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Ar C'hevre a Aurivizh

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The Ar C'hevre a Aurivizh (Translating to 'The truth of Aurivizh') is the main newspaper agency for Aurivizh, with its offices located in Alivezh, the capital. Outside of ATV, it is the main source of news from the nation of Aurivizh, publishing every morning in a Tabloid format.


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Train Collision near Doaned - At least 7 dead and many more wounded

Ar pempvet C'hwevrer 2022 - The Fifth of February 2022

Shocking footage from Doaned, as pictures and videos of two trains that have collided with each other, are released across the Internet. A passenger train of the type TDNR collided into a locomotive-hauled train at full speed, almost completely destroying the rear carriage of it.

It is believed that the disaster was caused by the train driver of the TDNR type train, who was distracted when passing a red sign at danger. Furthermore, he kept the high speed the train was running at in an area where that wasn't allowed, resulting in the train colliding into the other at a high speed.

Evacuations are undergoing in both trains, firefighters and local police helping out those who are wounded and in need of help. There have been reports by those conducting the evacuations that there have at least been 7 who have died during the crash, the number probably being higher.

Telo Herrieu, a reporter for the C'hevre in Doaned, reports that 'Sirens of ambulances and firetrucks scream through the entire city. Helicopters are transporting those in critical condition to the hospital, while those on the ground trying to keep the evacuation of the two trains rolling.'

The city of Doaned is in shock at the sight of such a deadly train collision, and the entire nation at large is.

The C'hevre will update when needed.


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Tomb of Baglan I discovered near Kêr a Baglan

Ar trizekvet C'hwevrer 2022 - The thirteenth of February 2022


The Tomb of Baglan I, the first king of Aurivizh-Izel, has been discovered twenty kilometres north of Kêr a Baglan by an archaeological team from Alivezh. Baglan’s tomb, which had been a point of speculation for many years within the Aurivizht archaeological community, was full of many artefacts from the years of Aurivizh-Izel. Among the artefacts were coins with Baglan’s head on them, a lavishly decorated golden Catholic cross, a large two-handed ceremonial sword which belonged to Baglan and, to top it all off, the marble coffin of the King himself.

The tomb itself, a small building made out of granite and marble is nothing impressive, hidden away deep in a forest in the stunning landscape near Kêr a Baglan. It was built in the Saughin valley, an uninhabited part of Touened national park. The archaeologists believe that the building was built with the purpose of hosting tombs of future monarchs, but it was seemingly forgotten about by Aurivizh-Izel, and all records of the construction of the tomb were seemingly destroyed.

Morgad Abguillerm, chief of the archaeological team, was enthusiastic about the discovery. During an Interview with the C’herve, he said that “It’s unbelievable that we discovered the tomb! Me and my team were originally looking around Kêr a Baglan in the hope of finding other artefacts, something more akin to an abandoned church from the same era. We were absolutely stunned when we found the granite building! At first, we thought it might’ve been an ancient Geltic site, but after a few of us went in we discovered the tomb of Baglan. This was really uncounted for!”

Tudeg Stephan, Commissioner for Culture and History, reacted positively when learning about the discovery. When interviewed, he stated that “A discovery of this significance rarely happens, but when it does, it's always a really positive surprise. Sadly enough the tomb as it currently stands can not be opened to the public, it is after all in the protected area of Touened national park. However, it will be possible to display the artefacts in museums across Aurivizh once they have been restaurated and cleaned. The coffin will most likely be displayed in the National Museum of History. I am really glad this discovery was made.”


Other News:

Investigation into the Doaned train disaster reveals that it was the fault of the driver

Airivizh, the national Airline, in deep financial crisis

Ebrarian Aurivizhts recognised as regional minority, road to normalisation of Relations opened?



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State Office for Infrastructure proposes creation of Argic "A-Routes"

Ar unan ha tregont Mae 2022 - The thirty-first of May 2022


With the Infrastructural Reforms to repair and reform the Aurivizht road network, the State Office for Infrastructure has proposed the creation of Continent-spanning road routes, the International A-road network.

As proposed, these routes would be limited to motorways with international border crossings, such as Gourhentioù H-2, H-8 and H-17, which cross the Ebrarian, Gotneskan and Bouenezec borders respectively. Indeed, these motorways have already been proposed as the first A-Route, with, according to the proposal, the H-8, H-20 orbital and H-2 being merged into the A-10, connecting Ceres, Alivezh and Laenigueuil as an east-west route, with further expansions to Arkos and beyond possible.

One of the advantages of the project is that it will not need the construction of new motorways, as the A-routes can simply be used alongside existing motorways. Furthermore, it will be a way for Argic nations to share a common brotherhood, and another way for goods to be transported across the continent.


