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The Kaiji Party, alongside its allies the Liberal Party, in the Diet, have celebrated the success of their latest piece of legislation, which have officially already allowed the creation of the Imperial Free Trade Zone, which is less a defined zone than more a program to facilitate foreign investments not coming from the Empire, through administrative facilities alongside financial ease and creation of partnership with local companies, ensuring a strong implementation and better adhesion to local requirements, needs and assessment of the economic context. Those are to naturally enjoy of the cheaper labour available in great numbers in the Dominion, as to facilitate exports thanks to the great maritime opening of the Dominion.

It is 23 500 employments which have been created thanks to such investments and company associations. The Kaiji Party have confirmed its will to strengthen its legislative agenda as to further promote the Dominion of Kōri-Chi as a suitable place for foreign investments given great available labour. Fugi Industries on its part, a leading conglomerate in the Dominion, being currently the largest employer, have considered such to be at the expense of the taxpayers and seriously undermining its business activities as to more easily “sell Kōri-Chi to gaijin” as it have expressed in an official communiqué, showing clear tensions with the government, while the opposition led by the Dentō Party have supported such affirmations and shall present to the floor a motion of non-confidence into the present government, motion that shall most likely fail given their lack of a majority yet may be a greatly symbolic opposition at the further opening of the economy, granting them further support from ultra-nationalists.

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Media Alliance live-television interview of Prime Minister (this is following the new canon of KC, changing overlord given Mito's disappearance).


« Prime Minister, welcome » expressed the interviewer.

Prime Minister Aragushi nodded, « Thank you for receiving me » he’d reply.

« Many of His Majesty’s subjects are worried, for multiples reasons, the war against Anglia -which even if the korichian involvement have been minimal, still wages burdens upon the less fortunate subjects-, the economic forecast for 2023 showing stagnation, the ramping inflation, worsening working conditions for the least paid employees working for instance in heavy industry, the tied-up monetary system disarming our exports… That seems to be quite a lot of challenges » would introduce the interviewer.

« Quite yes » smiled Aragushi.

« With the upcoming elections, showing your party at a disadvantage, is it not better to prepare for a rough defeat? » asked the interviewer.

Aragushi would readjust himself in his seat, at the discomfort of the question, « You can make the polls say whatever you want nowadays. It is futile to make assumptions. The voters shall be speaking clearly in December. There is no need to try to predict their mind ».

« Is it yet, not a metric as to measure your success, or in that case, the failure that have been your mandate? » harshly unleashed the interviewer.

Aragushi expressed a cordial smile, « My government do what is necessary, not what is popular » he terminated phase.

« Thank you Prime Minister. Now on the matter of foreign policy, lots of His Majesty’s subjects are concerns over the war in Anglia, the liberation of Europa from their tyranny. The Kingdom of @Gallambria among others have deployed troops, knows massive casualties. Should korichians mothers be expected to send their sons to die beyond the sea? » asked crudely in a biased manner the interviewer.

« First of all, we have tried to preserve our living standards in the war. I know most people are keeping an anti-war stance, and in fact, are laxist over it. But History shall judge us. We don’t have to enter a fight because we fear to die, but because it is right, because moral, orders us. Therefore, ideally, yes, we should participate more actively to the defeat of Anglia, in adequacy with our capacities » Aragushi replied.

« Including troops? » tried to nail the interviewer.

« Including sanctions, humanitarian help, among other economical means, and political ones… » first expressed Aragushi, as he was being watched insistently by the interviewer, « And yes… Soldiers if needed » he finished, giving satisfaction to the interviewer.

« Under independent command? » sought immediately the shark… Or meant to say, the interviewer.

« Given our standing military, we do not have the capacities of such, therefore would be under gallambrian command » replied calmly Aragushi.

« Is this not a confession of weakness, regarding the organization of our military? » asked the interviewer, seeing the lack of an independent command as a mean to show how incompetent korichian military is.

« I do not build my policies upon fantaisies, but realities » sharply replied Aragushi.

« Thank you Prime Minister. Now on the matter of economy. Forecast for this year, following your government’s actions over international trade, is expected to be between 1 and 3% growth, far away from the 8% growth from the previous year which saw major success due to joint ventures with international firms. Why is that? Why have you sanctioned korichian economy? » asked the interviewer.

« We are at war. I do not know many nations which are at war with a positive growth, therefore it is already in… » Aragushi was cut short.

