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Nyantastani Tribes 

The Nyantastani Tribes are thought to date back around 2000 BC. As Part of a Geltic Tribe, they Settled in the Unknown Region. They settled mostly on the Coast, where they could easily access nearby Fish reserves and could find plenty of wood.  With the Establishment of a Small Settlement called Arkos. The stepping stone to Nyantastan as we know it today was made. This small Tribal Settlement quickly grew to a Village due to its excellent access to the Ocean and Nearby Streams, the Countryside of Nyantastan could easily be foraged by its People.  With the Arrival of the Norse People around 1500 BC from Ateenia the Nyantastani became a mixed and Diverse Culture. With its Unusual open and Trade Focussed Nature, the Port Village quickly grew to a city. With the Help of the Norse People, Nyantastani People Conquered the Ocean's and Rivers better than ever. Through Their Quickly Growing Merchant fleet, they became the Major Supplier in the Area.  Around 500 BC, the Small Kingdom of Arkos formed.  But on the Contrary to its Neighbors, Arkos was not a Jarldome but a real Kingdom. The Origin  of how this Event came to be is lost in time, but the Newly Established Monarchy quickly used its vast resources to build up the Infrastructure of the City and expand its Military might in the Region. 

Powerhouse in the Region of Nyantastan 
Through the accumulated wealth by trading, Arkos was growing even Stronger in the Region. Neighboring Jarldomes and City States were envying the  wealth of their People. And Many Migrated to the city of Arkos.  The Kings of Arkos used their vast resources to Hire Mercenary's and build up a Formidable Fighting force. With these Forces the 8th King of Arkos Ingolf Nordlund conquered three nearby City States in the War of Leysall 375 AD - 377 AD, The Battle of Pewell 390 AD and the Battle of Ockron 395 AD. With this, Nordlund  went down in Nyantastani History as the Warrior King of the Three.  With his Conquest of the Major City Competitors in the Region, Arkos grip on the Coastline of Todays Nyantastan was firmly Securde. But the other Kingdoms and Jarldoms didn't stand idly by. They made their own moves. With the integration of the City States into the Kingdom was no other than his Son  Olov Nordlund entrusted. The 8th King died in 420 AD, and his Son Olov took over as 9th King of Arkos. In his Life-time, Olov mostly solidified the Might over the Region and conquered another city state in the Sieg of Anssey in 450 AD. With this, Arkos was Firmly on the Way to Conquer the Entire Region. But it had a Fair Share of Competitors 

The Declaration of a Nation
With the Growing Power in the Region and Only three Competitors Left, Arkos and its People felt ready to finally conquered their Lands. The 36th in Succession to the Arkos throne and the first Queen of Arkos, Torhild Nordlund, wanted to go down in History. With the Establishment of the Largest Army Arkos had ever seen, the Preperations for the Great Conquest of the North Began. Around the 16th Century, the first War broke out. The War against Valeria through a Smart war, she Tricked the Valerian Allie  Pelecena to betray the Valerian's and bring a swift victory to the war. The War for Conquest of Valeria 1620-1623 only took Three Years thanks to the help of Pelecena. Trough Cunning and Brilliant Strategies, Torhild brought the more inexperienced Pelecenians to do much of the fighting against Valeria whilst Arkos only used troops in limited numbers to ensure Pelecenan Victory. With this Tactic and a Much Larger Army, it took only about two years of Fragile Peace for Arkos to declare war on their Allie. This time fighting against the last two Regional Powerhouses, the Kingdom of Pelecena and the Jarldom of  Walarda joint forces to protect themselves against the Might of Arkos. Whilest the Forces of Pelecena were quickly defeated due to the previous war and the small number (1625-1626). The Walarda hold on much longer. Their Famouse General Hallr Jargerson applied a mix of Cunning Strategies with the Clever Usage of Guerilla Tactics and the knowlege of the Land. Arkos had to withdraw and hold its new Possesions in Pelecena for Ten years. In this Period, Hallr harrased the Queen's defences.  After the Period, a Young general by the name of Gunne hämnd. The young general learned under the Queen and was a brilliant strategiest inspiered by the Stories of Old. He lured Hallr into a dense Forrest, where he ambushed his forces and inflicted heavy Casualties on Hallr`s Army (Battle of  the White Forrest, 1638). He woud never recover from this Defeat, and the Army's of Arkos quickly defeated the remaining forces of Walarda. The Conquest of Pelecena and Walarda (1625-1639) Seald the Fate of the Region. Now not a small Kingdom but a Nation, the Queen thought about a way to United the new Kingdoms into one Nation. And so in  1645 one year before the Death of Torhild the Great. She Proclaimed the Nation Nyantastan. The Ethymology of the Word can be found in a mix of old Geltic and Norse. "Nyantan" meaning Many or Countless and the "Stan" meaning Great or Strong. So Nyantastan can be roughly Translated as Many are Strong. Or Great are the Countless. And so the Nation of Nyantastan was founded. 

