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Tale of the Twin Lotuses

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Breaking : Violence in Dok Kurab

In the border state of Muang Đất, Dok Kurab, today at 10:31 AM 14 people were killed in a riot, thought to be of started by 3 unregistered @Kharainese citizens. From information already released, it seems that these terrorists arrived at 2:30 AM two mornings ago, with concealed weapons. On January 26th these 3 men entered Frangipani piazza, and shot 14 people. Thought to be religious violence against Bikammic and Muslim Rhavanese citizens, as all 3 were part of an evangelical Aludhammic church in Kharai. 8 of the victims followed Bikamma, 3 followed Islam, and the remaining 2 were unknown. Chaos broke out in the square, until regional riot guards had to be brought into the city. The 3 Kharanese were arrested at 4:30 PM at a pub outside of Dok Kurab’s Meuong Noa district. 


Nationwide outrage followed, with Rhavanese social media platform “theychat” exploding with heartfelt messages to the loved ones of the victims, and death threats to Rhavanese and Kharanese governments for not managing this situation well enough. President Thao Seng-Souk issued a press statement later saying that this hate is unexceptable  in our nation, and that the Aludhammic heretics would be brought to justice. Later the senator from that state also released a statement issuing a statewide curfew, until it has been established no other terrorists can be found. Rhava and Kharai have dispatched diplomats to meet to discuss what happens next…

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Ho Heak Mountains, Triple Lotus Monastery 

 “Where the Mountain Touches the Moon”  

The cold wind burned Miss Dodaraphon Tran Hanhatsadi, know more commonly as just Miss Dodara Tran or Miss Dodara Han as she walked up the ancient stone steps, crumbling with age to a hanging temple holding on to Mount Thibomimak, in the Hoheak mountains. A panoramic view of the surrounding range stretched out before her, with towering snow capped mountains and snow drifting off, rushing water falls that fell into the vast valleys below forming bright turquoise lakes. Above her sat the temple of the Twin Khayys, a holy spot for all Bikammic and Aludhammic peoples, one of the last refuges against the increasing laws against practicing religions that were not Islam in Rhava


The temple in question was colored beige, with green tiled roofs sloping down, nagas and dragons lopping and twirling over each tile, and snow gathering at the edges. Some buildings had large golden spires, sparkling with the reflection of the sun. As Dodara reached the top, she saw the entrance, and a large gate towering over it symbolizing taking the path to enlightenment. Water poured out of little holes in the side of the large brown doors. Dodara slipped off her shoes as she continued inside. As she entered in front of her were large red paper panels, which had been opened for the meeting between her and the Kharanese delegation. As she entered the room, which was covered in elaborate red and gold ribbons with a giant light above them, she noticed her colleague, Pandurang Samaha Honphi, also known as Pandura. Dodara scrunched her face forcing a wide smile as she shook remembering what happened at their last meeting.


2 years ago

“Pandura, is that you?!” 


“If it isn’t Miss Dodara herself.” Dodara reached out shake, and the stout woman shook with both hands, smiling widely. “Careful there, I’m incredibly fragile” said Pandura after shaking. 


“You’ve gotten fatter, good for you” smiled Dodara. 


“Still got those chubby cheeks I see.” 


“You’re so funny Pandura!” Dodara slapped Pandura on the back playfully. Pandura’s face looked extremely red. 


“That was rather hard, I wouldn’t ever imagine seeing a princess like yourself throw a punch that hard. You could hurt yourself.” 


“You asked for it,” replied Dodara, maintaining her smile. Pandura’s face was filled with shock. “You look ugly with that expression on your face,” smiled Dodara. Pandura’s face changed to outrage.


“What did I do to deserve this you fatcat bintailbi?”


“BY STEALING MY HUSBAND!” shouted Dodara. Dodara smacked Pandura across the face, leaving a red handmark across her cheek.


“YOU BI-” 


Present Day 

Pandura and Dodara shook long and hard staring at each other with huge smiles, two of the most powerful women in Rhava and Kharai. As their aids left the room and closed the doors, the sat down and organized their papers. 


“So, where do we begin?”


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“So, where do we begin?” 

Pandura breathed before pushing up her glasses and taking out her papers.

“First, I would like to issue a statement from the royal family-er I mean president. President Saetang wants to thank mister Thao Seng-Souk for the monthly supplies. It brings joy to both our peoples and strengthens the bonds between our nations. As a reminder I would like to remind you of the deal.”