« A war you started » clarified the interviewer.

« That the anglians started » rectified Aragushi, taking a breath as he attempted to continue, being cut off again.

« Yet, it is His Majesty, King Albert the 2nd which started it, is it not? » asked the interviewer.

« Legally yes, but we were already at war. The whole of Eurth, is at war with the barbaric regime of Anglia. Not due to economical or legal reasons, but as I’ve said, because of moral, because it is right » said plainly Aragushi.

« Would Anglia have declared war to Korichi? » questioned the interviewer.

Aragushi couldn’t prevent himself from laughing a bit, as the interviewer kept a most serious look. « Did we ever imagine Anglia invading Lysia? » asked this time Aragushi.

A moment of silent was set, as both stared one another.

The interviewer was about to speak, probably to switch subject, but Aragushi would be first. « If we, the realm of the international community, tolerate such practices, by simply standing by, we are not only initiating other regimes to engage in war, but we second the Devil in his acts » stated in a grave tone Aragushi.

« Thank you Prime Minister. Therefore, how to explain the worsening of working conditions? » politely asked the interviewer, hiding behind his mask that was his smile.

« Labour law is quite… Inexistant. Therefore, international companies investing in Korichi, see the possibility of maximizing profits at the expense of the workers’ conditions. New legislation is required to address it, and if the people renew the trust in my government it shall be one of our priority » replied Aragushi.

« Why haven’t you addressed it already? » wondered the interviewer.

« Since this issue is new, it have just been brought forward » simply said Aragushi.

« Yes, working conditions may have hit a new low, but our working conditions, in comparaison to the ones in developed @Orioni or even @Iverica, were already far below those » stated the interviewer.

« But was it the priority of my electors? No. Yes, I do what is right, but I also do depending on what I was elected to do. There are so many issues, and problems everything, however we need to pick our battles, we cannot fight them all at the same time. Therefore yes, I decided of the priorities, and did not focus my attention on matters, which are ultimately important. You spoke of working conditions, but we may speak about corruption as well, or organized crime, or even mining exploitation… Therefore yes, you are right, but we shall only see the light, one battle at a time » determined Aragushi.

« So war is more important than the working conditions of your people? Is your personal international reputation more important to you, as a “battle” as you state, than the well-being of your dear citizens? » provoked the interviewer.

« Fortunately for you, troops are dying in Anglia as to allow us to freely speak about that » remarked Aragushi.

« But that’s not the same thing, since as mentioned we declared war, and went to seek them. Anyway » observed rapidly the interviewer, « Over the ramping inflation, salaries are not following, the number of people living in poverty have slightly increased while it previously was thankfully decreasing, what will your government do? » interrogated the interviewer.

« This matter needs to take into consideration many metrics and factors, this is something we are actively working on, which shall conclude into a swift plan to execute » postulated Aragushi.

The interviewer smirked, « So nothing. Alright » Aragushi tried to speak back, but the interviewer wouldn’t let him, « The Korichian Pound is directly linked to the Gallambrian Pound, leading to a lack of agility on international markets, why is your government continuing such policy? ».

« As you’ve mentioned, this is not a decision that my government have made. It have always been like this, for the better and the worse » uttered Aragushi.

« Certainly Prime Minister, however taking as stances, “it always have been like that, therefore it shall always be like that”, keeping the statu quo, isn’t a responsible policy. So you have decided to keep it » criticised the interviewer.

« The repercussions of untying ourselves from the Gallambrian Pound would create great volatility, therefore an economic crisis. It is hardly a choice. Knowing that, such tie, allow our economy to be much more resilient, and trusted by international investments » replied satisfied Aragushi.

« Well, thank you Prime Minister… » would try to cut short the interviewer as the time was coming to an end.

« That is why, the program as to push for foreign investment, shall be again, pushed forward, as to obtain new ones, alongside a new fiscal policy and strategic partnership as to allow ultimately, a betterment of the korichians living conditions » terminated Aragushi.

« Prime Minister, was a pleasure » expressed the interviewer.

« Well shared » finished Aragushi.

Edited by Kori Chi (see edit history)
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Media Alliance:

As the obesity rate have been steadily climbing over the last decade, parliamentary discussions around solutions have arose. Interestingly enough, in a bilateral spirit between the Kaiji and Dento Parties, a commission, against the will of Prime Minister Aragushi, have been established through a successful vote. This vote however, shadowed a more important one, unexpectedly one that succeeded that was at the center of discussions for the last few months and which risked to hinder Prime Minister Aragushi’s party for the elections: sending our boys to war.

