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Road to UENA Wurld Cup 2022: Bidding for Regionals & Wurld

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It's quite simple folks. This thread is strictly for bidding to host one of the four confederation tournaments which will also serve as Wurld Cup Qualifiers. There are four confederations, please make sure you apply appropriately. You may also apply to host the Wurld Cup ahead of time. As such, there will be a form below. I encourage you to consider that if you do wish to host one of these, the time that will be needed to coordinate them if selected. I will help you co-run the tournament, but I will not be doing it on my lonesome unless I am the one to host it.

Qualifying for a bid

Only the form is required to be selected. Creative, more dedicated bids will be considered more than lower effort, simpler ones. This will show your willingness to see the tournament through. It is also encouraged (not required) that in addition to making an OOC Bid here, that you make a newspost about your nation bidding to host one of these tournaments.


There are four principal confederations. If you are in Mesothalassa, you have been automatically grouped to the Alharu continent. The previous three confederations will remain as having existed, with the lore having been decided by yours truly to be that Alharu and Thalassa got big mad about being jumbled into two different confederations that they split off in 2021 and made their own. OOC Reason for doing this: It makes more sense to draw an even amount of people from 4 instead of some weird toss up from 3 confederations.

  1. ECFA - Europan Continental Football Association
  2. AFA - Argic Football Association (Formerly ANAFA or Argis & North Alharu)
  3. AMFC - Aurelia & Marenesia Football Confederation (Formerly SATAMFC or South Alharu, Thalassa, Aurelia, and Marenesia Football Confederation)
  4. ATFC - Alharu & Thalassa Football Confederation (Previously part of SATAMFC & ANAFA)

Empty bid form

  • Nation(s) Name(s): Names of all nations or the nation bidding.
  • Applicable Confederation: The confederation your nation would belong to.
  • Tournament: Confederation Qualifier Tournament and/or Wurld Cup.
  • Host Venues: Include the venues & their locations.
  • Why Your Nation(s) Should Host: Brief 4-6 Sentence Paragraph with IC justification.

Example bid

  • Nation(s) Name(s): Oyussa
  • Applicable Confederation: AMFC
  • Tournament: AMFC Cup
  • Host Venues:
    1. Yulaa, Oyussa: New Bank of Yulaa Stadium (55,000 Cap)
    2. Vaovaohitra, Oyussa: Oyussard Fidelity Bank Coliseum (100,000 Cap)
    3. Port Dorcha, Oyussa: The Adisi Center (30,000 Cap)
    4. Morlavitra, Oyussa: Morlavitra Municipal Stadium (30,000 Cap)
  • Why Your Nation(s) Should Host: Oyussa has had the previous pleasure of successfully hosting the 2019 Aurelian Cup, seeing the Great Xio National Team achieve its first international tournament win. Oyussa has highly developed transportation services in three of the four selected venues bidding to host the tournament, with temporary solutions to alleviate shortcomings with the fourth. Oyussa also has a great amount of hotel rooms with its more tourism inclined economy and politically welcoming atmosphere. Security concerns that existed during the previous tournament have also disappeared, permitting the nation to be proudly secure. Oyussa hopes to once more showcase its hospitality and benevolence to the wurld by hosting the AMFC Cup.

Bids Submitted
Deadline to submit bids March 4th, 2022 11:59:59 PM EST. The four tournaments, in no currently determined order will start on March 11th, March 21st. April 20th, April 27th. Wurld Cup to be played in June or July, TBD.

AFA Qualifier

  • Dolchland (NPC)
  • Seylos
  • Ateenia

ECFA Qualifier

  • Ide Jima (NPC)
  • Red Iberos (NPC)

AMFC Qualifier

  • Zaxar
  • Roqoo
  • Oyussa (Withdrawn)

ATFC Qualifier

  • Variota (NPC)

Wurld Cup

  • Roqoo (AMFC)
  • Ateenia (AFA)


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Nation(s) Name(s): Greater Zaxar

Applicable Confederation: AMFC

Tournament: AMFC Cup

Host Venues:

  1. Sandrica, Zaxar: Old Imperial Coliseum (52,000 Cap)
  2. Green Falls, Zaxar: Geolithia Stadium (36,000 Cap)
  3. Bostar, Zaxar: Aqua Co. Coliseum (32,000 Cap)
  4. Malinsk, Zaxar: Le Dôme de Malinsk (46,000 Cap)
  5. Niyol, Zaxar: New Imperial Coliseum (48,000 Cap)
  6. Kieno, Zaxar: Kieno Soccer Center (28,000 Cap)

