet will appoint the Vice President who presides over the Rada with the Prime Minister and will serve for 1 year taking up the position of President the next year from among their own ranks. Every President and Vice President is also a member of the Federal Diet. The President merely acts as the face of the Diet and is unable to take any executive actions without the consent of the Diet and the President may be removed by popular referendum due to incompetence or corruption at any time with the exception of a national emergency to maintain stability. At the end of a Diet Member's term their personal assets are audited and investigated for any fraud or suspicious activities of any kind with punishments for abuse of the office ranging all the way to prison and lifetime disbarment from political life if caught engaging in corruption. This is to prevent any misuse of the office of a Federal Diet member. Each member of the Diet is also empowered to create their own cabinet to run functions under their Diet department to ensure a smooth and efficient system in Lusuviya.

From the Federal Diet Department of Education and Research head The Honorable Sara Florkovsko we thank you for taking the time to read this and hope you have found it informative to carry on our rich tradition of Liberty and Brotherhood.

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