Pandura adjusted her papers before speaking again. “After the Rhavanese-Kharanese war 4 decades ago, with the stalemate between both of our nations, and the tribute forced upon both nations by the AN(?) to solve the humanitarian crisis after the war.”

“Now, Kharai denies all ties with these terrorists and would never seek to disrespect the regime of Thao Seng-Souk or harm the Rhavanese people.” 

“So where are you saying these people came from” interrupted Dodara. 

“We think it is a separatist group from inside Rhava, unhappy on the recent religious freedoms obstructed in new laws.” 

“I highly doubt that, we know the unrest in Kharai towards Bikammic and Muslims in Rhava, and the increased hate crimes in your nation.” “So what do you expect us to do Dodara?” 

“We want a national apology from your president” Dodara promptly said crossing her arms. 

“But we haven’t even done anything!” 

“I’m sorry Pandura, justice always prevails under Allah’s watchful eye.” 

“Your Bikammic Dodara, how can you even do this. You know as well as I do that Kharai had nothing to do this and to prevent anyone from seeing you as the enemy you have pinned this on Kharai.” Dodara was shocked, eyes wide open. Your move Dodara.


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“You invited us here, but we are not willing to submit to unfair Rhavanese politics.” Dodaraphon was silent as Pandura and her stared at each other. Dodara’s face was alit with shock from Pandura’s comments, and something else. 


“I thought you invited us?” Dodara replied, her face now grim. 


“We thought it was you….then that means!” Darts flew through the thin paper walls as Dodara and Pandura both flew under the table. 


“It’s a trap.” The fire ceased, and Dodara and Pandura carefully crept up from under the table. A loud sound came from behind Dodara as she turned to Pandura holding up a huge sword. “You keep that in your bag?!” 


“It’s more helpful than the sriracha you have in your bag” Pandura promptly said. Dodara nodded and continued walking. The room was torn up with the elaborately decorated papers with mountains and trees torn up showing the bright blue sky, while the lantern at the top of the room was hanging on for dear life. The table was flipped sideways, and it looked like all the aids and people had left the lobby. As they walked onto the deck overlooking the Ho Heak, they saw a group of people fleeing down the mountain, stumbling down the steps after realizing their failed assassination. They appeared to be dressed in completely different clothing from Rhavanese or Kharanese Muslims, Bikammics, or Aludhammics. They even looked Pyin. “Dodara, I think this conflict is a way bigger picture then we first thought, it seems as if the Pyin and Mueng are working in a coalition to overthrow both governments.”


 ”I agree, think about it, they each have something to gain. For the Mueng, it’s their culture, right now they have pushed off their lands by foreign investors in Kharai, and the huge Mueng population that is a majority Christian people, the most heavily influenced by Salvian colonization. There are many pro-Muslim laws in Rhava that punish these kinds of people, even if we don’t support it the president does. And the Pyin have always been treated a second class citizen in both countries.” They both nodded in agreement, knowing exactly what this mean’t. 


“The states are behind this, aren’t they. And I suspect they have support. Perhaps its time for meeting between us, and the state minister. Face to face. For now, lets notify the governments, I’m sure they would love to have these details.”

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March 20th, 2022 

In light of recent attacks in Dok Kurab and Il’Thabir, the glorious president and sultan of the Republic of Rhava, Mr. Thao Seng-Souk takes back all claims towards Kharainese influence, and wishes to extend his apologies in this treacherous time. He invites the Indonadisi leaders to meet in Lam Hong, @Ngoc Luat to discuss politics and growing terrorism as well as distaste in some nations towards the Rhavanese regime. 


His excellency invites Dodaraphon Tran Hanhatsadi, Pandurang Samaha Honphi, Tha Yeeb Htwe Kyi, and any others involved in this issue. A Ngocluatian third party will sit over this meeting and keep things in order. Thank you, that is all. 




Thao Seng-Souk 

Chau Thi Tran 

Olivia Samaha

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1 Tam Long Street, Bắc Hà Ward, Tứ Đại District, Lâm Hồng, Ngọc Luật.


In the halls of Lam Hong's Headquarters of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was once held as the Ministry of Finance during colonial time. Now filled with busy Ngocluatians, from the smallest workingmen to several of the biggest deputy ministers, running through the halls as the meeting between the Kharai and Rhava. Just above the stairs, out on the balcony and opposite the supposed meeting rooms stands Đỗ Hoàng Nguyễn, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and his moniker "The Old Guard," standing next to him was his second-in-command, Hoàng. Nguyễn points his finger towards the Rhava and Kharai banners and told Hoàng:


"What do you see, Hoàng?"