Majority Coalition Whip, Sir Enderson from the Liberal Party, office he obtained as compensation for supporting Prime Minister Aragushi’s government, granting him the small majority required of a fair 86 votes, seemingly have been advancing his pawns right before the elections. The Kaiji Party under Aragushi’s governance, not willing to make any decisions on the potential supply of our men to support the Homeland, the Kingdom of @Gallambria and its allies in its war against barbaric tyranny, have pressed to maintain the statu quo, to push for a decision after the coming elections.

However it seems like Sir Enderson, from the recent polls, would enjoy to extend the number of seats of the Liberal Party, by spearheading a motion as to ascend to the demand of more actively participating to the war, not just “diplomatically” and “legally” as it is. The middle and high classes, the core of Liberal Party voters supported the move. While defectors from the Kaiji and Dento Parties, have both actively been pushing for what they considered to be right.

Leading to a twisted result, where Sir Enderson managed to pass through vote his motion, equally enjoying that a vast majority of Kaiji and Dento loyal to their parties were supporting the campaign, yet managing to meet the quorum of 101 MPs out of 171, pushed by his 8 firm liberals, 32 kaiji voting against party rules, the same for the 10 dento, and finally securing the 2 votes from the Purple-line Party, meeting the majority. The vote came as a surprise, as the dento and kaiji in the parliament were disorganized in the discussions and could not agree on a common line nor a procedure to delay the vote. It is clear that Sir Enderson cunningly back-planned it all, as to strike like thunder. The most unexpected, being the alignment of the Purple-line Party, with its two crucial MPs, that were supposedly reserved thanks to a promise of the support on the now successfully passed commission on obesity, reported an anonymous source close to the Kaiji Party.

At best, Sir Enderson is seen as the leading figure of the Coalition, at worse Prime Minister Aragushi is seen as incompetent by his own Party and voters, a mere 2 weeks before the election. Such vote certainly asserted the Liberal Party as a force, remaining minor against the two main parties, but degrading the Kaiji Party stance, specially as it seems internal parties inquiries are being pushed forward following the vote.

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Media Alliance

All out evacuation of His Majesty’s Subjects in Velaheria. The Ministry of Royal and Foreign Affairs announced that it have reserved three transport planes from the Ministry of Defense, as to engage unlimited rotations for ensuring the evacuation of korichians citizens. Gallambrians citizens are also to be tolerated in the transports. Ministry of Defense did not deny nor confirm the extent of the mission that military personnel on board of the plane have been given.

The embassy in Bastaria shall negotiate locally as to facilitate access to the airport and push for it remaining active, hoping to achieve a corridor to korichians willing to go home, and perhaps open the route to other embassies’ duties. His Excellency, Ambassador Hitoshi, have confirmed on his side, that “(the embassy) shall remain open no matter what” and that “we shall, to the best of our abilities, manage the mission we were trusted with, as to protect and evacuate His Majesty’s Subjects, and in those considerations, shall discuss with all parties, the People’s Republic of Velaheria, the orioni forces and the Lily revolutionaries, as to guarantee safe conducts of our nationals to the airport, and guaranteeing an air corridor to the international airspace”. When asked about potential negotiations to avoid a fuse, His Excellency trusted “Our first duty is evacuating our fellow nationals, and to allow such, a bloodbath needs to be avoided. Therefore of course, we shall push for a statu quo and hopefully have the parties discuss around the table and avoid shooting one another”.

No declaration on the support or condemnation of orioni and lily revolutionaries actions have been made by the government, Prime Minister Aragushi for his part however have saluted the “professionalism and seriousness” of Her Excellency, Ambassador to the AN, Makoto, that does “call for restrain, and hopefully, avoid a bloodbath, while evidences of what happened need to be shared, as only truth may prevail, and swift conclusions are counter-productives”.

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Media Alliance

The new government coalition is sealed for the 20th session of the Parliament, with only one seat majority, as the Kaiji Party came to an agreement with the Liberals… And the Purple Party.

Anderson, Leader of the Liberal Party, was seen as potentially leading a storm in the elections after his “coup d’éclat”. It seems however that the electorate remained conservative in its choices, and with the engagement of korichian troops in the great war against Anglia, rebased themselves to their traditional opinion.

