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Velaheria in Baltica???

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27th February, 2022, Near the Vertia international airport, Velaheria.

Reports of ethinic tensions in the @Baltica region, had arrived to the government only a couple of hours, after the situation detoriated, with the Velaherian revolutionary council seeming very keen on the developing situation in the nation. With an special meeting being held in the supreme people's assembly regarding the baltican civil war, with the decision being made that velaheria would send military support to the Republic of Doketsva, along with advisors from the 3rd mechanized brigade, to aid the dolchs in the army and the legal succesor of Mr. Algridas, to gain stability and control over the entirity of baltica. 

However, first the Velaherian ministry of external affairs had to establish connections with the elites of the Ethinic dolchic group, which in itself would prove to be a difficult task, keeping in mind that the dolchs are near absolutely hated by the velaherians and that, Baltica and Velaheria never had good relations to speak of, though war changes many things, with or without one's knowledge.

Elisa Von Humburg, an diplomat of the Ministry of external affairs, was chosen to enter into negotiations with the dolchic regime in visagris, mostly due to her connections with the upper eschalanse of the velaherian political elite, A student of science, Elisa never really wanted to take on this job, but her circumstances forced her to do so, as jobs are handed by the state and not by the people themselves. She had no interest in diplomatic negotiations and sqabble but in the scientific curiosities of life. Anyhow she took her job and actually performed decently, in this job of her's. 

Now coming to the present, she had no idea that she would be sent to the dolchic capital of visagris to seek dialogue with algridas's son, and only came to know about it when she received a mail from the ministry of external affairs to get ready to board the flight to baltica, that would land in visagris in the next day, i.e on the 28th. She had no choice but to accept, maybe this if handled properly could have some charm on her career, later on she boarded the plane, from the vertian international airport, and the aircraft took its flight to the baltican airspace, meanwhile she just enjoyed reading books and playing on her gaming platform that she had, bought from the illegal market, at a small age, by her parents, who are also from the elite class of velaherians, thus she had no issue receiving one, for now though she just concentrated on her game.


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