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[Vision Statement] Divine Realm of Roqoo

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The Divine Realm of Roqoo (pronounced Rue-coo) is a nation in transition, recently opening to external influence in government and foreign affairs. The landmass on which Roqoo is located is largely devoid of major raw material deposits, thus having been protected from both colonization and industrial exploitation. A hospitable culture, the people of Roqoo - the Roquans - have grown accustomed to frequent travelers coming to visit the natural wonders and historic temple compounds and ruins throughout the country. As the population has largely developed without major foreign influence, the Roquans have remained devout to a local religion and developed a society in which the cultural, religious, and political leadership has merged into a single position, the revered individual known as the Candar


The nation of Roqoo is a historically isolated region due to its internal politics and faith-focus. Roqoo benefits from wetter, cool climates without much differentiation between autumn/winter and spring/ summer where temperatures rarely fall below freezing and summer highs rarely exceed 80s. The national and cultural capital, Bellamy, is an isolated oasis located largely within the central area of the country. With the population living primarily near urban centers, much of the landmass is owned by the government where national treasures such as historic temples, ruins, and waterfalls/forests are protected from urban sprawl and industrial mismanagement. 


The economy of Roqoo is driven by the services industry bolstered by high rates of eco-tourism, centered on the coastal resort city, Nime. The relatively small, egalitarian population prioritizes trade-type training over higher education and reside in multi-generational homes within close-knit, communal neighborhoods, alliridae. Despite the cities being somewhat dense, they are uniquely comprised of dozens of these small, mostly self-contained neighborhoods. With the majority of the population performing service or trade-based jobs the government has heavily subsidized mass transportation as a means to facilitate the population moving outside and between these neighborhoods to meet the needs of the service-based economy. The salutation, nyt rizan, meaning blessings of luck, continues to persist throughout Roquan society. 


The unitary government is highly centralized and driven heavily by its dedication to protecting their local environment and the beliefs of the "state" religion Solleu Livot. This unique government structure has led to the Candar, Roqoo's supreme religious leader (kind of like the catholic pope)  to be named the country's head of government. The Candar oversees all aspects of the political, cultural, and religious spheres through a small council of appointed calibops (akin to bishops) Additionally, the history and culture of the Roquan people is chronicled by the national archivist, a position that has been filled by a member of the Valahari family for hundreds of years. 


My vision is for a country that has gone through a tumultuous political history, but has always had a spiritual leader as a sense of protection and is now guiding them into the next era. As a nation, the people are devout followers and have deep connections with the land, nature, and each other. Despite the tribulations the population has experienced, they have a strong trust of their leader and government, almost to a fault.

Point Allocation

Pop - 0 (low) between 9-10 million inhabitants

GDP - 2 (high) ~ 15,000-20,000 (~19,000)

Land Area - 2 (medium) ~260,000-350,000 sq km

((edits: changed point allocation to match initial map application changes))

Edited by Roqoo
Changes to match initial map application (see edit history)
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