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[Map Application] Bahiristan

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Nation on Eurth: Bahiristan
National Flag: 

Capital Name: Azama
Capital Location: On the coast, where a river empties out into the ocean.

Stater Stats: 2 points population, 2 points economy
Culture: Pagan Arabs
Climate & Geography: Mountains in the north, arid, steppe coast, and desert in the inland.
History:  Throughout the centuries the various tribes of the deserts of Bahiristan were plagued by never ending wars. Under the banner of the tribe of Raheem and the ideas of Taniynism. The tribes were united into what is now Bahiristan. Commerce and foreign relations were opened up, and Bahiristan was prospering in the time of late-antiquity. When all of a sudden the nation was attacked by a powerful foreign power. Luckily, the combined force of all the united tribes drove out this unknown power. In foreboding that another power will descend destruction upon them, the nation unanimously decided to enter a period of isolationism. Under isolation, Bahiristan thrived; creating unique cultures and traditions within its lowly walls of stone, and as well as the watchful eye of their one true god. In the mid 19th century, Bahiristan was coerced into opening up its gates once-more by another foreign power. Bahiristan entered an era of rapid modernization, technologically at least. Modern-day, Bahiristan is more powerful than ever before, and is now hungry for more....  

Front Desk: Front Desk
Vision Statement: Visual Statement

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Hello! Congratulations on passing the academy, letsget you on the map :).

So you went for 2/2/0, meaning your land area's maximum size is less than 90,000 km^2.

Culture & Climate
A lot of Eurth is desert, but a lot of it is locked up in the interior of Alharu where our main Semitic groups are.

However, the current climate map is being tweaked to move the deserts and less habitable regions so more desirable land exists. With those movements more desert can be created elsewhere for your nation, especially on the western coast of Alharu where its drier than on the east. Another possible issue is that with such a small country it may be difficult for you to have both mountains, steppe, and desert.

Nevertheless, I have come up with 3 proposals below. It is up to you to choose which you like (if any), then we can refine the borders in this thread, Forum direct messages, or in Discord DMs.

Land area of 84,600km^2. On the current climate map this area is dry steppe and humid continental, however this can be changed to be hot steppe on the coastline and desert in the interior. Sadly there isn't enough land area to stretch all the way from the river to the mountains but the whole country is on a slope from lowland coasts to highland interior.

Coming in at 88,600km^2, this area has some mountains across its borders and interior and a river, however due to its altitude if this was to become a desert it would be a cold/temperate desert and cold steppe coast. Also the river doesn't empty out into an ocean but the Ygros Sea. Nearby are the other 'stans' of Fulgistan and Kahnikstan.

This area (89,400km^2) would be a hot Mediterranean climate instead of desert or steppe, similar lack of precipitation and heat though. It has a river and low-lying mountains on both sides of the borders, sloping upwards similar to the first proposal. Main issue is that Fulgistan was an empire in the past under the Yellow Empire which might not work well with the isolationist past of Bahiristan (unless the nation was perhaps a protectorate of the Yellow Empire, mostly left alone.).

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