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Presidents Stroke

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The nation is in shock, as our beloved president has reportedly been moved into emergency care after suffering a serious stroke in his home in the early morning. He was only discovered by his wife at 9:21 AM and has since been taken care of by the Royal Goja Medical Institute. Currently, Doctors are unable to make a conclusive conclusion of what will happen to the president, or how severe his condition is, although it's being treated with intense care. The National Council has not yet made any comments on the president and his current state, although they have made clear that they will pursue a candidate to take control of the nation whilst President Algridas receives proper medical care. Algridas’s party, the BHAP has also refused to comment, only wishing that the President “Gets well soon” and “Can take up the mantle of party leader once he recovers”. Members of Algridas’s family have made the journey to visit the sickly president including his estranged son, Jonis Banis, but have all refused to be interviewed by the BNB or make any comments. 

Stay tuned, as we switch to the National Council and their current discussion on candidates for the presidency.

“With the current condition of the president being uncertain, The National Council has come to the decision that Algridas is unable to lead the nation, and as such the role and powers of the president shall be transferred to an appropriate candidate whilst Algridas can recover. He had not selected a Vice President beforehand and as such the role will have to be chosen by a unanimous vote within the council. Currently, three members have been selected. This includes the current Governor of Visagris and son of the president, Jonas Banis, General of the Baltican Land army, Kazimiras Zornas as well as current Governor of Kretia, Nekolas Armenas. I ask that members of the Council submit their vote by the end of the current session, and the people's vote is to be organised next month if the president has yet to recover. .


Join us tomorrow for the results of the council's vote, as well as further updates on the president's condition. This has been BNB news and we will be back shortly after sports…

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