Pictured below: The H-2, now known as the H-2/A-10, near the Ebrarian border.


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Breaking: Leader of Red Front Party assassinated by socialist ‘allies’

Ar seitekvet Here 2022 - The Seventeenth of October 2022


(Saent-Judoc) - The Leader of the Red Front political Party, Berac'h Hamon, was assassinated earlier today in his hometown of Saent-Judoc. Hamon was shot three times in the back of his head, eyewitnesses report. He died only a few hours later in the Doaned Gwennole Talbourdet Medical Centre, he was 48. According to the National Police and Archerien, extremist socialists in the Red Front Party were responsible for the assassination, and two suspects have already been arrested.

Berac’h Hamon was the second leader of the Red Front party, a leftist socialist party known for being a starter of riots and civil disobedience. Hamon proclaimed that those who protested against the Aurivizht State were lost last month, and it seems that it is indeed the case after his assassination today. The two suspects risk the death penalty for their crimes.

Saent-Judoc itself has also reacted with shock. A large amount of flowers have started flooding the street where he was assassinated, both by Red Front members and citizens of Saent-Judoc who are shaken by that their peaceful city has been the victim of such a hate crime against the nation.

The political centre in Alivezh has reacted with great dismay, too. Goezian Renan, head of the Archerien, said the following on the assassination. “What arguably disgusts me the most is that these extremists are still allowed to freely roam Aurivizh, protesting the State, rioting to disrupt the hard-working Aurivizht citizen, murdering those who do not agree with their socialist views. It’s a threat to national security, that’s what it is. Hamon did the right thing, proclaiming that a real Aurivizht citizen would never fight against our state, it seems not all of the followers of his party agreed.

Frañch Godest, political observer for the C’hevre had the following to say. “It’s likely that these extremists have been indoctrinated by Starinburg-Esque beliefs. Use violence to overthrow a peaceful nation, then sabre-rattle your way into creating a socialist dystopia. Velaheria is a great example of a failed socialist state which these extremist Red-Front members are trying to create. Aurivizh may and will never fall to such beliefs, I can tell you that.” When asked about the future of the Red Front, Godest said the following. “It’s too early to say now, but I believe that in an attempt to distance themselves from there extremist terrorists, they’ll elect an even more state-friendly leader, I’d imagine either Kolazig Le Goff¹ or Marivona Kerdaniel² will be elected.

¹Kolazig Le Goff (B. 1972) is the Red Front’s Finance Leader, and a long-time supporter of the 2008 Economic Reforms and Head Minister Tudig Gwernig himself.

²Marivona Kerdaniel (B. 1979) was the right hand of Berac’h Hamon, and has long been a prominent face in the Red Front. She has family ties with Deputy Minister Mathéo Lainé, and has long been a supporter of him.


Pictured Below: Archerien members guard one of the roads into Saent-Judoc. The officers pictured here were responsible for capturing the two suspects.


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Death Sentence Handed out Twice: Assassins of Hamon to be executed for Murder

Ar Cʼhwecʼhvet C'hwevrer 2023 - The Sixth of February 2023


(Alivezh) - For the first time in twelve years, the death sentence has been handed out twice by the High Judicial Court of the Aurivizht State. Yann O. and Nolwenne de S. have both been sentenced to death for the assassination of Berac'h Hamon in October 2022. According to the High Court, both of the convicted had been radicalised by the Velaherian social-communist ideology and had murdered Hamon in cold blood for being 'too soft', despite his already radical far-left ideas.

The Death Sentence has been well received by relatives of the late Hamon and other Judicial officers. Briagez Guguen-Hamon, the widow of Berac'h, said that "No one should ever take another's life because of one's political ideology. It's disgusting that my husband had to die, because of this scum which has been indoctrinated by those who want to re-establish the disaster of the 'People's Republic' of Pulezh, sponsored by Velaheria and other communist regimes. The Red Front does not want this, and Berac'h most certainly did not." to the C'hevre in an interview.

With the death of Hamon, the Red Front had been thrown into a succession crisis. There are those who believe the Red Front should stay true to its current ideology, and those who believe that the RF should take a more centrist stance on it. In fact, a serious split has become apparent in the RF, with some believing it might mean the end of the party, which still is without a leader.

It's a tense time in the political landscape of our nation. With an increase in Dolch influence in northern Skibbenon and war raging around the wurld, some ask whether the assassination was a Velaherian plot to get the Aurivizht state involved or to clear an opponent to its regime.

The execution of Yann O. and Nolwenne de S. is expected to happen in late 2023 or early 2024.


Pictured below: The High Judicial Court of the Aurivizht State, where earlier today the death sentence was spoken out for the first time in twelve years.


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