Why Your Nation(s) Should Host: Zaxar is a relatively young nation on the Wurld stage and would be eager to present itself to the wurld. Economically, Zaxar is quite similar to the current 2022 IRL host for the wurld cup, Qatar, as a young poor nation experiencing a sudden financial boom. While the stadiums may be fairly small, they should be more than adequate to host the AMFC Cup. The climate of Zaxar at this time of year is also excellent for soccer football. With it being summer in the southern hemisphere, tropical nations like Oyussa or Gallambria would likely be suffering from very high temperatures and therefore not be ideal for sporting. Zaxar on the other hand has mild summers allowing for fans to be comfortable while not killing the players of heat stroke. Zaxar is also developed enough to host large tourist booms in the cities which have venues even if the areas outside the cities are underdeveloped.

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Nation Name: Seylos

Applicable Confederation: AFA

Tournament: AFA Cup

Host Venues:

Royal Capital Stadium, Selbourne (Capacity: 75,000)

Tadhg Stadium, Norfolk (Capacity: 60,000)

Dáirine Stadium, Loughrea (Capacity: 60,000)

Tàmhas Stadium, Dunblane (Capacity: 50,000)

Why Your Nation Should Host: Seylos continues to be a hub on prosperity and stability in Argis. It is well used to vacationers and large events which happen every day around the country. It has a robust public transportation system, especially in the city of Selbourne which is more than capable of handling the influx of excited fans for a competition of this scale. The people of Seylos are warm and friendly, and the safety of any visitor to the country is always a top priority.

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Nation(s) Name(s): Divine Realm of Roqoo

Applicable Confederation: AMFC

Tournament: Wurld Cup

Host Venues:

Nime, Roqoo: Marenai Stadium (77,000 Cap)
Nime, Roqoo: Docklands Dome (89,000 Cap; upgrade planned)
Ivalo, Roqoo: The Riverbank Center (45,000 Cap)
Ivalo, Roqoo: The West Quarter (54,000 Cap)
Anselm, Roqoo: Ranikon Field (62,000 Cap)
Forssa, Roqoo: University of Parkano Stadium (30,000 Cap)
Tyrnava, Roqoo: Kaukoita Stadium (43,000 Cap)

Why Your Nation(s) Should Host: Roqoo has a tourism-based economy with each city containing ample accommodations for participants and teams alike. Upgraded rail lines (200-230 km/h) connect all five host cities, with each urban area based around a network of mass transit solutions. Roqoo's location in central Kiteton Island in southern Marensia provides a mild climate year-around, accommodating matches in mostly outdoor stadiums/venues at any time of year. Additionally, this location affords Roqoo protection from threat of the ongoing Anglican Crisis that has embroiled several Argic, Europan, and Auralian nations. As a relatively young nation, Roqoo looks forward to the opportunity to host the teams and spectators and introduce the wurld to Roquanian hospitality. Roqoo utilizes an alternative cultural calendar that divides the year into eleven months and five festival weeks. A wurld cup in June or July would not coincide with any of the festival weeks and therefore all public services would be available to international guests without conflict. (OOC: As Zaxar bid for the AMFC conference, I changed my bid for the Wurld Cup). 

Edited by Roqoo (see edit history)
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Nation Name: The Kingdom of Ateenia

Applicable Confederation: AFA

Tournament: AFA- and Wurld Cup

Host Venues:

#1 Hunangsbrugg Arena, Grundvik (Capacity: 36,000)

#2 Aslaug's Arena, Atha (Capacity: 30,000)

#3 Grundvik Stadium, Grundvik (Capacity: 16,600)


Why My Nation Should Host: The cities the stadium and the 2 arena's are located, have multiple hotels where foreign spectators aswell as foreign teams could stay and be accommodated on their stay to Ateenia. While the stadiums themselves have rather low capacity, they should be more then enough to accommodate the many spectators of the wurld cup and because football itself is not very popular in Ateenia, the domestic spectators will barely take up any space in these stadiums. There are also many recreational sectors in the cities, more then enough to keep the visitors engaged both before and inbetween the matches.
While the regional cup will fall within early and mid Lífsmánður (month of the life), when the temperature will only begin rising to 0 and then above 0, the stadium and the arenas are all built to be closable to protect the spectators and players from the weather. The Wurld Cup however, will fall within Sólmánður (the month of the sun) and to the period of polar day, where even during midnight, the sun will shine, giving light and rather pleasant warmth to the stadiums. 

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