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Expansion Baltica

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Seeing as my civil war has begun, I want to publish an expansion ive had long in the works. With this I plan to move my border up to the higher altitude areas of the West, mostly to both make my nation more defensible from the west flank (This will be elaborated later on) and also getting some much more temperate lands to the South.  This is a modern, not past expansion, mainly because I dont want to have to change the History that I have already written for Baltica. 


The following expansion is a result of the current Dolch Nationalist uprising in Southern Baltica. To secure their Western flank, the Dolch decided to invade the Republic that was within the Unclaimed territories and was officially unrecognized by Baltica and the rest of Argis. This Republic, officially known as the Republic of Hegoland was a somewhat poor and landlocked nation to the West of Baltica. It suffered from extreme corruption and income inequality, and was very unstable. It was primarily inhabited by Dolch in the South, most of whom came from Baltica, whilst the North had a very small Ras minority. When the Dolch finally pushed south and recaptured the province of Govir, they realised that their Western Flank was comprised of mostly flat plains, which made it easy for the Raskians to transport large quantities of troops into the Area. Hegoland had a very small military, and Jonas Banis alongside his ambassadors made it clear that they wanted the territories of Hegoland to become incorporated into the new state of Dokestva. The government refused, and a large force, mainly comprised of troops that were fighting in the South, entered Hegoland and captured its capital. The government fled to its Northern regions, where they pleaded for help from the Raskians. The Sveaja agreement was signed by Raskia and Hugoland, and would result in the former Northern Territories of Hugoland being incorporated into the Federation of Raskia, mostly for protection from the Southern Dolch.

As a result of the annexation, Baltica (As a whole) grew by 3 million but only grew by 20 Billion economically. Besides the population, Hugoland contained yet more lands, some of which were much more temperate than the rest of Baltica, and the Dolch hope that the territory can become the new breadbasket of their nation. The territory has almost no natural resources, besides the possible prospects of Lithium deposits along the highlands of central Hugoland. 

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Everything here seems to be in order, you meet all the requirements for an expansion and it makes general logical sense (a civil war spilling over into an equally corrupt and unstable regime). As it's just being used for expansion the land will be put under a Reserved Territory.

I will assume (from our talks on Discord and this application itself) your civil war thread will also be your expansion thread.

All that's required is consent from your neighbours @Transbaltia and @Ahrana who border the expansion. They'll both be given a week to provide consent.

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So I am not sure why this didn't come to my attention until now but, oh well I suppose. I am sorry this is only coming just now. Unfortunately, as this expansion pitch exists, it will not stand and be permitted. I don't see how this would make much sense - if it can or should then there is something missing helping me reach that conclusion. Here  is where I take issue:

  1. Expanding in the middle of an internal conflict - I am just not seeing how in the middle of all this madness that is an internal conflict, how a given state would be able to expand. With all the crap being thrown around in an internal conflict, I fail to see how anyone would benefit trying to manage more territory unrelated to the conflict. Even if we want to state total incompetence of the military command pushing this, it just would be very unnecessary and unfathomable.
  2. Level of effort - Most, if not all expansions should be well developed and their own story in their own right. If this were to be apart of the Second Baltican Civil War, I would only see it stand if it were a separate thread in which it would span more than a mere three posts within the existing civil war thread. Even if this were a pushover nation, it would take far more than just a simple military maneuver or two for this to be effectively annexed and yours.
  3. Unrecognized republic - The presumption that Argic or other wurld nations would not have recognized the republic is quite the claim, and just not going to stand. That sort of is writing for others lore in that respect.

For those reasons, among others, I am personally rejecting this expansion. I recommend you revisit this after your civil war comes to a conclusion. If you truly feel you can make a well constructed argument for it to be apart of the civil war in some fashion, by all means take a one and only shot. However, I would say you are better off simply focusing on your civil war and revisiting this afterwards once the tensions have died down and there is some recuperation. Integrating an already unstable state into a larger stage of chaos or post-war state that is fragile wouldn't really work so well.

Expansions have high expectations in their own right and the amount of effort to meet what would be considered satisfactory would be a lot while you are preoccupied (OOC) with a multi nation thread you are driving. Not to mention, for what reward you would reap, it would be minuscule while the expectation would remain the same. This should be not only its own thread and own story, it should not be attached or apart of the larger civil war narrative being played out and would be better suited as a post-war journey to embark on.

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