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[Vision Statement]The Unity of Velkalza

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Name: Free Kingdom of Velkalza


Velkarza is a constitutional monarchy and mixed economy nation with a long history of isolation, bloodshed, religious wars, and revolutions. First formed during the early medieval ages by tribes and clan ran citystates unifying against crusading invaders, and during the medieval ages held a mass empire which formed many trade routes and held territory on the mainland and far islands alike. However Velkarza fell out of favor, becoming weak and smaller during the colonial period, and had been conquered several times, though during the 1850s held a revolution to finally restore the old Unity of Velkalza, restoring the old monarchy for mainly cultural purposes while an elected official known as the Supreme Minister serves as Head of State. For the past 70 years however it has been seeking out big finance growth as it sought out trade deals and trade pacts with all sorts of nations regardless of political ideology, using it’s non-alignment policy to strike deals with capitalists and communists alike. However, within recent decades Velkalza has shown signs of desiring to obtain their former glory instead of just attempting to be a trade empire, and possibly set itself back onto the wurld stage as it had during the medieval ages.

Velkalza is known for it’s notorious night and beach life, gorgeous countryside and country life, drinking culture, large cultural and religious festivals, and many cultural delicacies along with sauces and baked goods. One signature part of Velkalzan culture is the BBQ, hosting massive BBQs is seen as an essential part of Velkalzan society. The country is also notorious for it’s production of apples and famous apple orchards, many Velkalzans even drinking cider in place of beer or rum.


Velkalza is known best for it’s deep temperate woodlands/hilled forests, though it is very notorious for it's high mountains as well as some grassland and swampland, very much like the appalachia/US east coast. 


Velkalza’s biggest contributors are mining, technology, entertainment, manufacturing, agriculture, lumber, and fishing. It’s exports are hardware, civilian/industrial technology, seafood and livestock, crops, luxury furniture, copper, iron, medical supplies, and jewelry. Meanwhile, it’s biggest imports are oil, automobiles, spices, consumer goods, alcohol, dairy products, and building materials. In terms of economic system Velkalza is capitalist, having come to brace a more capitalist system due to it's partnerships and ties formed after the wurld's equivalent to ww2. However this is more regulated capitalism as the government ensures environmental and other eco-protections, in tern also giving rise to a new found tourist industry. 


The Government of Velkalza is a constitutional monarchy with a High King royal family for cultural reasons while an elected official named the Supreme Minister olds the title Head of State. The other houses of government are the house of representatives, the supreme court, and the senate. The senate is where the political parties vote on bills and hold debate, where as the house of representatives are for non-party aligned representatives from each province to review bills and vote on them After the senate and house of representatives then it goes to the supreme court where officials of political parties and nonaffiliated to both vote on the final decision.


My vision is that the country has a history of staying neutral since it’s revolution during the 1850s that sought the slaughter of the Velkalzan clans and creation of the democratic government after the deal was signed with the royal family with the coalition of political parties, however, long before held a substantial empire during the medieval ages. Now that the gdp is rising more than ever before and business is rising in the country due to its increasing manufacturing mining tourist and agriculture industries, and ever rising entertainment industry, new struggles emerge as visions for the country’s future among the populace begin to diverse more and more as the country becomes more integrated with the outside wurld, and a more tense struggle between the countries political parties emerged. This may give rise to new political parties that may become of interest to specific factions. While all this goes on a dangerous but historical cult known as the Vokkus cult has started to terrorize it's various religious communities within the country via late night abductions to ransoming hostages and live sacrifices, thus the government has launched a full crackdown and the cult lead by the Velkalzan Defense Army.


Pop: Medium (24 Million))

GDP: High (( 17,500))

Land Area: Medium ((207,000))


Nation Objectives

To become more financially stronger and grow the nation’s economy to unseen levels.

To avoid escalation of tensions between political parties and other factions.

To obtain stronger ties with foreign nations and create beneficial alliances.

To modernize it’s railway systems and advance it to become one of the best in the wurld.

To preserve the country’s natural beauty and landscape while increasing it’s industrial and mining sectors.

To modernize its military and grow it too much stronger levels.

To increase funding for education and infrastructure.  

To eradicate the Vokkus cult once and for all.

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