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Changes to Fina

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Since Baltica joined in the spot I had originally planned to put my NPC of Rankar, I realized I was basing too much of my history, and my own nation in general, off of an NPC which was only a concept. Rather than move the NPC and continue with my current nation concept with said NPC minority in my country, I've decided to ditch it entirely, especially in light of the recent situation in Ukraine, which I was somewhat basing my own relationship with my NPC concept on. That being said, I still want to have some NPCs near me, especially since opportunities to gain new neighbors will be decreasing. I'm going to detail those NPCs later in this message.

Map Changes
I will be switching Fina's stats to 0-4-0; 0 points in population, 4 points in economy, and 0 points in land area. I haven't yet decided what the specific statistics would look like for each of these categories, just that I want each statistic to be within the stat range. This change better reflects my original concept of Fina as a developed country, rather than the concept I was originally building as a more economically developing post-Soviet type state. This also aligns Fina closer with the real life Nordic countries, which I suppose I will be switching towards now under my new changes. However, I'm not sure how this economic change might make sense within my history, being a communist state for the better part of the 20th century, and I don't want to change this unless absolutely necessary, as this was a part of the history of my original concept of Fina and I'm trying to stay true to it as much as possible. If there's any realistic way Fina could have transitioned from a communist state to an economically developed capitalist state, I'd like to hear it.

Another minor change I'd like to add quickly is that I'd like the areas of coastal Fina to be more temperate if/when the climate map might be updated, because something something lakes or something like that, I'm not a climate expert (but if there's an actual reason why this could happen I'd also like to hear it to help actually justify these areas being warmer than the rest of Fina). The reason why I'm doing this is just to make these areas where my population will be concentrated a bit more habitable.


As for how the new Fina would look, I'm going to be downsizing to the new borders in the above map. Now, I'm not sure if these new borders fit within the maximum requirement for the 0 land area stat, I've really only guesstimated it, since I've had to resort to using my school laptop for this stuff while my own laptop is busted, and I can't measure it up in Google Eurth Pro. If necessary, I'll slim down the size of the new Fina to something which fits within the 0 stat max size. 

You'll also notice that I'm not alone within my own old borders. These are the new NPCs I'd be placing in these areas would be the Federation of the Gränsländerna, the Free City of Obbola, and Drakön. Now, just to be clear, I'm not requesting these to be placed on the map (yet), I just want these NPC ideas I have to be out there, instead of just some ideas to be floating around in my head and the occasional discord message which could easily be lost. I also wanted these NPCs to be a lot more flexible than my previous NPC(s) of the Rankar states. By this, I mean that if something popped into existence before I could actually solidify these NPCs in an official claim and took up part of their lands, I could just take my NPCs and push them somewhere else. They don't have to be within my old borders, they're just there because I won't be conflicting with someone else's plans like I was with Rankar since these lands are mine all the way up until I post this message. And like I already feel like I've said a million times already, I'd like some feedback on whether these NPCs make sense or not. All my ideas are kind of vague and cluttered right now and I'd much appreciate if you guys can help out on clearing things up.

Here's a short summary for each NPC:

  • Gränsländerna: Quick note, I'm not sure if Gränsländerna is the right name for Anglish, this country might be called "the Gränsländs" in Anglish a la "the Netherlands", I'm honestly not sure. That aside, Gränsländerna, which literally just means "Border Countries", would be the more rural lands of the old Fina. It's kind of a thrown-together place, not only because I was lazy and threw all the land between Fina and Drakön into a single nation, but because it would be designed like this, as a bit of a buffer state between the two opposing sides that drove the split of Fina into three (soon to be four) new countries. If I'm being honest, I'm planning on Gränsländerna to be a future expansion plot for me, where the governments of both nations have generally been opposed to unification, however more recently both have become less opposed to the idea and even pushed for it on some occasions. (Bonus: Flag)
  • Drakön: Drakön's opposition to rule by Fina lead to the split of Fina into separate nations. The two countries have very tense relations, which I plan on being a centerpoint for future RP for me whenever I can get my NPCs approved. Both would battle for influence in Gränsländerna, with Drakön funding anti-unification groups and Lami separatists. Drakön would be under a de facto autocratic government, possible even under a new communist government regime or something more radical which Fina would strongly condemn. This would be the rival enemy country of Fina. (Bonus: Flag)
  • Obbola: The Free City of Obbola would be a city-state which declared independence from Drakön after the division of Fina due to its closer ties to Fina. This would spark war between Fina and Drakön over control of the city, ending in a stalemate at the wall of Obbola which once protected the city in older times. The government of Drakön sees Obbola as a Finan occupation of Drakönic/Drakönan (haven't decided on a demonym) lands. Obbola's economy is very strong due to natural gas and oil exports, much like Fina, and its connections with Fina. This leads to a stark contrast between Obbola and Drakön, which has a much weaker economy and is poorer than Obbola. Obbola drives tension between Drakön and Fina and may lead to more conflict between the two in the future. (Bonus: Flag)

That's about it really. Once again I'd like some feedback on all this. Thanks in advance for reading, and adiós until next time.

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