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Zaxar-Fulgistan Trade Negotiations

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To: Bei Liuding Secretary for Commerce of the Workers Republic of @Fulgistan

From: the Imperial Zaxar Ministry of Trade and Commerce


Greeting secretary,

I will do my best to make this brief as I value your time and my own. It has come to the attention of senior Zaxari leadership that your nation, the great Workers Republic, has large industries comprising of coal, oil, construction equipment, and container ships. While we had known for some time of the large energy exports of your nation, rival in many ways to our own green energy unfortunately, we were unaware of your other industries. We feel that these industries could greatly benefit the Zaxari peoples and the nation as a whole. We also feel that your nation could benefit greatly from many of our own industries, the foremost of which is our famed lithium sector. While your fossil fuel reserves are great they will eventually deplete as all things will and your nation would thank you for having prepared with green energy in advance I would think. Lithium is not the only thing Zaxar is willing to offer however, as our up and coming pharmaceuticals industry could be of great interest to your medical sector while the Zaxari aquaculture and agriculture sectors could put new and unique foods on the tables of Fulgistanis to be eaten whilst enjoying a glass of fine Zaxar Cidre de Glace. Both of our nations stand only to gain from our collaberation.

This is a great opportunity for our nations to expand our relations and further cooperation across our continents. The New Wurld is the holder of great riches but we can only hope to avoid their exploitation by foreign powers through cooperation amongst ourselves.


May the ancestors guide your decision, we await your response


Oiguina Escoffier

Minister of Trade and Commerce

of the

Empire of Greater Zaxar

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