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The Dominion meets the Homeland (Mitō & Kōri-Chi)

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« Safe flight » would declare while bowing Mora, as he was at the end of the carpet, and Governor Aragushi was almost to climb into that small government jet.

This would amuse Aragushi, which, stopping and turning to see properly Mora, his protégé, « Safe business » he’d add with a smily face. Before turning back towards the plane, and getting in, as the door would close behind him. This was the last sight of Aragushi for a while, as his journey now led him to the Heart of the Empire.

Journey would be quite long, however fortunately it wouldn’t be undermined by the pleasant accommodations inside the plane, allowing Aragushi to still work during his flight, enjoying of the latest performances regarding telecommunications through satellites that could be offered. After a long time, an unseemingly great distance being travelled, the plane would swiftly land, to where a protocolary greeting was demonstrated, figures of the Empire were welcoming the Kōri-Chise Governor Aragushi, guards in proper uniforms, imperial flags parading, the imperial anthem being played…

Once such was put aside, the Kōri-Chise Commissioner to @Mito, who other countries would normally call Ambassador, but given the special relationship and treaties in the Empire such was slightly different, would wait at the limousine the Governor, in order to greet him, and accompany him to his hotel, where he would take a such well deserved shower, clothe-changing, before a dinner in the evening with some High Dignitaries of the Empire in order to maintain good relations with the administration.

The morning at last, after a gentle night where Aragushi would find its much needed strength and mind back, he would, after a well-deserved breakfast, pick up the limousine and be drove towards, at last, Governor Kenichi.

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The news of the governor’s arrival the day before reached Kenichi who at the time was sifting through various documents on his desk. The arrival would mark the beginning of the delicate dance of ceremonies and traditions associated with such a visit. For many onlookers both Mitonese and not the arrangements looked quite confusing. Broadcasts of such visits are often accompanied by some kind of expert explaining the significance or origin of a particular custom. Among the figures receiving the Kōri-Chise governor was the emperor’s daughter, a representative of the country’s Thalassan territories as well as three ministers among a few others. Though somewhat bafflingly, the Heijutsu Governor himself was not to be found among this group. “The general rule of thumb with regard to royal protocol and the governor is that where one is the other isn’t.” echoed an explanation in one of the broadcasts of the event.

Back at the governor’s office, Kenichi followed the proceedings closely through a television as each tradition and protocol was followed down to the letter. It was only him and his assistant in the office at the time. The governor looked on as her imperial highness welcomed his contemporary. Having served as the governor of the country for close to two decades already, he was quite aware of his Kōri-Chise counterpart. Aragushi struck Kenichi as quite the charismatic politician but also one with a keen and analytic mind, an imposing combination to be sure. Each quip and gesture that seemed as natural and fluid as rain itself was no doubt meticulously planned with consideration given to each outcome. This contrasts considerably with the calm and reserved conduct of Kenichi. “We just have to make sure his approval rates won’t overtake yours.” said the assistant to humorous effect with the governor cracking a smile.

To Kenichi, who had during his long term as governor grown accustomed to the roles and responsibilities of the office, the intricate proceedings were like second nature at that point. In fact, it was something he quite looked forward to. With a visit from the icy gem of the seas, there was no need for translators or interpreters. Neither was it a requirement to adjust to the customs of the other as both were bound by imperial convention. There was a reason after all that the so-called Kōri-Chise visit was treated in a certain way as a test of diplomatic prowess of new governors in the country. If one can conduct business with the Dominion, it is assumed that they possess what’s required to be an effective executive. Yet during Kenichi’s lengthy service, the visit had more or less become an easy way to boost approval ratings. 

As the evening turned to night and the next morning arrived, Kenichi sauntered around the Governor’s residence checking that all the arrangements were in order as planned. First to arrive were other Mitonese dignitaries, three ministers, two heads of committees of the Diet among others. The limousine finally arrived and as the Kōri-Chise delegation stepped out, the two governors bowed and Kenichi began, “I am pleased to at last be able to personally welcome the Governor to Kauhime.” 

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« Honour is, as always, mine, Governor » reiterated and thanked Aragushi, slightly bowing, letting a smile politely appear.

