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Expansion Request Zaxar

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After discussion with staff members and consulting the rules and norms of the region, i have decided it is finally an acceptable time to request an expansion of my nation. While this will be a fairly large expansion, it is into a region which currently has no nations nor any developed lore of which I am aware and stands to make Zaxar just a bit more relevant to the rest of the Wurld.

This expansion will include the islands of Wampano (the larger), Massatugk (the smaller), and Mehtugquēs (the smallest- see bottom left of map).



History of Wampano and Massatugk

For most of its early history, Wampano was inhabited primarily along the coast by small fishing communities who made use of the productive waters of the Wampanoag Sea to live a peaceful existence. A few powerful tribes managed to unite the western coast for a time but could never hold onto this power for more than 10 years due to the poor, dispersed demographics of the region. Even the Wampanoag Empire, which was the dominant power in the region at the time and the precursor to modern Zaxar, did not have interest in controlling the poor island. This all changed however, with the dawn of colonialism and the fall of the Wampanoag Empire. With Europan and Argic powers increasing their trade and interaction with their Western Aurelian colonies, the Wampanoag Sea became a vital shipping rout which led to the growth of several prosperous city-states on Wampano. In the year 1523, the final collapse of the first Wampanoag Empire took place as the Emperor in Sandrica was assassinated in a military coup which would go on to dissolve into anarchy a few weeks later. The Emperor's eldest son and heir survived however, and fled with a fleet of loyalists to the city of Paumpagussit in Wampano. From there he established the "Second Wampanoag Empire" and went about uniting the island.

The nation of Wampano then went on to grow steadily in population through the years, having not fought in any major conflicts or established any major diplomatic ties to foreign nations. The nation is still ruled over by the former Wampanoag Dynasty and has no elections for government positions. Its economy is largely based on shipping (Massatugk and Nannum) and fishing/aquaculture (east coast) as well as hosting a fairly prosperous banking sector (west coast). The culture of the more densely populated west coast is mostly Wampanoag with the Katawa people making up the majority demographic along the east coast and in the city of Katawam.


  • Land Area: 44,751 mile^2 (115,905 km^2)

Similar in size to Nicaragua, Benin, Honduras, Malawi, Liberia, Eritrea, or North Korea.

  • Population: ~6,000,000 (73% Wampanoag, 22% Katawa, 4% Zaxar, <1% Other)

Calculated based on the median population of the seven similarly sized nations listed above with consideration to the climate and historical events. This population also takes into account the population density of Zaxar.

  • Economy: $13,000/capita (~$78,000,000,000)

Similar to Panama and Chile

Calculated based loosely on the GDP per capita of Zaxar with consideration to the trade location, natural resources, pacifistic history (Swiss inspiration), local industries, and developmental status (used this map). This wealth would be unevenly distributed with the Wampanoag majority in the west holding most of the wealth.

RP Plan (tentative plan)

The current RP plan I have developed is intended to be a mixture of both minor conflict, political, and economic RP. It will largely be based around a modern day Zaxari acquisition of the island rooted in past agreements and interactions. There may be some historical RP involved as well, just to set the stage, but I haven't decided yet.

The basic plans is that the Emperor of Wampano dies without an heir and the Zaxar Dynasty claims their throne through a past marriage. This marriage may be only one generation back or up to five, I will reassess after I make the Zaxar Family tree. Ultimately, the Wampanoag majority will be glad to be reunited with their mainland brethren while the Katawa people would be somewhat annoyed although they would be satisfied with their semi-autonomous status from the Wampano rule being kept in place. This situation will work out just fine for a little while until a Zaxari prospector finds a massive cobalt deposit on Katawan lands which he promptly notifies the Zaxar government about. This leads to the Emperor revoking the Katawan autonomous status and immediately issuing mining permits to several large Zaxari companies. This will lead to a low intensity civil war on the island between the Zaxar Ranger Corps (equivalent of a national guard) and the Katawa Freedom Fighters. This should drag on for some time as the Emperor would try to avoid deploying the army for fear of driving away investors over perceived instability.

Explanations for Naming

  • Wampano- Name deriving from "Wampanoag" given to the island upon unification as part of its claim to be the "New Wampanoag Empire."

  • Massatugk- Name meaning "large tree" in RL Wampanoag/Massachusett language. Could translate to "Isle of the great tree(s)" or "greater tree island" IC. Named in conjunction with Mehtugquēs as seen below.

  • Mehtugquēs- Name meaning "small tree" in RL Wampanoag/Massachusett language. Could translate to "Isle of the small tree(s)" or "lesser tree island" IC. Named in conjunction with Massatugk as seen above.

  • Nannum- Name deriving from "north" in RL Wampanoag/Massachusett language. Could translate to "city of the north" or "north point" IC.

  • Paumpágussit- Name meaning "sea spirit" in RL Wampanoag/Massachusett language. Could roughly translate to "city blessed by the sea gods" IC.

  • Katawam- Name meaning "crab" in RL Wampanoag/Massachusett language. In Eurth lore, this would be crudely translated to "home of the Katawa people."

  • Katawa- Name deriving from "crab" in RL Wampanoag/Massachusett language. In Eurth lore, crabs would get their Wampanoag name from the Katawa people rather than the other way around.

The source for my Wampanoag translations: New England Language Revival


I believe I have covered everything necessary here but if I missed something important or if you have any questions then please lmk :)

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The expansion itself seems to be in order. The population is quite high compared to your current population (60%) but nothing egregious. You have been active within the last month and overall quite an active member of the community and currently do not have any other expansions on the table. You have also taken part in other member RPs with a high level of quality.

Seeing how the Wampano and the other islands are only for expansion, and RP involving them takes place as part of the initial expansion or afterwards with the cobalt, they will be added as reserved territories onto the map once you begin your RP thread.

Congrats :)

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  • 2 years later...

Good afternoon @Zaxar. It has been +2 years since this expansion request was marked with a reserved area. Since then, the RP has had a prologue and first chapter.

Due to inactivity, your membership account has already been inactivated a while ago.

Therefore, we will also remove the reserved expansion area.

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