The Warring States Period

After the Founding of Nyantastan the Queen Suddenly died. Without a Clear heir, the Newfound kingdom quickly lost its power. With the newly Conquered Lands barely integrated in the fine-tuned machine of the old Kingdom of Arkos. Cracks began to show. After the discovery of one of Torhilds Son Iver. And with no better option to find an heir, the First King of Nyantastan, Iver Auzoux took the Throne. At the beginning, celebrated by the Nobel's of the Conquered Lands and cities thanks to his limited connection to the Old line of Nordlund. But the Incompetence of Auzoux soon showed. He striped most of the Nobles their Power and gave it to entrusted Servants of his Court. These Servants soon ruled their own Part's of the New Nation. Some of them hungry for Power cemented their power in those regions. Whilst the Power from the Once so Glorious Capital soon faded. With less and Less Power, Iver became more and more Desperate. Quickly earning the Popular Nickname Iver the Idiot. In Rage, he did unreasonable things and allowed the now called krigsherre to build up their on standing Army's. After an Assassination Attempt Against Iver that failed, the Nation got into a downward spiral of sudden Events. The Strongest Krigsherre gather their courts and assembled their Army's to expand power Hungry and to overthrow the Auzoux Dynasty. Iver never Appeared Weaker, and so the Period of the Warring states broke out.  The Country firmly in the Hands of a brutal Civil war, Nyantastan went through dark times. The Sudden Rise of Krigsherre in the country lead to the biggest war the Country had ever seen. This Period lasted till the Akamura Krigsherre finally overthrew the Auzoux Dynasty, who at this point were merely a Hostage to whomever held the Capital City of Arkos. Akamura used his newfound increase in power to form powerfull alliances and friendships that gave him the oppertunity to Unify Nyantastan once and for all. With this and with his very short rule over Nyantastan (2 years) he became the Unifier of the Country. After sorting his things, he gave way to let his Son who he teached and consulted  to rise to the Throne. Not as King, but as Emperor. And so the Empire of Nyantastan was proclaimed.

Isolation and Build up to the Great War
After the trying times and focused on the Rebuild of a once great Nation, a Period of Isolation and Peace began under the New Emperor's. In these Times the Empire grew in Strength and rebuild its nation, with the Power now firmly in a Strong Dynasty the Country could Prosper and Opposition was quickly and effectively suppressed. After two or more Decades, real Fanaticism broke out for the Emperor who ruled. The People thought of them as chosen by the Gods. With this cult around their Personality, the new Emperors used it to their advantage and united the Nation under them. With this the and the very Strict Isolation of the Country the once most important strength of the Country, its Trading and Attractiveness for Foreigners faded.  With this Isolationist Policy, Nyantastan lost a lot of Technological and Cultural development.  With the sudden stop of Foreign Trading and the Interest of Nations in the Region to keep that Trade flowing.  Some Nations tried multiple times to break the Isolation. But only one succeeded. [Placeholder] came with a much better equipped and technological superior fleet and Army. And after a short Siege and a Skirmish, the Emperor had to accept that they revoke the policy. Humiliated by [Placeholder] they quickly set everything in Motion to once again claim their strength. Nyantastan Modernized Quickly and to the Dismay of their Warrior Classes who already were in decline after the Warring State's period was over but would now be abolished completely. With the Nyantastani Army and fleet modernized, the Dispread Warrior rebels were annihilated and the Nyantastan set eyes on what it had neglected for far too long. A Country that quickly developed and modernized wanted to be Part of the Wurld. Not seen as Second Class and disrespected and forced to submit by other Powers. With the Growing Tension in the Region, the Emperor's eyes were set to bring Nyantastan to former glory and beyond 

First Argic War

Aftermath of the First War 

Second Argic War

Birth of the Commonwealth 


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