"Uh... the national banners of Kharai and Rhava? We are holding a meeting for them to settle the conflict between the two?" Answered Hoàng with a strange and naive voice.


"I see the banners of two worthless nations sniffing each other butts and yelling at each other all when they are done sniffing," Nguyễn replied with a strict and cold-hearted mind of his own.


Hoàng looked at Nguyễn, confused, "Then why are such close allies with the Rhavans?"


"Do you know why they called me 'The Old Guard', Hoàng?" Nguyễn said as he rested his hands on the balcony, "I have been in Ngocluat's politics for years on end, with our military capacity, our economy, our history, we could have ruled this whole island on our own. But the International community would have intervened, and we would have been sent back to the Stone Age. If we entered The Rhava-Kharai War with everything we had, Rhava wouldn't have been an independent state, neither would Kharai. The only reason we didn't go full-on was that in the international eyes, we have to be the good guys, we have to play our pawns correctly, or else, we will be an isolationist..."


Hoàng stayed silent for a few seconds before directing Nguyễn towards the foreign envoys entering through the front doors. Nguyễn adjusted his suit and walked down the stairs to greet the envoys.


"Ah, Miss Dodaraphon and Miss Pandurang, it is such an honor for us to be the organizer to uphold the peace on the island!" Nguyễn happily said as he extended his hand to shake the two representative's hands. 


The three delegations exchanged their greetings for Hoàng led the three to the meeting room above. While they were not looking, Nguyễn pulled his handkerchief out and wiped his hand with it, mumbling "Those damn worthless idiots, fighting over invisible spirits, wasting lives..."


The meeting room is as grand as Ngocluatian's architect can achieve, from symbolic floor covering to beautiful ceiling and windows. In the middle of the room is a circular table and hanging on the wall of the room is the three national banners of the three nations. The table now holds the seats for Dodaraphon Tran Hanhatsadi from Rhava, Pandurang Samaha Honphi from Kharai, Tha Yeeb Htwe Kyi, and General Collins of Anglia. While on the host table, Đỗ Hoàng Nguyễn, his assistant Hoàng and the Ngocluatian delegation standing in the background, securing the peace of the atmosphere.


Nguyễn wiped sweats off his forehead with his handkerchief before saying:


"I assume that everyone knows the procedures, so let's not waste any of our time and get started!"

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As the black limo strolled through the streets of Lâm Hồng, Ngọc Luật, Dodara noticing all the similarities between Ngocluatian culture and her own Nalinese culture. Of course the president had stuck her in Ngọc Luật with these stuck up fools, trying to get in her way every time. Maybe it was because she was a woman, or Bikammic, or perhaps he felt threatened. She would go with that one. As she pulled up to the ministry, she noticed a stream of people coming in and out, as well as a familiar face strolling up to the limo in a beautiful yellow ສິ້ນ (sinh); 


“What up, it’s me!”


“Ying Ying!” Dodara shouted as she jumped out of the limo trying to not her áo dài stuck in the door. The ambassador to Ngọc Luật, and Dodaraphon’s childhood friend, Ying Ying Manivong, they had met while she was on a mission to Pamai Sikhav back when Ying Ying was governor of the province. “Ahh, where have the years gone…I haven't seen you in years now!”


“ຂ້ອຍຮູ້ (Khony Hu)!!!! Ah I know. When this is all over, let's get some Chè, I know a great place downtown.” 


“That would be delightful,” smiled Dodara. A couple meters down the road exited Pandura, they both waved smiling, hoping that this would be the last time they would have to meet under these circumstances. Pandura made eye contact with Ying Ying, and almost started jumping up and down before controlling herself. Both delegates walked into the ministry being greeted by Đỗ Hoàng Nguyễn. Nguyễn welcomed them both before muttering under his breath and continuing. Dodara turned to Pandura and Ying Ying saying; 


“ລາວສັ້ນເທົ່າທີ່ລາວຂີ້ຮ້າຍ (Lav San Theoathi Lav Khihai - he is as short as he is terrible)!” they all laughed, and then continued walking. What they saw next however stopped them in their tracks. At the table sat Representative Htwe Kyi of the Baho Ninengantaw (ဗဟိုနိုင်ငံတေ), and next to them General Collins of Anglia. 


“What is he doing here.” 

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