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I would like to begin this thread with an apology to the admin team, I have been very busy over the past couple of months and have had little time to develop my prior nation of Shapashun as I have planned to up until this point and at this time the concept as it stands frankly sickens me. It mainly stems from the government and at every time I have thought of and worked on how I would have it operate in a modern setting I find myself frustrated with the concept as a whole. If I were doing this in a different time period setting I would have loved to work on Shapashun in there but in this modern wurld I do not see how Shapashun could exist and for that reason I have decided to ditch it. And once again I am very sorry to the administration team for doing this. Instead I would like to the establish a new nation with inspiration of the Rusyn peoples particularly Lemkos and the Pannonian Rusyns. My idea is for the Republic of Lusuviya and the Lusuviyi people. The reason why I am choosing to do a Rusyn like people is because I personally hail from Western Ukraine and I have always been fascinated by the Rusyns and I am choosing a relatively plain like region because I feel like it gives me more room to flex my creative muscle to work on my own slavic group, and as a Slav myself I am quite aware of how to make a realistic slavic people. In terms of government I am planning to give the Lusviyi a strong multi party parliamentarian tradition with a federal canton like system. I am choosing this style of government because democracies are my favorite kinds of governments to wurldbuild and rp and the federal canton type system is one I am very interested to try my hand at.
Below is the flag I came up with:
Here is the area in which I hope to settle:

I have already talked to the person who runs Walneria and Dazhdinia about settling here and with other people here I will be more motivated to actually get into the rp. 

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