Effectively, the Liberal Party only gaining one seat, while the opposition, the Dentō Party gained 2 seats for a total of 81, as the Kaiji Party, currently ruling with Prime Minister Aragushi, lost 3 and fell to 75 seats.

The Socialist Party and Purple Party’s strongholds kept their seats at respectively 4 and 2.

The Dentō Party and the Socialists immediately sealed an alliance following the elections, totalizing 85 seats, missing one to establish a government. While the traditional Kaiji-Liberal alliance was reconducted, totaling 84 seats.

In a turn of event, the Purple Party, a hard-lined pro-imperial party, have seemingly decided the future of the Dominion, as today they announced joining the Kaiji-Liberal alliance, under conditions which were not disclaimed.

Observers expect that many sacrifice in favour of the Purple Party shall be made until the 2029 elections. One of these, being seemingly the Dominion voting against the aurelian’s AN peace resolution in Velaheria, as the Purple Party have been a vocal support of the Orinese intervention, leading an action which went against Browmich’s decision to support the resolution, in a rare act of diplomatic opposition to the homeland.

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Media Alliance

Following the establishment of the new majority alliance, the 🟦Kaiji-🟨Liberal-🟪Purple majority have successfully voted, 86 to 85, for the validation of the new government, reconducting Prime Minister 🟦 Aragushi’s mandate, while doing little changes to the government.

Minister of Defense 🟦 Noda Rai, have been replaced by 🟪 Ani Koachi, known to have quite a dogmatic and nationalistic approach to state’s affairs.

Minister of Environment 🟦 Suou Sawako, have been dismissed without any replacement, as the Ministry is expected to be dissolved entirely. Probabilities of being part of the conditions of the 🟪 Purple Party participating into the alliance, are high, as no observer so far can express other motivations for such a change as climate change becomes a more and more central matter for our children.

Out of the now, 9 Ministries, the 🟨 Liberal keep heading 5 of those, while the 🟦 Kaiji Party lead 3 and the 🟪 Purple Party 1. Even if they are of different importance, the 🟨 Liberal keep hold of the Chancellery, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Knowledge and the Ministry of Industry. The 🟦 Kaiji Party in addition to the position of Prime Minister, retained the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Royal and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health.

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Media Alliance

Anti-war protesters clash heavily with the police. As military operations are led by the Homeland against Greater Anglia, it seems first letters of families having lost their sons in “exercises” have risen to an all-time high. Leading to a major anger online. The government have taken an approach as to neither comment nor communicate regarding any development in the ongoing war, as Korichian troops are under Gallambrian command.

While the support towards the involvement of the Dominion have lost two points, to 56%, content rose by 14 points to 22%, as our boys seems to be more than just helping the logistics of the war-machine. Such move having been made possible by the Purple Party, holding a key position as the tie-breaker in the House. Specially given the Ministry of Defense falling into the portfolio of the Purple Party now, led by 🟪 Ani Koachi who have replaced 🟦 Noda Rai.

Minister of Home Affairs 🟦 Atashita Sogami have announced in a speech that no civil indiscipline would be tolerated, as around 200 000 people have taken to the streets, with the Ministry announcing the arrest of 4 083 people, from which 78% are under 25 the report state. The clash have been strong, as a couple of hundred people went straight to the hospital, the police denying this allegation.

The 🟦 Kaiji Party have deposed a motion the next day to grant exceptional powers for “social media moderation” alongside “censoring information that may influence the war on prerogative of national security”, which would see in practice a restriction of personal and political freedom, as already a new amendment have been proposed to cut down the maximum number of protesters in a rally to a grand maximum of 5 000, alongside giving the authority to the town hall to refuse for safety reasons any rally.

Such a law, if passed, would see a drastic cut into people’s freedom of information and expression, leading to an increased reaction on the social media, as new protests are preparing themselves.

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Media Alliance

Manifestants clashed heavily with the police. As the offices were emptying themselves to leave for the weekend, private extremists groups have organized manifestations, enjoying of the great flow of movements in public transports and in the traffic. Leading ultimately to, at first glance, an improvised parade of pro-antiwar anarchists cleverly organized.

Following already late-March protests, Minister of Home Affairs 🟦 Atashita Sogami has decreed that close monitoring of online activities alongside media was imposed as to prevent further escalations. Such seems to have failed, evidently.

