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Roquan Division of Foreign Relations

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Division of Foreign Relations | Ulkosuhteiden jako

Welcome to the Division of Foreign Relations (Ulksosuhteiden jako) for the Divine Realm of Roqoo (Roqoon jumalallinen alue).

International agencies and officials may use this portal to access official statements released by the government of Roqoo and Department of Trade & Foreign Affairs (Kauppa- ja ulkoasiain osasto). Foreign ministers, heads of state, and government agencies may also use this portal to submit official missives and requests by contacting any of the following officials:

Prelate (minister) for Trade and Foreign Affairs | Prelate of Kauppa-ja ulkoasiain osasto -- Sinikka Luoma

Apulais (deputy) of the Division of Foreign Relations | Apulais of Ulkosuhteiden jako -- Marketta Perala

Apulais (deputy) of the Division of International Trade | Apulais of Kansainvalisen kaupan jako -- Edvin Rantala


STATUS: Roqoo is currently open to all foreign delegations and missions from peaceable nations.  

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