He went on to take a more solemn voice, « The spring rain. Talking and passing. The straw rain‐cape and umbrella » he recited as a poem, giving some glances around to the so beautiful surroundings and environment. « As to salute the great bravery and incredible talent of your Excellency, at the service of our Emperor and the Empire, please accept this gift » introduced Aragushi, as he bowed far more than usual, extending his right hand as to show a delegate holding with both hand a remarkably well decorated box and coming to Kenichi, as he too slightly bowed.

The box being in front of Kenichi, letting him open it with both hands, would let him unveil its content. Aragushi had thought of many things for potential gifts. Food or beverage, given Kenichi seniority he knew all about it from each corner of the Empire in Eurth. Katana or another weapon, he probably already had a great collection. Jewelries, Kenichi’s wife probably was tired of those after all those years and such collection. That is why, a small arm, a pistol at his name, from Yoshi Light Arms Manufacture, sounded like the best of options, as for such a senior official of the Empire who had known so much, and still had much to serve for the Emperor.

The box would be transmitted to their mitonese counterparts, as greetings would end, and be all invited into a large room as to let both delegations face in proper manners around a long table, as mitoneses, head and home of the Empire, were to first introduce the matter.

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The Mitonese delegation lead by Governor Kenichi began "First on the agenda, we have the economic relations between Mitō and Kōri-Chi. Close economic ties remain as important as ever in upholding the integrity of the Empire and its people. The movement of goods from Kōri-Chi to Mitō and vice versa is crucial in ensuring the vibrancy of the Homeland and the Dominion. This is why the delegation would like to suggest the further removal of economic impediments such as tariffs in order to promote healthy competition between these two economies. Through this, Kōri-Chise goods can not only find their way to Mitō proper but to the wider Aurelian market."

"In addition, the movement of capital between the two is also a pertinent part of these relations and it goes to reason that with the movement of goods the movement of capital should follow. With the freedom to move capital, it is expected that Mitonese and private persons will be able to invest in the markets of Kōri-Chi."

"Finally, to cement the economic incentive of cooperation, we suggest granting the freedom of establishing and providing services in both the Homeland and the Dominion. This last step will serve as the final incentive for Mitonese companies to establish offshoots in Kōri-Chi which will certainly increase the Dominion's manufacturing sector alongside bringing expertise from the mainland there which will serve as ground for yet further innovations. Before going on more, we would like to hear from the Kōri-Chise delegation about their impressions and ideas." Kenichi said as he handed the turn to the opposite side of the table. 

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Aragushi slightly bowed down as to honour his colleague’s words, those of Governor Kenichi. « Competition is a strong word, we are part of the same culture, of the same Empire » reflected and noticed Aragushi, « Our land propose a cheaper labour for the ambitions of the government of the Emperor, the Homeland propose most refined technological advancements. We are all here, at his service » he went on, meaning at the service of the Emperor, « And therefore, it would be a great honour to reaffirm publicly those ties » stated Aragushi as he bowed slightly again to his colleague.

Governor Aragushi would give glances both ways on his side of his table to see if any of his fellow delegate representing the Dominion had anything to say. At the silence, he’d further pursue, « Full economic cooperation through lack of restrictions between us is something we wish, as to make the Empire more powerful, and demonstrate such power to the rest of Eurth » he precised, meaning he was all for cutting down legal barriers that would prevent a company from doing business. « If such is fine for you, I wish to address cooperation regarding the Imperial Army and Navy, with the Dominion’s Imperial Army and Navy » he suggested, « Officers exchange programs, alongside regular trainings, and movements of assets between our respective military installations as to ensure that our militaries are fully aligned and can work together without restriction, is a first point I’d like to talk about. With as second point, being, in the past common armament program, and we consider it important to continue using the same equipment and therefore develop weapons of the future together ».

« To sum it up, in parallel of such discussions, I think any agreement we do, for the benefits of the Empire, shall be all ruled into a common organization supervised by the Emperor of course, so that all Dominions may enjoy of such integrations and this would ensure that the Empire retains control over the Dominions and stay strong, and united » suggested Aragushi, worried that it’d only be a bilateral deal, that would undermine the other dominions and may result in a generally weakening of the Empire, and the Emperor’s powers over his lands.

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