Protesters attempted to establish a firm grip on where they stood, namely in face of government administration buildings in Dakuoku and Shigo, leading to an emergency deployment of police contingent that went under heavy aggression of the anarchists. Following first reports, it seems a police office even have lost an eye due to a direct hit by a rock from one anarchist. Such led the demand for a strict and tight response against such pro-Anglian extremists, followed by a police charge in the manifestants as to secure order back, with a few hundred arrests being ongoing as we write those words.

On its part, the 🟪 Purple Party announced minutes ago that it shall second and put into vote tomorrow the motion deposed by the 🟦 Kaiji Party regarding moderation of online content against “disinformation” and “pro-Anglian propaganda” following latest amendments made, which are sadly becoming the norm, and provoke actions made by extremists that call for the end of the war, at the advantage of greater-Anglian rule over occupied nations.

Some representatives of the ️ Dentō Party already have announced their support for the 🟦 Kaiji’s motion regarding the war against disinformation and dissidence, leading to a special and unique bi-partisan agreement on the danger pro-Anglians extremists represent with their terrorist demand of a stop to war against the tyranny, associating themselves and their family with dishonour and shame.

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Media Alliance

Following yesterday’s pro-anglians extremists with the police, Minister of Home Affairs 🟦 Atashita Sogami announced with delight the arrest of about 8 901 people that attended the pro-anglian and disinformation event, alongside openly defied police orders to disperse.

Majority Whip 🟨 Anderson expressed his disappointment at the corruption done to korichian democracy, due to the war on disinformation waged by the tyrannical Greater-Anglia. On its part, the 🟪 Purple Party responsible for putting the vote of the pro-democracy motion on the floor, stated that “that such motion is in the sole and only interest to prevent pro-anglian extremists from corrupting our democracy, as we shall bear no tolerance to tyranny”.

This happened as a mere hour before the voting, Prime Minister 🟦 Sang Aragushi have advised representatives from his own party to abstain, as his very own 🟦 Kaiji Party put down the motion ironically. Creating confusion in the ranks, as Majority Whip 🟨 Anderson announced that “nonetheless, I shall vote against the motion”. 🟪 Ani Koachi, Minister of Defense, took upon himself the duty with the Minority Whip ️ Yūki Sadatake to whip the votes in the house.

Ultimately, during the intense hour prior to the debate, Party-lines apparently ceased to exist as defections took place for the sake of the vote, as the growing fear over pro-anglians extremists only further sized the discussions by the throat.

For the sake of our readers, due to the very contentious and delicate voting representation that took place, only mirrored by some scapegoats series of the television, we shall dive into the details of each party’s votes:

🟦 Kaiji Party - 3 Nay - 35 Abstain - 37 Aye

🟨 Liberal Party - 8 Nay - 1 Abstain - 0 Aye

️ Dentō Party - 10 Nay - 3 Abstain - 68 Aye

🟥 Socialist Party - 4 Nay - 0 Abstain - 0 Aye

🟪 Purple-line Party - 0 Nay - 0 Abstain - 2 Aye

The authority of the Prime Minister 🟦 Sang Aragushi seems to suffer further more, given his lack of authority on the matter.

Some civil rights organizations have denounced the rapid passing of the law, questioning its true intention and considered the reaction of the government as a “zero tolerance policy for differing opinions”. To which, Minister of Home Affairs 🟦 Atashita Sogami firmly responded that “this is the voice of democracy, we cannot tolerate the intolerants. Therefore as dichotomic as it may be, we need to censor the extremists pro-anglians that are a threat to our functioning democracy. The Parliament today, affirmed its trust in the principles of democracy”.

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Media Alliance

Given the radicalism’s increase that demand a peace with Great Anglia, as to allow the tyrannical nation to regain its strength for better defeating later on the allied nations of Eurth in their struggle against the dictatorship. Home Affairs Minister, 🟦 Atashita Sogami, announced the discovery of infiltrated agents acting within the administration itself, alongside journalists and other agents, at the service of the dictatorship. Under the umbrella of pacifism, those were actively attempting to push forward and make thrive contestations movements against the ongoing liberate of Europa, and collaborating with the enemy. Approximately 34 people have been arrested so far, as the investigations shall continue.

