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Who are the Candidates ?

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With the current state of the King being questionable at best, it's time for the National Council to search for a new president. The following list includes the currently proposed candidates as 
well as a short insight into their history and current position.

Jonas Banis

Jonas Banis is the eldest and only living son of the current President Algridas. He was once the official Vice President of Baltica and would have taken the role of president at this given time if it was not for his falling out with his father. You see, it was discovered that Jonas was a staunch Dolch nationalist, and was a member of the DNF (Dolch National Front), supposedly scheming to displace his father from power. When the scheme was discovered Algridas rightfully was angered and immediately removed his son from the national council and his home of Goja, disbanding the DNF as he did. He was then exiled to the southern rural region of Visagris. This was all back in the 1990s when Visagris was nothing more than a farming colony left in the past when the Industry moved out to the East, and the coal mines ran empty. Little did anybody know Jonas would rapidly shape the region in his image. He took the sup par profits made from farming and re-invested them into a new industry, specifically medicine manufacturing and in secret, poppy farming. He quickly grew rich from the money these industries brought and put it all into making Visagris its own nation in all but name. It had its own national guard and regional president and collected taxes for itself and not for Baltica. Most importantly of all, it became a refuge for not only Dolch Nationalists, but also the many Oligarchs of Baltica, who took advantage of the region's economic growth, and willingness to turn a blind eye to illegal activities. In term, the Oligarchs made it clear that if Algridas or anyone else tried to put a stop to Jonas or Visagris it would mean war and thus the region grew powerful with no one to stop it. 

The DNF returned, now under the name of the DNPB (Dolch National Party of Baltica), with Jonas as its leader, the party accumulated over 23% of the National council's seats. They have long made a name for themselves with their extreme violence and intimidation tactics. Although they may only make a ¼ of the party, their influence can be felt in every corner of Baltica. The Ras hate them and the DNPB hates them back, if they win it would mean blood and death for all those standing against them, and the end to the already un-easy peace between Ras and Dolch...

Kazimiras Zornas

Kazimiras is the current leading general of the Baltican Land army. Unlike Jonas or even Nekolas, he holds no power within the National council, with his strength coming from the Army and its questionable loyalty to him. The only reason why he was even considered for the title of President is that he's least likely to lead the nation to another civil war, but with his ailing body and growing age, it's a question of whether he will even live to see the war if it comes. He is one of the few Generals left over from the first Baltican civil war back in 1960, Kazimiras having served as a mere soldier back in those days. He has but a few allies within the council, mainly the old guard still loyal to Algridas, trying their best to smother the divide between Dolch and Ras. Little hope remains in their ability to do so peacefully… 

Nekolas Armenas

Nekolas is young, at least compared to his candidate counterparts. He is one of many born within Baltica who wants freedom for the Ras or make them equal to the Dolch. For most of his political career, he was nothing more than an activist feebly attempting to access the Council or any position of power. His dream was only met in the early 2000s when he gained the position of Governor of Kretia after leading the Ras Riots. His victory was a big achievement in the Ras movement, yet in reality, it was just a title granted to Nekolas to satisfy the Ras, whilst the Dolch remained in power. However, one thing did come of the riots, this being the right to establish Ras parties, and Nekolas was one of the first to set one up.

His party, the ADA or Anti Dolch Alliance, has grown to be one of the largest political groups within Baltica as a whole. Its total members number in the hundreds of thousands, and they have made several large public displays throughout their existence, including the Riots in Cidra and the Blockade of Kretia. Although technically they hold no power within the council themselves, most if not all Ras parties are directly aligned with them, either for power, money or the public support behind them. Nekolas has since renounced his role as Governor of Kretia, and has since taken up a position in the deep West, where his rule is practically law. The large thing holding the ADA back is its internal struggles. A section of the group wants to decimate the Dolch and take full control of Baltica, whilst others simply wish for independence for the majority Ras lands. It's a question of which one will come out on top, but with Nekolas being considered one of the candidates for president, members of the party are questioning whether he is selling out the Ras cause for Dolch safety. What will happen upon Nekolas’s loss or victory? Only time will tell. 

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