Sir Sogami announced that, “A democracy to work well, cannot tolerate foreign interferences in its domestic affairs, specially to destabilise our healthy political lifestyle. Therefore, it remains our strictest duties to cut any separatist or radical movement that prove to be violent and betraying our nation”. While on its part, Prime Minister 🟦 Sang Aragushi have proven to be quiet, as he called to abstain on the vote regarding the latest passed Motion to preserve our democracy. Rumours have it, that international reactions to such determining events were feared.

A vocal opponent to this, is well 🟦 Hagana Nosha, Minister of Royal and Foreign Affairs who announced his resignation following the wave of protest, considering it an “attack on free speech” and “undermining what we fight for”. As yet, no figure to replace him have been pushed forward by the 🟦 Kaiji Party, while some political experts consider this to be the beginning of a political crisis, as some consider “measures against political views, as radical as they may be, still represent a censorship of free speech”.

In the events that followed, the 🟨 Liberal Party, well known to be mitigated on the issue, apparently threatened to pull from the government coalition, which remains tight, as the majority is of only one Representative. However, given the opposition, ️ Dentō Party vote on the latest Motion and its overall support for war. A government of national union in those tumultuous times may surprisingly appear, and further isolate the 🟨 Liberal Party as well as the 🟥 Socialist Party which would shape an ultra-minority in Parliament.

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Media Alliance

Majority Whip, 🟨 Sir Anderson, announced the 🟨 Liberal Party to leave the governmental coalition, leading a complete and utter disarray in parliament as uncertainty grows regarding the “Motion of Containment of Political Extremists” which specially targeted pro-peace and pro-Anglian people, as to censor not only protests but equally the internet, for the sake and preservation of a healthy democratic lifestyle in the own words of 🟦 Atashita Sogami.

This happens as the turmoil left yesterday by the resignation of 🟦 Hagana Nosha shocked the people, and enlarged a fissure in the 🟦 Kaiji Party regarding foreign policy, on which Sir Nosha was considered a moderate. The recent alliance with the 🟪 Purple-line Party, known hardliner with pro-imperial foreign policy, came in contrast with this wing of the 🟦 Kaiji Party which on its part, allowed the alliance with the 🟨 Liberal Party to shape the one-representative governmental majority.

Hereby, the Chancellor 🟨 Dontaki, Minister of Justice 🟨 Gounza, Minister of Infrastructure 🟨 Ippei, Minister of Knowledge 🟨 Nori and Minister of Industry 🟨 Kaori, have resigned from their position.

Minority Whip ️ Yūki Sadatake saluted the move, as of course, rumours goes that this may allow the ️ Dentō Party to size the prize that is the cabinet. Question remains: an alliance with whom?

Logically the 🟨 Liberal Party, if willing to make concessions on its economic program, would ally the ️ Dentō Party, which is known as a more pacifist regarding international relations… However, on the matter of the war against Great Anglia, the majority of the Party (68 votes) voted in favour of the Motion of Containment of Political Extremists, with only 3 abstentions and 10 against. As among the ranks, it is seen as a holy crusade against tyranny and therefore creating an immense purpose for the ultimate purpose of Great Anglia.

As such, following the daring move engaged by 🟨 Sir Anderson, it may be proven fatal. The convictions may have started a political suicide for its leader, which was given to be the favourite last December in the elections, only to finish third, resulting in a failure from the polls.

Therefore, a national unity coalition, as to manage the war and push for a crushing victory against Great Anglia, between the 🟦 Kaiji Party and ️ Dentō Party may even result in the expulsion of the 🟪 Purple-line Party as to satisfy the more moderate stance taken by the ️ Yūki Sadatake, alongside give them perhaps, the sensible Ministry of Defense. Rumours are going on strongly, with further uncertainty. As it would require suspension of economic changes, while Aragushi’s government engaged in a great opening to international investors and projects around mining industry, which may kickstart an economic stall if not sustained.

A great opportunity arise for Aragushi to keep his control over the cabinet with such, a national union against Great Angli. However, as the moderate wings from the 🟦 Kaiji Party and ️ Dentō Party may defect resulting in a fatal blow for next elections, vote against resolutions pushed by their very own party and even act of direct scission.

Respective party leaders are walking on eggs, and may size the prize of the cabinet, if negotiated well. But nothing is certain. Failure to rapidly come to a swift and decision new governmental coalition, may jeopardize the Dominion’s international engagements and shut down ongoing economic ventures. Therefore, adding the pressure to Prime Minister Aragushi to be decisive, and more easily give concessions to potential allies.

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